Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Snippet: An Enchanted Yule, A Holiday Spirit Short

*meep* Pardon me while I have a small panic attack. It's somehow five days before Xmas and I have nothing wrapped. This doesn't happen, at least not for a long time. All I can say is the sages have been prolific and when they're feeding me words, I pretty much lose all track of time. So… a whirlwind wrapping session is on tap starting first thing tomorrow. Ugh.

I missed the Haven finale. See previous comment about the sages feeding me words. I'll catch it on demand in the near future. I hope. LOL

The Librarians and Agent X had pretty great episodes this week. I'm also in a good mood after watching the magic and mayhem the librarians get involved in. And Agent X makes the conspiracy theorist part of my brain work to figure things out. Two hour finale next week and I'm definitely interested in where the season ends.

That's it for TV this week.

Tonight's post is from An Enchanted Yule, a Holiday Spirit Short, where Hollis Goldstar has to get a sorcerer and wizard to put aside their differences so they can find romance over the Yuletide season.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Mercy, a sorcerer, wants to keep her own counsel and walks away from a relationship to do it. Andre, a wizard, is tired being treated as a lower life form by Mercy's ex. The holiday spirit tasked with bringing the duo together over Yule faces a huge challenge.

And a preview snippet…

Mercy slammed the receiver down and cursed the old-fashioned landline phone for not having caller ID. D├ęcor be damned, she'd be updating and replacing the stupid thing in the very near future. She did not want to speak to Nathanial Ashford right now.
Blowing out a long breath, she put a hand to her forehead, willing the dull throb in her temples away. The doorbell chimed and she made a strangled choking sound. If Nathanial stood on her porch, she'd be hard-pressed not to conjure fireballs to rain down on his head.
Yanking the door open, she yelped when an embossed envelope popped into her line of vision then dropped to her feet. "What the hell?" Stooping down, she picked a card that read Yuletide Greetings on the front.
She stepped back inside the house, closing the door behind her. Slipping her finger under the flap, she opened the envelope and laughed when the enchantment spell blazed to life on the thick card.

You are cordially invited to spend Yuletide at the Goodacre Bed and Breakfast.
The charming, secluded inn has all the amenities and is decorated for the holiday season.
Come and enjoy the quiet solitude and peaceful scenery and reflect on the year ahead.
Send your reply via the shadow realm and arrive during the next meld.

Mercy wandered into her living room and settled down on the loveseat. Why not spend the Yule holiday away from everyone and everything? Considering they all ostracized her at the moment, she wouldn't be invited to share the usual festive season with anyone anyway.
She welcomed the opportunity to get out of town. She'd walked away from a dead end relationship with Nathanial. Her progressive views resulted in too many circular arguments over one particular faction in the netherworld—the wizards.
Her ex adamantly opposed letting the wizards have status in their society. Since the groundbreaking summit with the main groups of the netherworld—the shifters, vampires, immortals, guardians, and other supernatural beings—when the sorcerers were given charge of the wizard populace, Nathanial wouldn't allow any of the "wand-wielders" to hold office or attain rank. His idea that sorcery superseded wizardry went unchallenged for the most part. But Mercy argued each culture had roots in ancient magick and should equal representation within the community.
Nathanial vehemently disagreed and his displeasure colored every decision he made. Yet he wouldn't accept her choice to walk away—calling, dropping by, and being a general pain in her ass.
Mercy snorted. "No more, Nate." She'd accept the invitation and take a few days to come up with a way to make Nathanial see reason. "A bed and breakfast is perfect. I can think without being bombarded with a mix of angry accusations and beseeching entreaties." Reaching into the shadows, she forwarded her affirmative reply then conjured what she'd need to take.
She might not pull off a happy and joyous Yule, but she'd take a quiet and introspective one.

Mercy definitely needs a stress-free season. Too bad a wizard is going to crash her getaway. LOL

That's it for this week.



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