Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Tangled Web

Another great week of TV even if a few of my shows were on break for the election night coverage. Gotta take a moment to mention Arrow. Seriously, this show keeps improving on itself. The pacing is perfect and the interweaving of past with present stays flawless. I love this show!

Finally started seeing previews for the new season of Orphan Black. It's just a small little spot with 'You Don't Own Me' playing in the background. Honestly, though? Perfection. And hopefully a small hint of what we'll be seeing early in 2015.

Last mention of television related stuff… Doctor Who. I'll be completely in the minority, but eh, I'm just not feeling the new doctor at all. I did enjoy the season finale and I always watch the Christmas special, but I can't disconnect from the fact Capaldi has played two other roles in the Whoverse. Don't get me wrong, he's a great actor, but the inability to move past his other roles seriously harshes my enjoyment of the show. This saddens me greatly. L

Anyway, enough TV. Tonight's post is from Tangled Web, a novella with an urban noir feel.

Here's the tagline:

Ruby Ire is bad for men—every time she falls for one he ends up dead, so she doesn't get tangled up with them anymore. But a series of near miss accidents makes her think she's become a target and she hires Jordan Riceman to track down her attacker. She won't let Jordan get too close, no matter how damned attractive he is.

And a preview snippet…

Ruby entered Jordan's office, glancing over her shoulder when she closed the door.
"You don't have to do that. No one but my grandfather and I know about the underground access tunnel." Jordan rose and came around his desk to greet her.
Ruby shrugged. "I can't seem to get out of the habit, even here, where I'm somewhat safe." She pulled off her jacket and hung it on the coat tree then turned and almost bumped into Jordan.
She backed up against the door, needing a little space. The man looked too damned good. And smelled heavenly. Soap and clean linen worked like a magical talisman for the guy.
At least whenever she got within ten feet of him.
Blinking away the thought, she shivered a little. "It's miserable out there. The rain's coming down in buckets." Scooting sideways, away from his gaze, she took a seat on the side chair closest to the radiator.
Jordan followed and dropped down on the arm of the loveseat. "You're spooked. What happened?" He reached out and took hand, still chilled from the brisk walk through the tunnel.
She shook her head. "Nothing. But I have the creeped out feeling of being watched all the time again."
Gotta say, I love writing my brand of noir. I'm hoping it comes across well with readers when I finally finish the stories.

That's it for this week.



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