Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Mr. and Mrs. Black

Whew. Even though the television pickings are fairly slim for the next week or so, still some great stuff to watch.

Orphan Black, once again, didn't disappoint. One of the things I love about this season is how nuanced the layers are. Every time something is resolved, a new snag reveals itself. The enemy of yesterday is the ally of today. Terrific writing and stellar acting make the entire show shine.

Wynonna Earp still makes me happy. I'm intrigued by the little seeds dropped here and there and look forward to more of the origin backstory.

The Last Ship starts next week and I can't wait to see where things go. I'm kind of holding out hope some underhanded tactics are being used regarding Rachel, but I won't hold my breath. This show loves to kill off my favorite characters. LOL

I'm sadly not overly excited about some of the other newer shows. Preacher didn't really grab me with the trailers and I never got into Fear the Walking Dead. I do look forward to the return of Killjoys and Dark Matter, which should provide some good fodder for my blog posts.

And that's it for television this week.

Tonight's post is from Mr and Mrs Black, a novella built on a writer's group prompt of interpreting the hot house scene from Mr and Mrs Smith. Fun, right?

Here's the mini-blurb:

Ember and Winter Smoak, assassins for opposing factions, are ordered by their respective employers to kill each other, which would so much easier if they weren't happily married, but hiding some big secrets—like their occupations—from each other.

And a preview snippet…(it's wee bit hot and steamy)

Win loved having Ember's mouth wrapped around his cock, which she clearly intended to indulge in very soon. But he wanted to finish what he started by bringing her off first. Besides, watching her lose control always turned him on and revved him up to peak performance.
Keeping his thumb moving over her bundle of nerves, he caught her mouth with his, mumbling between kisses. "Hold up, Ember. You're so damned hot and wet; I need to see you come." He dragged his tongue over her bottom lip.
Ember shuddered. "Mmmm. I'm close, Win." She unfastened his belt and lowered the zipper, working her hand around his shaft. "And your dick is so hard. Will watching me come make it harder?" She tugged on the rigid flesh in her palm.
Win hissed out a breath. "Hell, yes. You know it will." He shoved her shirt up to find bare breasts. "Hmmm. Convenient." He palmed a globe, relishing the satiny feel of her skin.
He lowered his head to draw a taut nipple between his teeth, worrying at the nub. He pressed his thumb on her clit and resumed pumping his fingers in and out of her pussy. Ember gripped his cock and it swelled in her hand. Her head fell back against the window and she moaned. Win increased the pressure of his thumb and sucked hard on the pebbled tip.
Ember dragged in a breath, her exhale raspy and shallow. "God, Win. More." Her hips bucked against his hand.
He gave her what she wanted, turning his fingers in the opposite direction to rub against the internal sweet spot. Ember's knees buckled and she gasped with a strangled groan. Riding the wave of bliss, she loosened her grip on his dick.
Not a bad thing since he hovered damned close to the edge, too.
He removed his fingers from her core and licked them clean while drinking in the sight of her disheveled beauty. Afterglow looked really good on Ember. With her shoulders braced against the window, the reflection of her creamy skin shimmered around her.
Ember got her breathing under control and lowered to her knees. She used one hand to draw his hard cock toward her and the other to shove his pants past his hips. Wrapping her lips around the head of his dick, she swirled her tongue around the spongy tip before hollowing her cheeks to firmly suck as much of his shaft into her mouth as possible. Pulling back, her teeth grazed the sensitive flesh, exactly the way he liked.
His hands shot to her head, his fingers threading through her hair. He didn't guide or direct her motions, giving her free rein to do as she pleased. But he loved the feel of her silky tresses caressing his skin. The whisper-soft glide a stark contrast to the increasing pressure of her mouth.
Bobbing her head back and forth, Ember moved a hand to cup his balls, rolling them in her palm. Win moaned and pumped his hips forward. He teetered on the brink of pleasure.
Ember glanced up, holding his gaze. She jiggled his ball sac in her hand and pulled hard on his erection with her lips. She increased the speed of her up and down motion, swirling and flicking her tongue along the veiny surface of his shaft. Reaching behind him, she gripped his ass, her fingers digging into the muscle briefly before she let go and smacked him hard with stinging blow.
Oh, yeah. Just what he needed.

This one is a little on the kinkier side for me. The characters do not want to be reined in, so I give them their lead and follow where they take me. LOL

That's it for this week.



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