Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Snippet: X-Treme Justice

March 15, 2015

Ugh. A full week later and I'm still moving files and cleaning up the older computers. Then again, several editing deadlines crept up on me and I got hit with a couple of scenes for two WIPs, so yeah, not going to complain. LOL I also had to take an online course and finished it up today. YAY!

Banshee had a great finale! Without spoiling too much, I'm glad to see the end of one particular character, sad to see the end of one, and very intrigued about the fate of a few others, including Hood. I can't wait for the next season!

Happy to say The Walking Dead didn't lose anyone important last week. We'll see if the streak continues tonight.

Still waiting on the return of The Flash and Arrow, back this week. WooHoo! Getting a few glimpses of Strike Back and Orphan Black, which can't get here soon enough. Found out the US premiere date for Bitten, April 17, if memory serves. The latest episode ended up being way better than I expected. Looking forward to next week's.

I think that's it for TV news. Tonight's post is from, X-Treme Justice, a novella with meta-humans and witty banter.

Here's the tagline:

The double X gene found in junk DNA makes life very interesting for a group of humans. Nyx Boit reshapes matter with her force of will. Cythe Baldetto literally has blades of steel at his fingertips. When Cythe is sent to recruit Nyx, she wants no part of his offer. To make her point, she converts his arrows, darts, and knives into liquid pools at his feet. Finally meeting his match, Cythe figures recruiting Nyx is out, but wooing her is most definitely in.

And a preview snippet…

Nyx Boit crouched low, her palm face down and open over the concrete floor. The smooth surface bubbled under her focused attention. Three bowling ball-sized balls floated up, hovering beside her shoulder. She might be trapped in this shitsville warehouse, but she would not go down without drawing blood.
She moved forward, the projectiles staying close to her hip. "You've got ten seconds to make your move." Her hand lifted and the mottled orbs rose high in the air, fracturing into pea-shaped balls. "Or get ready to have a kick ass headache." The large mass she controlled spread out in front of her, ready to move on her whim.
A man, clad in faded jeans and tight midnight blue t-shirt, dropped down from the steel rafters, landing only a few feet in front of her. He made a swiping motion with his hand and darts shot from his fingertips, deflecting five rows of her concrete orbs out of his path.
Two steps forward and he had her biceps in his harsh grip. "I've already got a headache and you're it." He gave her a shake then hefted her over his shoulder. "Move made, sweet cheeks." His long stride crossed toward the exit.
But she didn't plan to leave just yet. "Yeah, how's this for a counter?" With a quick flick of her wrist, a hail of liquid cement swirled around them, splattering both. "And for the bonus points…" She snapped her fingers and the blobs hardened, slowing him down. "And for the super score…" Directing her gaze ahead of him, she focused her attention, concentrating with effort.
The smooth surface rippled, liquefying and spreading across from one exterior wall to the other. He growled, frustrated, but couldn't stop in time to avoid the puddle of wet cement. Dropping up to his knees in the mire, he lost his hold on her and she went sideways to land with a squishy plop about five feet to his right.
He shot her a scathing glance. "I think you failed to achieve the super score." He wiped the hardening splotches from his face.
She groaned. "Epically." Twisting to her side, she got up on her hands and knees. "Go on then. I'm trapped by my own stupidity. Kill me and get it over with." Her bangs dripping slimy sludge onto her nose, she fought the urge to swipe them out of her way.
Her hands were covered and she'd only make the mess worse.
His eyes widened. "I'm not here to kill you, you twit." He shrugged out of his shirt, wiping his face semi-clean. "I've been sent to recruit you."
Nyx lost the battle and finally shoved her hair out of her face, leaving a gritty streak along her hairline. "Recruit me? For what?"

I love the way these two interact. So much fun to write.

That's it for this week.



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