Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Choice to Make

Whew. What a week in television! First, Teen Wolf pulled off a pretty interesting ending for the summer finale. That being said, I'll happily watch Theo die in a fire created by Parrish if that ever happens. Just saying.

The Last Ship threw in a few more little twisty bits. I tweeted last weekend about wishing they'd stop killing my faves and boot off the Ramseys. Here's hoping someone heard my plea. LOL

Defiance turned in a kick ass finale. I'm so hoping it's not the end of the series, but if it is, I could live with the way it ended. That said, I think there's a buttload of potential left and hope to see more from this show. Dark Matter ended up being way better than I thought. Finally have more info about Two. It's a little sketchy but enough to keep me interested. And wow… I have to say I didn't see the end coming with Six. I'll leave it there for anyone who hasn't seen how things are left, but yeah, I'm in for more.

Not sure what Syfy has slated for their Friday nights now, but whatever it is, the shows have a tough act to follow. Fingers crossed for good stuff.

Haven't mentioned Dominion lately, but again, good show that's holding my interest. We'll see how they leave things for their finale. Haven is starting soon and I'll probably be a blubbering mess when it's over because I love that show so much. Stay tuned. LOL

Tonight's post is from Choice to Make, a novella where the Fates play a reluctant role in getting my hero and heroine together.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Hallen and Will never get the timing right until the Fates step in and give them a chance. But each has a choice to make and cosmic irony may rear its ugly head… again.

And a preview snippet…

Hallen shook her head. "Did you ever think to see this?" Her gaze left the porthole. "Ships that used to battle each other, flying side by side?"
Will sat back and observed her a moment. "I never thought to see you again. So this… not so astounding." His lips quirked upward, but the smile didn't reach his eyes.
Hallen moved to sit opposite him. "Why did you push so hard? For the accord to go through?"
Will raised a brow. "The truth?" The look she threw him said anything less… not a good move. "You."
Confusion marred her features.
He explained. "You were gone. I watched it happen, Hallen. You're in front of me one moment… then BOOM! You're not. A million pieces. That's what it looked like. No way you could have survived." She grabbed his hand, held tight. He looked down at their laced fingers. "Yet you're here." He lifted their hands. "Real. Solid. Here. If that can happen… how can saving our entire race not?"
"Because everyone fought so long they don't know anything else. But you convinced them." Her miraculous existence notwithstanding, Will's impassioned plea to the masses finally turned the tide.
He shrugged. "Look, fighting a never ending, bloody war long enough to decimate the planet and literally end its existence gives people lots of reason. Any plausible excuse to put down arms and move the hell out gets snapped up."
Hallen's lips twisted. "Not exactly how it happened." So much death and destruction, sheer stupidity in hindsight.
Will squeezed her fingers. "No… you had a lot to do with making people see reason."
But for how long? Their track record didn't inspire a lot of faith. And sooner or later, more questions would come. She didn't have any answers.
She'd already had a taste of how not fun that could be. "Not at first. No one trusted me." She paused. "Except you."
Will didn't say anything. He couldn't. Their past would stay put… behind them.
She spoke again, sadness tinged her voice. "I don't understand it. I'm presumed dead. By everyone. And when I come back you finally trust me?"
The one thing she'd wanted more than anything. A clean slate with Will.
Will remained silent for a few more moments, no doubt trying to line up the thoughts in his head. "I realized… too late… I needed to let things go." His eyes met hers. "I thought we had time and we didn't." He dropped his gaze again. "But you came back… to me. I have to trust that." He raised his eyes again. "You came back. Not to James or Daniel. But to me."
She grabbed his hands again. "It had to be you." She shook her head. "That part makes sense. But I don't know why. Or how. Where does that leave us?"
Will smiled. "Right here. You have to lead the way. Find the planet you saw." He sighed. "And I have to keep everyone on the path. Make sure they don't kill each other before we get there."
Hallen snorted. "You've got the harder job."
Will shook his head. "I always seem to get the short end of the stick." When Hallen tensed up, he hurried to add. "I didn't mean it that way."
Old habits died hard.
She relaxed because the past no longer mattered. "No, but you'd have every right. We never seem to get the timing down." Hallen cupped his face. "Maybe this time, we will."
She ignored the niggling doubt, thrumming through her veins. The strange vibe that she lived on borrowed time.
It wouldn't be the first, or the last, time she fought fate.
This one is coming along nicely, I just need to put the finishing touches on a few details. Hoping to release in early 2016.

That's it for this week.



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