Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Kings of Chaos

Okay, not exactly a super strong week of viewing pleasure, but pretty good for the shows that were on.

The Walking Dead is amping up the tension and the group is going to take on Neegan. I hope the hype is worth it. He's apparently a BFD in the comics so I'm reserving judgment. I'd rather he not gobble up screen time from my fave characters.

Gotham returned with a terrific episode. I'm quite curious to see where they're going to end up taking Gordon. But I like that his squeaky clean armor is getting tarnished. The Magicians continues to intrigue me but I'm also wondering where things are going. There seems to be something of an overlying arc yet I can't quite figure out what it is. As always, Lost Girl and Bitten make me happy. I can't stress enough how much I'll miss both when they're gone.

Agent Carter ended with a terrific bang. I'll sadly miss the show if it doesn't return. That said, what a great two season arc.

Legends of Tomorrow surprised me again. I missed the first fifteen minutes but got caught up quickly. Looking forward to this week's episode.

Teen Wolf is coming together for the big battle. Looking forward to seeing how it ends. I also caught up on Murdoch Mysteries and have to say, I love this show so much. And that's it for this week's update.

Tonight's post is from Kings of Chaos, a novella that began with the prompt of a motorcycle club charity ride gone wrong. I liked it but wanted to put a different spin on the idea so I added a fantasy element to my story.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Ainslee and Witt are stranded during a charity ride for their local children's orphanage. Foul play is involved and they have to determine which rival club has the most to gain or if someone closer to home is the culprit.

And a preview snippet…

Sated and spent, Ainslee traced circles on Witt's chest, her finger trailing along the outline of his warlock tattoo. The intricate bleed of ink colors sitting directly over his heart offered a layer of protection. Once a warlock reached Witt's level, they became a moving target, regardless of the code the crews lived by. Someone always wanted to make a name or gain acclaim by taking out a top tier member.
Ainslee's finger stopped moving and she sat up when a wild hair notion took root in her brain. "Witt, who didn't belong there today? We've been focused on the usual suspects, people we know. What if one of the ride-alongs is responsible?" Shit, why hadn't she thought of the possibility before?
Because Witt's hard body distracted her. She couldn't keep a small smirk from twisting her lips.
Witt cocked his head to one side. "I'm still trying to find my brain cells after super-hot sex and you're wheels are already spinning back to how we got here." He gave her a cocky smile. "And everyone thinks I'm only interested in your gorgeous body." His hand slid along her thigh over her hipster undies and skimmed her side to draw her back into his embrace.
Ainslee settled into the crook of his arm. "That's what we want everyone to keep thinking. They don't need to know you actually love me for my keen intelligence." More than one rival had underestimated the lengths she'd go to protect Witt and the rest of the Kings.
Witt tightened his grip on her for a moment. "I love you for everything you are, Ains." He pressed a kiss along her temple. "But you might be on to something. There weren't that many nonmember faces." He gazed into the fire. "Bobby Samuels, new prospect for the Dirty Bastards. Marco Herrah, Jacobi James." Both men were bartenders at local watering holes.
Ainslee frowned. "What about Sam Carnes? Crane? Something like that? The tattoo guy? He's not a Dirty Bastard, is he?" He didn't wear a cut, but charity rides tended to make the usual mandatory wearing an optional thing.
Witt shook his head. "Friend of. He does all their ink. Gratis."
An ingratiating gesture probably designed to curry favor… or shortcut to acceptance. "Well, shit. He rode along. Maybe he's looking to make a name? Or step up on someone's coattails." Ainslee's shoulders stiffened.
Witt pondered. "Could be. The DBs are just cocksure enough to let a prospect or jump-in twist in the wind… even if they should've told him the facts on the ground."
Ainslee growled. "Fucking Cavilli. He gets a perverse pleasure out of being a prick." Frank Cavilli, the top wizard who ran the Dirty Bastards, liked to create tension and friction.
Didn't matter if he caused internal strife in his crew or external mayhem on another club. He'd gained enough power to be almost unstoppable and enjoyed wielding his clout to produce spectacles. Ainslee wanted to see the guy go down.

Ainslee is one tough cookie. If she wants to see Cavilli go down, she'll make it happen. LOL

That's it for this week.



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