Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Blending In

July 5, 2015

Happy Fireworks Day to my US readers. Happy weekend to my non-US readers.

So… Teen Wolf premiere, two nights of great viewing. The bad part? Now I have to wait for the next episode. I can't just hit 'next' anymore. Totally sucks. LOL

Another great episode of The Last Ship. I'm kind of intrigued with where they're going to take the story. The Irish-sounding guy grated, which I'm assuming he was supposed to, but yeah, what's all his blather about?

Defiance, as usual, rocks. I'm glad to visit the Nolan / Irisa origins a little more. With the potential for another war looming, their crap needs to be in order, right? Something tells me it won't be so easy. I'm also happy Killjoys and Dark Matter still have me interested. I'm a sucker for sibling rivalry, so the Jaqobis brothers are my catnip right now. Can't wait to see them go head to head and work out their issues. I'm rather enjoying the small, little breadcrumbs being dropped in Dark Matter. Makes me want to pay super close attention so I don't miss something crucial. J

I only have one more episode of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries to be caught up with the current season. Then it's off to find out if I can stream eps from Australia, because I love, love, love this show. :D

Tonight's post is from Blending In, a novella with undercover shenanigans, which is always a treat to write.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Wren and Ethan go undercover in the seedy District. Ethan's by the book style clashes with Wren's off the cuff attitude, but when a powerful Mage makes a threat, they'll have to forge an unbreakable bond or go down in flames.

And a preview snippet…

Ethan Scott glanced sideways when the passenger side door opened and a woman slid inside the vehicle. His orders stated to wait in the parking garage and he figured out why. Wren Bingman refused to be seen inside the precinct building.
She stuck out her hand. "Ethan Scott?" She shook firmly when he clasped her palm. "Wren Bingman. Let's roll." Facing forward, she tapped her fingertips on the dashboard.
Ethan started the engine and eased around to the alley entrance the undercover operatives used to covertly enter and exit the area. He merged into traffic and started toward the fringe neighborhood where an apartment had been rented for their use during the op. His gaze shifted to his new partner, taking in the long, dark hair worn straight as a pin, brushing just past her shoulders. She slid her gaze his way, her leaf green eyes taking on a sly glint.
Her lips twisted, a cross between a smirk and a grin. "You've been briefed, right? UC work in the District tends to leave a foul stench and a bitter aftertaste." Her slow once over and resulting head shake didn't scream confidence. "You don't exactly look like you belong. You have worked undercover before, haven't you?" She angled sideways, her brow lifted in question.
Ethan tried not to bristle at her lack of faith. Not her fault she didn't have a clue about his work. He'd rather keep his success under wraps, but he'd have to share with her per orders.
His hands gripped the steering wheel a little tighter. "Yes, I've done covert ops before." He kept his eyes on the road ahead. "The Princeton job was my last detail." Bracing for her reaction, he changed lanes.
He'd infiltrated a fae faction of the mob and freed two banshees they'd held hostage. The Princeton family used the death predictors in tandem with oracles and picked off a third of a rival clan's manpower then swooped in and took over the shakedown business.
She let out a low whistle. "Holy shit. No wonder I've never heard of you." She snorted. "You're only known by your code name on all the files." Shifting again, she turned, practically sitting sideways.
Ethan shot her a quick glance. "Helps keep me fluid and available. Any possible leaks from the inside can only give a general description and the code name, Raven." He shrugged. "I'm rarely around the precinct anyway."
Wren huffed out a hard breath. "Well, no. Not when you're on a job for six months or more." She shook her head. "Guess you've got me beat there. My busts usually happen within thirty days or less."
Ethan nodded. "You have an impressive number of collars." She also tended to fly by the seat of her pants, which they couldn't do on this case.
The big problem? Trying to get her to see the facts on the ground and work with him to plan a takedown on a massive scale and get everyone involved in the brutal attacks taking place across the city. He'd have his work cut out.
Wren's lips curved upward. "I do tend to get fast results." She angled back around, facing forward again.
Ethan made a left, heading down the alley to the rear entrance of their walk-up flat situated over a thrift shop. He pulled into the single parking spot and cut the engine, but didn't make a move to exit the car.
Wren snapped her fingers close to his ear. "Hey, Mr. Gloomy, we're home. Let's get up there and settle in." She popped her door open and shot him another look. "We could start canvassing the District tonight."
His hand shot out, halting her progress. "I think we need to have a conversation about that first. We can't just go off half-cocked here."
Wren narrowed her gaze. "I didn't say anything about going full tilt with balls and tits hanging out. What's your problem?" She jerked her arm away from him
Ethan opened his mouth, ready to provide a detailed list of his concerns.
Wren's eyes went wide. "Oh, my God. You don't think I can handle this operation." A garbled choking sound escaped from her lips. "There I was, worrying you'd be a hindrance because you've got no game and instead, you're the one who's got a stick up his ass about me." She flung him a nasty look. "Go to hell, jack ass." Sliding from the car, she slammed the door and stomped up the steps to their four room efficiency apartment.
Ethan heaved a sigh. "Yeah, that went well." He pocketed the keys and got out of the vehicle. "Way to go, Mr. Cool."

Honestly? Ethan and Wren are a hoot to write. They just need to establish a little trust, right? LOL

That's it for this week.



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