Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Maybe This Seems Familiar

A random observation to start things off. A new office chair totally makes a huge difference when it comes to comfort for writing or editing. Just saying. I got a new chair on Friday and I can already feel the difference. Nice!!

Busy week on the television front. Gotham had a great episode. I hope it gets renewed because I'm interested in where the characters will end up next.

The Flash moved the story forward and I'm looking forward to seeing the finale. Arrow did a repeat, but this week should be new. Legends of Tomorrow had a great new episode. I'm liking what they're doing with the character interaction.

Agents of SHIELD took another bizarre twist and I like it. My one quibble would be the somewhat constant pulling the rug out will get old if it happens all the time. I do get a little tired of turning good guys into bad guys and that's saying something because I love all the shades of gray between black and white.

Wynonna Earp continues to make me happy. And I got partially caught up on Banshee. Gotta say the first episode kind of blew my mind in a terrific way. Not at all what I expected. I'm about halfway through season two of X Company and I’m still enjoying everything about the show.

I didn't say anything about Orphan Black last week because my brain was still processing the premiere. But, wow, what a terrific episode! And the follow up kicked butt, too. Lovely to see Paul, if only briefly. I have so much love for this show and how they raise the stakes each season.

And that's it for television.

Tonight's post is from Maybe This Seems Familiar, a novella built around the two word prompt of "step back". Kind of a fun one to build a story around.

Here's the mini-blurb:

A tragic death sends Inyx Pic, an Adept Major, into a brittle shell of self-doubt. When Philo Batson, her Adept Master, pushes Inyx to get back to teaching, her armor of disillusionment cracks and anger and grief come pouring out, leaving Philo to handle the fallout.

And a preview snippet…

Inyx woke up groggy, her facial skin tight, her tongue dry and swollen. Blinking against the light streaming in from her window, she angled her head, a dull throb starting over her left eye. How the flaming hell did she end up in her room? And whose warm body stretched out on the other side of the bed?
Her gaze settled on Philo and she groaned. All the pieces clicked into place. Damn the man. He'd pushed her to face her drama and she'd blubbered like a baby.
The headache eased and she glanced up to find leafy green eyes staring in her direction, focused on the spot above her left eye. "Stop it. Quit coddling me." She raked her fingers through her tangled hair. "If you want to help, get me some water." She shook her head when he reached across the bed to retrieve a glass from the nightstand.
His smirk held humor. "Already anticipated the need." He pressed the cold glass against her cheek.
She wanted to smack him, but the coolness eased the taut skin on her face. Wrapping her fingers around the cup, she slid it forward and gulped half the contents down. The dry, parched desert of her mouth turned into a blissful oasis. Philo annoyed the hell out of her, but he always seemed to make the right moves when she hovered close to the edge.
And she teetered precariously at the moment.
Finishing the water, she placed the glass on the nightstand again. "You had nothing better to do than babysit me last night?" Dragging herself to an upright position, she tucked her legs under her. "No hot dates?"
Philo lifted a shoulder. "Nothing pressing." He glanced away. "Or all that interesting."
Inyx cracked a smile. "Madam Prissypants not cutting it anymore?" Fillomena Warrick ruled her own little corner of the realm.
And tried to slither her mental tentacles around Philo on a regular basis.
Philo's lips twisted in a grimace. "Are you going to say 'I told you so' now?" He'd failed to heed Inyx's warnings about the designs Fillomena had on him.
Inyx shook her head. "Nah, free pass this time." She angled a sideways glance in his direction. "Especially since I kinda ruined your night." Not quite ready to be grateful, she left her comment there.
Philo slid around, swinging his legs over the edge of the mattress. "Appreciated. Maybe next time you warn me off a potential nightmare, I'll listen." He stood up and stretched, the muscles in his shoulders flexing and bunching with movement.
Inyx looked away. The constant battle between her head and heart didn't rate on her list of things to worry about today. After all, Philo peeled the scab off the wound, leaving her raw and achy. The scar tissue would take time to heal.

I'm fond of Inyx and Philo. They're fun to write.

That's it for this week.



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