Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Snippet: It's Always the Same Show

Happy 2016 to everyone!

I'm looking forward to a new year filled with reading, writing, and blogging. And, of course, sharing fun commentary about my favorite televisions shows.

Speaking of… I have the Sherlock special on tap to watch in the near future, hopefully tonight. Can't wait to tumble back into the wild world of deduction and keen intelligence. Also caught A Very Murdoch Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed the extra-long episode. Nicely done!

Agent Carter is starting in a few weeks and I'm crazy excited. Also waiting patiently for Arrow and The Flash to return. It's finally getting cold in Ohio and I want some hot shows to kick back and relax with.

Tonight's post is from It's Always the Same Show, a novella where my main characters need to find some common ground after a major challenge.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Lanie Beck and Titus Berkley are tasked with whipping a new class of cadet mages into shape for the Academy of light. The biggest problem they face is never agreeing on how to make it happen. The cadets quickly learn to tune in and enjoy the show.

And a preview snippet…

Titus dismissed his cadets and crossed the now empty training area to knock on Lanie's door. His confidence she'd still be in the school fairly high, but not certain. He waited a few minutes then rapped on the frosted glass pane. No response.
Hmm. Not like Lanie to cut and run when she could unleash her fury on him. And she'd want to go full bore crazycakes on him. Rightfully so. He'd take whatever she dished out.
If she ever answered.
Waiting another full minute, he tried the knob. The door opened to a darkened room, the only light spilling from the small alcove where Lanie stored the oils, herbs, crystals, and minerals she used to instruct the cadets on the finer aspects of diversionary tactics. A crash of glass and muffled curse drew him to the space in a rush. He found Lanie on her knees, sweeping up a broken bottle of crushed quartz with a hand broom.
He huffed out a breath. "Are you okay—" His gaze swept the area, finding once full shelves nearly empty. "What's going on, Lanie?" She usually had the alcove stocked to the rafters.
She didn't turn or acknowledge his presence. Scooping the ruined jar into a dustpan, she dumped the contents into the trash. She rose and put the cleaning supplies away, then dusted her hands off on her pants. Moving forward, she climbed up the ladder and retrieved several more bottles, carefully descending the latter with two tucked under her chin and one in each hand. Placing them on the counter, she crossed the items off on a clipboard and tossed the supplies in the same trash bin.
Titus frowned. "Lanie… what are you doing?" Her beloved magick potion-making tricks of the trade being handled without the revered care she usually showed?
No way. She had to be ill. Or maybe possessed by something otherworldly.
Or maybe really, really pissed.
Her motivation hit him square between the eyes. And the niggle of guilt creeping up his spine got firmly shoved back. He wouldn't let it surface.
Instead, he snorted. "Seriously? You're in a snit so you're packing up shop?" He couldn't believe the childishness she displayed.
Lanie flicked a hard glance his way. "I'm not packing because I’m in a snit. I'm doing it because I’m done." She grabbed the clipboard and brushed past him. "Remember how I mentioned I had a tight schedule to keep? Well, I missed the deadline to have my curriculum approved because you kept the cadets and I couldn't turn in the test results." She crossed the classroom area and placed the inventory list on the desk. "I've got twenty-four hours to vacate and make room for Sera's healing harmony class, which will begin next week." Glancing up, her gaze scanned the space before it met his in cold stare. "Guess you won't have to worry about the dangerous nature of exposing young minds to the evils of explosive magick anymore." Turning on her heel, she started toward the door.
The guilt he'd shoved aside reared its ugly head and threatened to swallow him whole. He'd forgotten her tenuous status and the need for her to prove the validity of her coursework. But she could have reminded him. She shouldn't have to, you idiot. She point blank told you she needed the cadets to be present.
Titus dashed over, grasping her arm. "Why didn't you say something when you were at my door earlier?" He'd forgotten, he truly had.
She jerked away and whirled on him. "Are you kidding? It's always the same damn show with you, Titus. Push my buttons and watch me jump. As long as you get what you want, that's all that matters." Planting her hands on her hips, she all but growled. "Well, no thanks. I'm tired of playing to an avid audience." Her voice smoothed out to a choked whisper. "At least I don't have to worry about that anymore." Backing away, she exited the room and motioned for him to follow so she could ward the door.
Titus vacated the classroom, standing beside her while she flipped the runes to secure the location. Her words cut deep, because the truth hit hard. He enjoyed getting her riled and watching her respond.
But he didn't want to ruin her standing in the curriculum. Making her lose her spot had never been his aim. Her instruction had merit, even if he thought the dangerous aspects were more than first year cadets could handle.
Lanie made it halfway across the training area before he snapped out of his recriminations.
Titus started after her. "Lanie, wait. Let me—"
She stopped and held up a hand. "Don't. Just… don't." Shaking her head, she continued out into the small vestibule of the side entrance then left the building.
Titus wanted to go after her and make her accept his apology and listen to his assurance he'd right his wrong. But… he couldn't guarantee anything or promise he'd fix the mess he'd landed her in.
But he would sure as hell do his damnedest to try.

And he's going to have to jump through some flaming hoops in his near future. LOL

That's it for this week.



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