Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Nature Calls

Well, tonight is the rescheduled premiere date for The Last Ship. I fully respect TNT's decision to postpone the airing and I'm very much looking forward to watching the start of season three.

Wynonna Earp's lead-in to the finale blew my mind. I'm not sure if the show will have a second season, but I'm so hoping it does. That said, I don't trust Syfy the way I used to. At least I know Killjoys and Dark Matter will be showing up soon.

Orphan Black. Wow. Seriously, just wow. While I'm incredibly sad next season will be the last, I'm also kind of excited because I know it'll far surpass anything I expect or can anticipate. As for the finale, once again, Rachel proved she's the biggest bitch on the planet. I'm rather looking forward to a major toppling of her reign of terror. I can always keep my fingers crossed that what she thinks she wants and deserves ends up being her total undoing, right?

Still working my way through the first seasons of Babylon 5 and Strike Back. Someday, when I have copious amounts of spare time, I want to get back into recapping and sharing my joy for my favorite shows. There's something fun and rewarding about interacting with other fans.

Tonight's post is from Nature Calls, a sexy short built on the prompt of nature documentary; binoculars. I loved it and decided to add a small spin on the idea by adding a supernatural element to their documentary work.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Kacee Biehl follows Russ Romanova through crazy adventures for their webcast series about urban legends. She's got it bad for the handsome host and on the last day of their shoot, she makes a move, thinking she has Russ right where she wants him. But Russ has other ideas and turns the tables on Kacee—giving her exactly what she needs.

And a preview snippet…

Russ pocketed his knife without breaking eye contact with Kacee. Her sharp inhalation gave him pause, but the way she wet her lips with her tongue sealed his next play in her little game.
Stepping forward, he traced a finger over her collarbone starting from her shoulder then dipping into the hollow at her throat. Sliding the tip downward, he paused at the front clasp of her bra. A quick moment later, her breasts were bared to the cool forest air. Her nipples puckered and a bolt of lust zinged through Russ. She had incredible tits.
Flicking his gaze to hers again, he quirked an eyebrow. "You ready to tell me where my binocs are yet?" The urge to palm the luscious globes of flesh almost overwhelmed him.
But he didn't want to rush this illicit moment. She'd obviously set the stage, he wouldn't disappoint her by letting the scene unfold too soon. Besides, he needed to see how far she'd let him go.
Kacee tilted her head to one side. "Not quite, no." A sexy smirk curved her lips. "I'll let you know if you're getting warmer though."
Russ snorted. "That's not how we're going to play this, Kacee." His hands skimmed along her sides, his thumbs brushing the underside of her breasts. "First, I'm going to thoroughly search you, then I'll consider other options." And looking around without help didn't enter his mind.
Kacee squirmed, trying to get closer to him. "Have at it, Russ. Not like I’m going anywhere."
He smiled. "No, you're not." He finally caved and palmed her bare tits, then leaned in close to whisper in her ear. "I rather like this whole stripping you down thing." Taking a moment to knead the twin handfuls of flesh, he resisted the urge to take a taut nipple between his lips.
Kacee let out a low moan. "Russ… I think we've established the binoculars aren't hiding in my cleavage."
He chuckled. "Mmm. So we have." His hand trailed down her tummy and dipped under the waistband of her leggings. "Maybe it's time to go a little lower." He teased his fingers along the edge of her panties before removing his palm from her pants and stooping down to untie and loosen the laces of her boots. Standing back up, he cupped her mound before leaning in to give her another order. "Kick off your shoes, Lace. It's time to do a more thorough search." The heat between her legs kicked his libido up another notch.
Kacee did as he requested, kicking her boots off to stand on her sock-clad feet.
Russ gave a low whistle. "Geez, you're hot." He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her leggings. "I'll bet you're soaking wet, too." Pushing her leggings and panties down to her knees, he then placed his palm at the apex of her thighs. "Ready to find out?" Her bare mound radiated warmth.
Kacee gave a jerky nod, but didn't speak.

Russ definitely got his wake-up call and now he's running with it. I'm having so much fun with this one.

That's it for this week.



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