Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Blondie and the Three Wizards

July 12, 2015

Well… not a bad week, with the exception of a nasty case of poison ivy. Bleh. I'm not fond of being itchy in any way, shape, or form. *scratch, scratch*

SDCC happened this week and I'm so excited for a couple of new shows and movies. I also love seeing the actors from my favorite shows do their panels. Looking forward to taking some time to dive into everything.

Teen Wolf is getting really creepy, which I love. I'm sort of long on theories and not much else, but something tells me Peter Hale is behind everything. LOL He's so easy to blame.

The Last Ship is so good at drawing out and ramping up tension. Another show where I have theories about who's behind the scenes trying to manipulate everything. I can't wait for tonight's episode.

My Friday night lineup of Defiance, Killjoys, and Dark Matter keeps getting better and better. One of the things I love about Defiance is how quickly they move the plot along. And a major brawl between Amanda and Stahma never hurts anything. Pushing the envelope where family relationships are concerned is also an interesting choice. And speaking of family relationships, the Jaqobi brothers are quickly turning into one of my favorite sibling duos. I'm holding back on forming strong opinions with Dark Matter at the moment. I can't quite figure why Two is going for Three yet. I have a few ideas, but none have formed into anything solid yet.

Tonight's post is from Blondie and the Three Wizards, a sexy short take on Goldilocks with a twist.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Xandra Blue, a mage adept, has to pick a new mentor from three extremely sexy wizards. All three have the skills and could make great partners, but the guys don't make it easy for her to choose.

And a preview snippet…

"Xandra, you'll need to choose a new mentor." The Wizard Master, John Silo, slid three files in her direction. "I took the liberty of narrowing down the options to the top three."
Xandra shrank back. She didn't want to think about finding a tutor yet. Her grief resided heavily in her heart and mind.
She frowned. "We laid Makepeace to rest this morning. Do I have to make a choice right this moment?" Did Silo have no idea how much Chris's death affected her?
The sage studied her for several long moments. "Xandra, you can't fall behind. I'm aware the difficult position you're facing, but it's because of your circumstances that I'm asking you to put your sadness aside and meet with the three wizards as soon as possible." His eyes held sympathy, but also resolve.
Xandra sighed. "May I at least have the rest of the day to mourn Makepeace?" Twenty-four hours shouldn't be too much to ask.
Silo nodded. "You may, my dear. But no longer. You'll need one on one time with each candidate and I need your decision by week's end." He moved the files to the edge of his desk. "Go ahead and take these with you. Review the information when you have time." He eased away from the desk and stood up.
Xandra rose and reluctantly took the files. "Yes, Master Silo." Turning, she made her way slowly to the door.
Silo gave her one final piece of advice. "Give each one a fair chance, Xandra. You'll discover the correct mentor if you carefully weigh their skills and personalities."
Xandra made a noncommittal grunt and exited the Wizard Master's office.
Carefully weigh the options. No big deal, right? Except her decision could determine whether she got to stay in the apprentice program to develop into a fully qualified wizard, or get shipped off campus and relegated to performing simple tasks in the regular workforce.
So, yes, her decision would prove to be a very big deal.
Xandra is going to have her hands full trying to figure out which wizard will be her best bet.

That's it for this week.



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