Friday, December 5, 2014

Smokin' Hot—A Little Yule Magic Book Boyfriend Celebrity Lookalike

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For this week's entry, we were asked: Who is your book boyfriend's celebrity lookalike?


And seriously? Apropos. I almost always have actors and actresses serve as my writing inspiration. It's great to have visual imagery as a point of reference when creating characters.

Since we're close to the holidays, I'd love to share my book boyfriend for A Little Yule Magic, a holiday themed sexy short available soon!

Book Tagline: A Little Yule Magic is needed to get the holiday off on the right start.

So… without further ado…

Please meet the very handsome celebrity lookalikes for my Boyd Lagassi.

Grayston Holt

Some background… I first noticed Grayston when I got sucked into Bitten, the television series based on Kelley Armstrong's books. He's not exactly a dead match for the written description of Clayton Danvers, but I actually love that particular fact. For the show, he's absolutely a perfect fit. He has the edge I love about the character, but also shows his human side and the struggle he has living as one. Others may disagree, but I can't imagine anyone else in the role.

When I started writing A Little Yule Magic, I used Grayston as my inspiration for Boyd. I wanted something of a tall, dark hero and he fits the bill.

A little character detail. Boyd is an adept mage and the headmaster for a group of novice apprentices. He's got his hands full with the Yule holiday coming up and a long-held truce with a rival clan fraying about the edges.

He's ready for a nice, quiet break with his headmistress, Sygin Ball, but he may not get his wish.



Book Blurb: Sygin and Boyd, adept mages, are looking forward to their winter break, being alone in the big manor for Yule is their most cherished tradition. But a series of mishaps may keep them from their celebratory festivities.


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