Monday, December 28, 2015

Sunday Snippet: It's Academic

Well, it's my last snippet post of the year and I'm happy to note I didn't miss a week. That's a goal achievement I'm proud of.

Going into 2016, I have quite a few projects on tap for release and I'm very excited about those, too. I may roll a new weekly blog feature or try a newsletter this year. If anyone is interested, please don't hesitate to contact me to be added to the list.

Not much on the television front this week. I watched the finales for The Librarians and Agent X. According to my google fu, Agent X isn't renewed for another season, which is kind of disappointing. Since there are only ten episodes, I may try my hand at recapping the one and only season. We'll see what time allows.

On a side note, I did enjoy the Doctor Who Christmas special. It's my fondest hope I can get into the new season when it premieres, but I don't hold out much hope. The heart of the show is missing for me and unless the Doctor gets a truly marvelous companion, I doubt I'll be interested or able to keep with the all the cleverness Moffat tries to weave.

Oh, well. Looking forward to my favorite shows returning and having more to chat about each week.

Tonight's post is from It's Academic, a novella where my characters start out on the wrong foot but quickly get in sync.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Chaos and control don't mix, but Kari Pride and Thorn Summers must find a way to balance the two or drive each other mad when they become roommates. By the end of the semester, Thorn tempers Kari's sloppy habits and she makes him yield his ruthless organization for some much needed spontaneity. When their relationship gets personal, they have to figure out how to navigate new territory.

And a preview snippet…

Kari dumped the laundry basket of clean clothes on her bed and longed to leave them there. She'd much rather be practicing spells or making potion blends to use in class. But the past week taught her a little effort on her part paid off in unexpected ways.
Sitting on the edge of her mattress, she sorted the pants from the tops, the socks from the underwear, and piled her sports bras and pajamas in their own stacks. She started with her pants, folding some and laying the others off to the side to hang up. She did the same with her shirts. Rising, she hung up the clothes and stowed the in the closet and put the others in her dresser. Her bras went into cubby beside her bed and her pajamas went in the matching one on the other side, with the exception of the set she'd wear tonight. She stashed it under her pillow. Standing back, she nodded. Her bed looked neat and tidy, which would make Thorn a happy camper.
Speaking of, he entered their room and dumped his books on the desk. "It's laundry day. I'm here to help—" He broke off, getting a look at her bed and the empty basket. "Wow. You're done already?"
Kari grinned. "I am. Thought we could maybe go to the catacombs and work on a couple of projects." One of the unexpected benefits she'd discovered.
Thorn didn't mind pushing the envelope. Legacy family or not, he believed in testing his limits, which meant trying new things and revisiting ancient magick no longer in use. Their "extra projects" had become the highlight of the semester.
Thorn flashed a smile. "Let me grab a quick shower and I'll meet you there." He rubbed his hands together. "Ten minutes." Reaching into this closet, he retrieved his shower gear and fresh clothes then dashed out of the room.
Kari chuckled and dug out her spell book, some oils and powder for potions, and stashed both in a satchel. Draping the strap over her shoulders, she exited her room and headed for the pentagon, the academy's main courtyard surrounded on all five sides by schools of magick. Kari resisted the urge to pinch herself. If she dreamed the last month, she didn't want to wake up.
Crossing the upper half of the pentagon, she strode toward the tip where the entrance to the catacombs sat buried under the college of magickal healing. The underground crypt encompassed the entire space under the pentagon, a series of maze-like tunnels and dusty rooms filled with texts, magickal objects, and tons of historical artifacts.
Skipping down the stairs to what looked like a basement entrance of the building, Kari pushed on the two semi-recessed squares on either side of the stairwell and activated the door to the catacombs. She slipped inside and quickly sealed the entrance behind her. Lighting a small flare, she made her way to the room she and Thorn had been using for their projects. Filled with rows and rows of shelves lined with books and scrolls, the space had an antechamber where they practiced new spells and tried to get old ones to work.
Planting the flare in an alcove, she settled down at the table and pulled out one of the books they'd been reading from. She let her mind wander a little; she didn't want to work too far ahead. Thorn filled her thoughts and she shied away from the reason why. A crush didn't mean much and she considered the burgeoning feelings she had for him nothing more than infatuation. They were way too young for a forever kind of thing.
If forever love even existed.
The sound of footsteps approaching settled her firmly in the present, the future evaporating in the mist. Glancing up, she cracked a smile when Thorn entered, freshly showered and raring to get on with their projects. Kari tucked the desire for more in a dark corner of her heart and greeted Thorn with a wiggly fingered wave.
His answering salute made her laugh and broke the tension crawling up her spine.

I'm loving the mix of magick and romance. Kari and Thorn are so much fun to write.

That's it for this week.



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