Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Kill Switch

Well… The Walking Dead returned with a killer episode. Holy zombies, so much happened. LOL I didn't know what to really expect and lowered my expectations but color me surprised by how incredible the episode ended up being. Although, why is no one talking about how Carol is pretty much responsible for wiping out a whole family? *grins* Not quite how it went down, of course, but something to ponder.

Forgot to mention The X-Files last week for my Monday night lineup. I, for one, have really been enjoying the six-episode run. Final ep airs tomorrow and I actually rather hope we'll see another six or eight episode arc in the future. Wouldn't mind seeing a few more familiar faces either.

The other Monday shows were suitably excellent. I'm staying interested in The Magicians and kind of love the various sides we're seeing. Also thrilled to see Lost Girl and Bitten. But I watch with sadness, knowing they're each in their final seasons.

Tuesday's The Flash ended up being terrific. I'm kind of amazed the earth two turned out so well. Looking forward to seeing more from that verse, if there is more. Also really want to see what the whole deal with Jay is. Agent Carter's final episode airs this week and the lead up to the finale turned out awesome. I really hope Peggy gets to punch Vernon in the face at least once. Twice would totally make the entire wait for a season three (if there is one) worth it.

Arrow continues to blow my mind. The whole tease at the beginning of the season with Oliver standing by a grave now has so many possibilities my brain hurts from thinking about them. LOL

Legends of Tomorrow keeps getting better and better. I'm thrilled with how the cast is being utilized and the way the teams are always mixed. Snart (or Snark as I like to call him) is a favorite and he keeps growing on me more and more.

Gotham and Agents of SHIELD return soon and I'm looking forward to both being back on my screen.

And, whew, that's it for television this week.

Tonight's post is from Kill Switch, a novella originating from the prompt—beaten up, jealousy; the character(s) have the sudden and undeniable urge to let it out. Again,  a fun prompt I wanted to run with.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Karsen Hill and Theo Gordon live in a modern world full of magic and mayhem. Torn apart by their circumstances, they still share a powerful attraction and it will take a kill switch to keep their feelings at bay. When a bar of the same name opens, the duo can't resist meeting to explore their options.

And a preview snippet…

Theo stood before the fire, blazing in the hearth, his gaze focused on the flickering tendrils of orange and yellow. With his arms crossed over his chest, his shoulders taut with tension, he gave up trying to let the dancing flames bring some peace and warmth to his frozen heart.
A throat cleared. "You going out tonight?" Toric moved to stand next to Theo, fixing his gaze on the inferno in front of him instead of on the one standing less than a foot away.
Theo lifted a shoulder, the leather of his coat creaking with the motion. "Don't know yet." He wanted to escape, get away from his mother's prodding and talk of upcoming nuptials. "Depends." On whether she'd back off or not.
Toric nodded. "She figures she's found a loophole since you said you wouldn't marry until Teller left the mortal coil. But setting a date gives her something to plan for, talk about, and you know—"
Theo cut in. "Gloat and brag to anyone who'll listen." Bitter bile threatened to choke him.
His dad cocked his head in acknowledgment. "Well, yes. She wouldn't be who she is without sharing her grand illusions." Toric folded his arms around his middle.
Theo snorted. "More like grand delusions. Deandra barely tolerates my presence. If she shudders one more time when I walk into a room, I'm going to lose the tenuous thread I have on propriety and call her out." Why his mother thought he and Deandra would ever achieve wedded bliss confounded him.
Toric shook his head. "She means well, Theo. But she's single-minded and determined to get her way." He paused for several long moments. "She's in for a pretty big wake-up call."
Theo finally looked away from the flames and glanced in his dad's direction. "How so?" If things didn't go the way Meara Gordon wanted, she bulldozed her way through any obstacle.
 Toric met Theo's gaze. "Look, son, your grandpap isn't long for the world. Change is nigh. Your mother's machinations continue or you can tell her to kiss your ass and get over it."
Right. As if.
Theo narrowed his eyes. "What aren't you telling me?" There had to be a reason his dad would risk intervening and basically advising against Meara's fondest wish—Theo shackled to the darling Deandra.
Toric shook his head. "A lot. But I'm bound to silence." He glanced over Theo's shoulder and lowered his voice. "Your mother won't have much sway over your life once Teller's gone. Think about what you want for your future and act accordingly." Reaching out, he grasped Theo's shoulder then exited the room.
Theo turned back toward the fire and blinked several times, letting his dad's words sink in. He couldn't think clearly about life after his grandpap died. Not here. Heaving a sigh, he spun around and headed out of the study, crossing through the entry hall to the main doors. A ride through the night and a stop at Kill Switch might shake the cobwebs loose.
He had the door halfway open when his mother's voice cracked behind him. "Where do you think you're going?" The rifle-shot delivery had his teeth gritting and grinding.
He didn't spare her a glance. "Out. You can call my cell if anything happens with grandpap." Striding forward, he slammed the heavy oak shut, drowning out her sputtering anger.
Inhaling deeply, he cracked a grin. He walked to his bike and swung a leg over the frame before kick starting the engine. No doubt he'd pay later, but the price for freedom didn't always come cheap.
When he roared up the winding drive to the main road, he decided he could live with the toll.

Kind of a longish preview, but I'm happy with how this scene came together.

That's it for this week.



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