Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Melee

Welcome to May! I'm excited to have some warmer weather finally… enough to want to be outside and working on my yard. :D

Let's see, television this week ended up being a mixed bag. I want to really love Hunters, but eh, not quite sure I'm feeling the joy with that one. We'll see what ends up happening.

The Flash and Agents of SHIELD put out two good episodes. I'm truly interested in finally discovering who's under the mask in the Zoom's cage. Also hoping whoever it is, they're an ally. My jury is still out on AoS, but we'll see how the next few episodes go.

Arrow is breaking my heart, but wow, what terrific performances by the entire cast. My one small gripe has to do with showing Barry having his speed back when Tuesday's episode ended with Wells saying he'd help Barry get it back. Then again, schedules being what they are, they might not have had a choice. I'm just a little disappointed because they're usually so on top of small details like that.

Legends of Tomorrow remains pretty awesome. I'm so thrilled with the character interactions any disappointment I have over Savage being so smarmy as a villain are miniscule.

Wynonna Earp? Man… I love this show so much. It's acting as something of a replacement for Lost Girl with strong, kick ass females and the plotline is truly interesting. I love the sister dynamic and the fish out of water scenario Wynonna experiences on a regular basis. Looking forward to more revelations about Doc's deal with the devil and seeing how long he rides the fence.

Still behind on Banshee, but hoping to catch up soon. Also backed up on Marcella, but I rather love the twisty turns this series takes on a regular basis. Love not knowing if the heroine of the show is actually a villain, too. J

And that's it for television this week.

Tonight's post is from Melee, a novella based on the two-word prompt "Forget this." I already had the glimmer of an idea for meta-human based story and the prompt spurred the sages to release some creative ideas.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Josie Walls and Parson Parrington gain extraordinary skills when they're captured and experimented on in a remote laboratory in an icy tundra. Longing to be free, they put their newfound abilities to the test, escaping their prison and going on the run.

And a preview snippet…

Josie crept along the corridor, thankful to find the darkened space empty. She needed a moment to tamp down the raging burst of lust Parson's embrace left behind. Questions filled her head. Instead of draining her, the lip-lock supercharged not only her libido but also her power, if the tingling in her hands counted as an indication. Why and how crowded for dominance in her brain. Followed by a desire to kiss him again and see where they ended up. Hopefully in the throes of passion against a flat surface. She didn't care if they were horizontal or vertical as long as they got hot and heavy with a side of sexy action.
A strong hand grasping her shoulder jerked her out of her thoughts.
Parson leaned in close. "Careful, there, Jose. Listen." His fingers slid down, gripping her arm, tugging her into an alcove.
Footfalls echoed ahead and she'd almost missed the sound. "Right. Let me get a quick count." Peering around the wall, she estimated four guards were moving toward the training area.
Which begged the question… how many more would they have to get through? She angled her head around and held up four fingers then motioned for Parson to move further into the shadows. Clearing her mind, Josie focused then brought her hands up, making fists. She inhaled deeply then stepped out into the corridor ready to zap the men heading toward her. They walked in a solid wall, shoulder to shoulder, taking up the entire space.
Josie exhaled and made her move. The energy built faster than usual. Too fast. She flung double fireballs in the direction of the guards and the percussive force sent all four flying backwards.
Parson moved to stand beside her. "What the hell, Josie? How did you do that?" He moved forward, leaning down to check her handiwork.
She shook her head. "I have no idea. I couldn't control the force." Glancing down at her hands, she discovered blisters on the fingertips.
That's new. A sliver of worry skittered down her spine. If she couldn't control her ability, they might not make it out of the compound.
Parson lifted his head. "They're dead, Josie. We've gotta get moving." He rose up and motioned her to precede him.
She moved a little slower than usual, the weight of killing four men settling in her stomach. Not the plan at all.
Parson nudged her shoulder. "You good to go?"
She wanted to laugh, but bit back the sound. "Not sure, but we have to move, right?" Two more levels to get through in the rat-like maze.
Luckily for them, the security team would have to come from behind to catch up.
Parson slid his gaze toward her. "We do, but only if you're certain you can follow through." Concern etched his features. "Maybe I shouldn't have—"
Josie cut him off. "But you did and, yeah, I think the kiss had unexpected effects. I'll get my head around it, but not right now." She started forward, unwilling to dive into an in-depth conversation about locking lips with him. "If I'm careful, I can get us through. Once we're out, we can examine the hows and whys of what happened." And she could have a good old-fashioned freak out.
Parson followed behind her. "So… that probably means more kissing in our future, yeah?"
Josie bit back a laugh. Parson's sense of humor always kicked in when she needed a distraction. The worry and tension eased and she squared her shoulders. Get out of the building, find a safe zone, then see what would happen when they next locked lips.
The future looked much brighter than it had twenty-four hours ago.

Little longer than normal preview, but I liked the way this scene came together.

That's it for this week.



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