Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Calamity of Chaos


Ugh. I'm fighting a nasty summer cold / allergy / yuck something, which I'm hoping runs its course before next week. School starts on August 25, but my kidlets already have golf and football stuff going on. We've already had a football scrimmage and our first golf match is Monday. Sadly, I won't be going because I can't breathe when I go outside. LOL Ugh. Seriously, my nasal passages can clear up any time now.

Let's see. Teen Wolf? Yeah. A shit ton of stuff happened in the last episode. Glad to see things moving forward. I'm now excited to see Monday's episode. If I'm not in a cold / allergy medication induced coma. <see above>

Friday night on Syfy is still kicking major ass. Defiance turned in a pretty awesome episode. But… I was sad to see one of the characters go. I'm also dying to see where this whole thing ends and there better be another season to wrap stuff up. I'm going to be very angry if there isn't. LOL

Killjoys seriously keeps me glued to the screen. This is another one where a new season is a must. The pacing and everything else related to backstory and world building is just about perfect. The only thing I'd like to see a little more of is John's history. I'd even throw Pawter in there, too, but I'm actually okay with what's been revealed of her history so far. Here's hoping next week's episode is mind-blowing.

Dark Matter… cliffhanger ahoy! I'll be riveted to see how Two gets out of the predicament she landed in. I'm also interested in seeing where they end this season. While this show spends a little more time on backstory / exposition, I'm definitely excited by the possibilities of more.

The Last Ship. What can I say? I've praised everything from the pacing, characters, actors, and writing. I'll add all the twists and turns to the mix. I totally didn't see Rachel's ballsy action last week and I can't wait to see if shit flies or not. I'm kind of hoping for the latter because seriously? Her move needed to happen. Just saying.

And enough about TV. Tonight's post is from Calamity of Chaos, book three of the Chaos series, where Esme and Ashton venture to America.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Esme and Ashton embark on a trip to America, on the trail of their nemesis's partner. Calamity ensues when they stumble upon a dastardly plot to keep them from returning home.

And a preview snippet…

Esme entered the room before Ash and dropped her cases on the floor. She crossed over to the bed and tumbled backwards, letting out a satisfied groan.
Ash chuckled. "I take it the accommodations meet with your approval?" He set his luggage next to hers and loosened his collar.
Esme rolled over to her side, propping her head on a hand. "Can't be sure until we test the bed, but so far, so good." She reached down and untied the laces of her boots, tugging them loose to kick them off.
Ash crossed over to the bed and grasped her leg, twisting her back to lie flat. "Then we should be conducting said test right away, don't you think?" His palm slid up her calf and his fingers dragged a stocking down and off.
Esme wiggled her toes and arched her foot. "Ah… feels good to be barefoot." She held up her other leg.
Ash grinned and repeated the process. "I know you prefer breeches and socks, but keeping up appearances is important, Es." He shrugged out of his jacket and joined her on the bed. "I'll make it worth the extra effort on your end." His head lowered and he dropped a kiss on her nose.
Esme caught his face between her hands. "I know you will, Ash." She meshed her mouth with his, sliding her tongue past his lips.
Ash groaned, his mind drifting to all the ways he'd like to have her. Esme smiled through the kiss and Ash chuckled. The closer he and Esme got, the more he tended to unwittingly share.
He eased away, working the buttons of her blouse loose. "What would you like to start with, my dear?" Separating the sides, he trailed his fingers along the edge of her camisole.
Esme started undoing his buttons. "I think the second scenario for starters." She shoved the fabric aside and flicked her tongue over his nipple.
Ash's lips curved upward. His Esme never ceased to make the right call.

I love this series so much. If all goes well, there should be four books total.

That's it for this week.



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