Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Same Time Next Year

May 24, 2015

For all those in the US, Happy Memorial Day when it gets here tomorrow.

Now for the good stuff. Orphan Black… I'm so very angry with you, right now. *side eyes the show runners* All I have to say is the loss better be worth it, which I figure it will be, but yeah, still sad.

The Bitten on Friday was one of my favorite episodes from season two. I'm thinking they planted some seeds for season three, which we are getting. Yay!!

Finished season three, part two of Teen Wolf and wow… I'm going to miss a few characters. I'd rather have both back and NOT have to insane Kate to deal with, but okay, I'll reserve full judgment. LOL

Looking forward to the new episodes of my previously listed shows. Bring on June!

Tonight's post is from Same Time Next Year, a novella where my main characters set a date to meet, but have no idea what's coming their way.

Here's the tagline:

After commiserating over failed hook-ups, Tessa Gem and Hart Cantley make a date for the following year at the same time, but they have no idea their fae collective will be at war when they meet again.

And a preview snippet…

Tessa tilted her head to the side. Hmmm. Hart Cantley. She hadn't seen him since she graduated hunter training with his brother Joplin. He looked damned attractive; his dark head bent forward, the stubble of his jaw blending into the shadows of his corner booth. She grabbed her coffee and strolled over to his table.
Getting closer, she noticed his sour demeanor. Maybe now wouldn't be the best time to get reacquainted. She paused, waffling, then took the three steps she needed to reach him.
Setting her cup down, she cleared her throat. "Hart? Hart Cantley?" When he glanced up, she continued. "Tessa Gem. I went through hunter training with your brother, Joppy."
Recognition crept into his gaze. "Tessa, hi." He nodded toward the empty seating area. "Please, join me." He slid over a little to give her some room. "But I warn you, I may not be good company." A haunted look took residence in his eyes.
She snagged her coffee and settled into the booth. "Rough night?" He didn't seem hungover, which she wished she could claim.
He frowned. "Didn't start out that way, but yeah, as of an hour ago I have a whole different viewpoint." His gaze shifted and he studied her a moment. "You, on the other hand, have a freshly laid glow." His lips curved in a brief smile. "I think you win the prize for best morning after." Picking up his mug, he took a large gulp.
She lifted a shoulder. "I can't complain. And at least the glow covers up the wicked hangover I've got going on." Her gut twisted a little. "I don't actually remember much of last night, but I know I had a good time."
He snorted. "Wish I could say the same."
He didn't elaborate and her interest piqued. Tessa fought a losing battle to mind her business. The burning desire to discover what had him out of sorts took center stage in her brain.
A guy like Hart always had his shit together. At least Joplin raved about his brother's awesome track record. Seeing Hart on the downside kicked her curious nature into high gear.
She nudged his leg with her foot. "Wanna talk about it?" Bringing her cup up, she blew across the top, hoping she came across as sympathetic and not super-nosy.
Hart heaved a sigh. "I slept with someone I shouldn't have last night." His voice dropped to a low tone. "I didn't find out until this morning she's my soon-to-be stepsister, Rhonda." A shudder went through him.
Tessa's mouth dropped open. "Ouch." And holy shit, that would teach her to push for information. "Are you sure you want to discuss this? I can mind my own business, if you don't." And keep her mouth shut, since the situation reeked of family drama.
Hart rolled his eyes. "I seriously doubt it'll matter. The woman seems to thrive on making things awkward." He shoved his cup away.
Tessa leaned in. "Okay, then I have to ask. Why?"
He grumbled. "Why couldn't she have been up front instead of playing a stupid game?" His shoulder lifted. "I have no idea. And she has a completely fucked up reason to keep her identity a big secret."
Tessa had to ask. "Why did she?" She braced for his answer, instincts screaming it would be a doozy.
Hart shook his head. "This is the best part. She wanted to see if we had chemistry." He repeated the word. "Chemistry. Apparently she had the notion a double wedding might be nice." His mouth thinned to a flat line. "I mean her dad is marrying my mom, maybe lightning would strike twice."
Tessa choked on her coffee. "Holy shit." Doozy didn't describe the reason.
Completely bat shit came much closer.
Hart nodded. "Exactly."
Tessa quirked an eyebrow. "I take it matrimonial bliss isn't on your agenda." Not that she blamed him.
Hart's eyes widened. "Right now? Hell, no." He slid his mug back in front of him. "And I don't even want to attend my mom's wedding now. I don't get why Rhonda even thought I'd want to interact with her after the stunt she pulled." Hart shot her a sideways glance. "Do I look like I get off on crazy?"
Tessa bit back a laugh. "I'm the wrong person to ask, because I don't do normal." She tilted her head to one side. "But my guess would be, Rhonda wanted to test the waters and knew you'd never go for it if you knew who she was."
Hart agreed. "She'd be right. But it's not like I'm a prize or anything. The whole double wedding thing makes my head ache."
Tessa grinned. "Okay, that part I get." She leaned back, studying him for several long moments. "I'd totally take a shot with you." She paused. "But I'd be brutally honest about what I wanted, which is definitely not marriage."
He scoffed. "Right." Then he straightened when she continued to hold his gaze. "Wait, you're serious?" He shook his head. "Are you sure you're not some long, lost cousin? Because that's how my luck runs lately." He glanced away. "But I'm truly tempted to take you up on the offer."
Tessa frowned. "There's no way we're related. My family history is pretty straight forward." She checked the time, wishing she didn't have to head out so soon. "But if you're tempted, let's meet back here one year from now and see if there's still a spark."
His eyes went wide. "Are you serious?"
She snorted. "Relax, Hart. It's not like I expect you to be celibate the whole time. But yeah, I'm serious."
He pondered her words, but stayed silent.
Tessa backpedaled a little. "Look, if we find someone else in the meantime, no worries. But the way my luck is running, that won't happen."
He narrowed his eyes. "Why not now?" His voice went rough and seductive.
The door opened and her driver walked in. "Because that's my cue to ship out of here." She rose and hoisted her bag over her shoulder, ready to leave. "I'm headed for Detroit to track the vampire uprising."
Hart scrambled up after her. "Okay. One year from now, we'll meet back here." He stuck out his hand. "It's a date."
She laughed and grasped his palm. "Try not to fall into bed with any other potential family members."
He rolled his eyes but gave her a wide grin.

Hart definitely won't have to worry about Tessa's taunt because their happy little world is headed for big conflicts.

That's it for this week.



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