Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Left Unsaid

Well, it's the first day of spring and we're getting snow in Ohio. LOL I'm also down with the flu, so not a fun week.

Another light week in television. The Walking Dead had a terrific Carol / Maggie episode that ended up being one of the best ever.

Gotham's episode took an interesting turn. I'm excited to see what happens with Cobblepot back on the loose. Nygma is sliding into total crazytown and I'm loving it. I have a feeling Hugo is lining up a bunch of pieces and I'm very interesting in where all that goes. My other Monday night shows provided excellent viewing. The Magicians went in a direction I didn't really see coming. Lost Girl amped everything up for the finale and Bitten made me cry. LOL

Agents of SHIELD surprised me and that makes me happy. Looking forward to more and seeing where things go. Murdoch Mysteries had a great episode and the finale looks terrific. Fingers crossed there's not a huge cliffhanger.

My shows should be back this week and I'm ready and waiting.

That's it for TV this week.

Tonight's post is from Left Unsaid, a novella based around the prompt of "a relationship sparks because the main characters almost die, for real this time."

Here's the mini-blurb:

Haven and Pryce are involved in a covert war between humanity and the fae. When the battle takes a nasty turn for the worse and their lives are in danger multiple times, the couple realizes it's sometimes better to communicate without words.

And a preview snippet…

Pryce stared at the ceiling of Haven's quarters. Haven had taken the raw sting of betrayal churning through his veins and turned it into satisfied bliss. Sated and spent, his brain finally settled into some semblance of normal.
With her tucked up against his side, he finally confessed his drama. "Maya was one of the combatants." He forced the image of her pulling the trigger from his mind.
Haven sat up, the sheet falling to reveal her torso. "She's human, Pryce. I don't get this deep connection you seem to have toward her, or your concern." She got up, crossing over to her dresser. "Why does it matter? Maya had clearly made her hatred of the fae known just by being on our enemy's side." Rifling through a drawer, she pulled out a tank top and yanked it over her head.
Pryce closed his eyes. "She's my sister. Haven." He didn't want to have this argument, but he needed to put a voice to his suspicions.
Haven paused, her hipster panties halfway up her thighs. "No, she's not. She's a girl you spent time in a foster home with. There's no blood between you." She shot him a disgusted look. "You're not family. Pryce." She came back over to the bed and settled on the edge, holding his gaze.
Price grasped her hand. "You're wrong, Haven. There's a connection, a bond. She's the only person who ever tried to have my back growing up." And the only one before Haven who gave a damn if he lived or died.
Haven blew out a long breath. "And now she's gunning for you." She moved closer, tucking her legs up under her thighs. "I don't get it, Pryce. You should be thanking your lucky balls she didn't take you out." She shook her head. "Instead, you're mourning the loss of what? A childhood memory? Because that's all she can ever be now." The conviction in her voice didn't brook argument.
Pryce sat up, swinging his legs over his side of the mattress, turning his back to Haven. "I disagree. You didn't see her." He angled his head around and gave Haven a pointed look. "You weren't there. She's not on Biedmeyer's side." But his faction grew stronger every day.
Sooner or later, humans would take sides and draw more lines in the sand.

This poor story is coming in bit, pieces, snips, and snatches. Even with that being the case, I'm actually pretty thrilled with how it's coming together. LOL

That's it for this week.



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