Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Still of the Night

How did half the year slip by already? Seriously, I think I'm still stuck back in January. LOL

Then again, I know it's summer when Strike Back returns! It's not on in the US yet, but I'll be happy to do a rewatch when it hits Cinemax. I'm totally bracing to not have a full team by the end of the ten episode run. Something tells me Stonebridge and Scott have been way too lucky to date. Just saying.

Orphan Black continues to bring it's A game. I love, love, love the dynamic of putting Helena with Allison. I will say I'm not at all surprised Rachel pulled a magic rabbit out of her ass. I'm actually a little thrilled I can still hate her. I totally want to see her and Rudy in a room together and honestly don't care if neither comes out. LOL

Bitten had its US finale on Friday and I knew what would happen but the losses still smacked me in the gut. Season three can't get here fast enough for me.

On the Teen Wolf front, I'm about halfway through season four and I'm slowing down a little so I don't have so long to wait for new episodes. Although, I guess I could totally do a complete rewatch from start to finish if I get through the last handful of episodes too quickly. :D

That's it for TV this week. Tonight's post is from Still of the Night, a novella where my characters start a partnership then becomes a couple.

Here's the tagline:

Salem Rhys has the perfect recipe for brewing dark lager, a potent alcohol that will go over huge at the mage academy… but doesn’t have the know-how or equipment to create the concoction. Jared Meyer, a tech genius, can definitely help her out. Salem falls hard for her business partner, but considers him out of her league until Jared proposes more than a money-making venture.

And a preview snippet…

Jared quirked a brow. "One of us has to drink first."
Salem pursed her lips. "Please, go ahead." Her confidence with the first try bordered on nonexistent.
Jared shook his head. "You know, I've got seniority and I'm not afraid to use it." He waved his arm toward the still with a flourish. "I insist you have the honor."
Salem snorted. "Which basically means you're afraid to drink first." She couldn't actually blame him.
He laughed. "Hell, yes. We're using your recipe for this stuff. Your culinary skills aren't known to be the best." Being wise beyond his years, he took several steps back.
But Salem only rolled her eyes. "Oh, Jared. You should know I wouldn't steer you wrong when it comes to drinking. My knowledge there is legendary."
He inclined his head in acknowledgment. "Then drink up, Salem." He folded his arms across his chest. "Show me how it's done."
Putting on a brave face, she grabbed a jar and turned the valve on the barrel, letting a trickle splash into the container. Taking a deep breath, she drained the contents, swallowing in one gulp. God, what horrible, horrible swill. The taste so foul, she concentrated to keep a grimace off her face.
Wiping her hand across her mouth, she nodded toward the still.
Jared flashed a quick smile and dispensed about a shot's worth into a clean glass. He downed the liquid only to spew it everywhere once it hit the back of his tongue.
Coughing and choking, he sputtered. "Holy shit, Salem. This stuff could eat through metal." He spit several more times. "Or maybe run a vehicle. I think gasoline might taste better." He shuddered with distaste.
The gas comment clicked with Salem. "Oh damn. I'm pretty sure you just hit the nail on the head." She turned and went through the ingredients she'd used. "My mom was notorious for mixing things up." She should've used the recipe for biofuel her mother had given her for the alcohol.
Jared's eyes widened. "Tell me you've got the right mix written down somewhere, or all the hard work we've put in so far is moot."
Salem grinned. "Oh, I've got it written down. And it's actually brilliant. No one will ever be able to steal the recipe." Crossing the room, she dragged out the covered binder, flipped to the correct page, and motioned Jared over. "Check this out."
He glanced down and let out a bark of laughter. "You're right. They'd look at this and skip right over it." Holding a hand up, his lips curved. "We're in business."
She high-fived him. "Let's clean the still and do another trial run." Salem sent a quick thank you out to her mother.
The woman might have been disorganized and a little whacky, but she had the best recipe for potent alcohol.

I'm honestly not completely sure where these two are going to take me, but I'm along for the ride. LOL

That's it for this week.



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