Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Not Gonna Happen

Well, The Last Ship didn't kill any of my favorites last week. On one hand, this makes me very happy. On the other, I'm now wondering when, who, and how much it will destroy me when they take out a crewmember. LOL

Killjoys continues to rock my world. I love the show so much. I also love seeing so many familiar faces from other genre shows. Same goes for Dark Matter. After a "meh" opening episode, this week's turned out to be so much better with the possibility of a few cast shake-ups. I'm a little iffy on where things are going but I'm in for the ride.

The rewatch of Babylon 5 is up to the start of season two. I'm also in season two of Strike Back. Summer is great for sinking into and revisiting old favorites.

Tonight's post is from Not Gonna Happen, a novella started with the writer's prompt of slasher film in the woods.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Gina Ames and Tuck Danvers sign up for a weekend of hunting for an urban legend. When their other team members start dropping, one by one, they take off for the safety of the city. Too bad the concrete and steel can't protect them from what follows them home.

And a preview snippet…

For once, Gina didn't argue with him. Tuck thanked providence or whatever ruled the universe. Any other time, she'd be digging her heels in, trying to head toward danger instead of away.
Losing Jake and Marley changed everything.
Sticking close to his back, Gina spoke in low tones. "So, what's the plan?" She kept her gaze fixed on the tree line and a finger hooked through a belt loop of his jeans.
Tuck shrugged. "Find a busy, well-lit place to sit down and figure one out." He hit the sidewalk and made a beeline for the street.
Gina let go and wrapped an arm around his waist when they crossed the deserted intersection. "Gonna be hard to find something at three in the morning." She glanced back over her shoulder and sighed. "Still there. He's crossing in the middle of the block, where the street light isn't shining as bright." Burrowing into his side, she shivered a little.
Tuck put his arm around her, hauling her close. "Let's hit the Waffle Hut." The place never closed and shined line a beacon to interstate traffic.
Gina grunted in agreement. "I could go for waffles and home fries." Her gaze slid sideways. "We're only assuming it won't risk coming into the light. What if we're wrong?"
She made a good point. "We'll cross that bridge when we have to. It's a safe bet it's only after us and we can haul ass if necessary." His gut suggested they'd be in the clear once they got somewhere with other people.
Whatever the hell they'd drawn out of the catacombs only wanted their blood. His instincts rarely steered him wrong and he counted on their guidance at the moment. Because losing four friends over what should have been a lark had his brain tied up in knots.
Gina nudged him. "Stop it. We're almost there. Think about the others when we're not out in the open." She took the lead, her hand grasping his.
Tuck breathed easier when they breezed through the door and found an empty booth by the windows. The creepy creature hovered outside, staying in the shadows. So far, so good. If the thing didn't like light, Tuck and Gina had a small advantage.
Gina waved the waitress—a familiar face—over. "Hey, Shirl. Coffee, please. And a number five special." She glanced in Tuck's direction. "You want the same?"
Tuck nodded. "Yeah. Bacon instead of sausage." He flashed a smile. "And scrambled eggs?"
Shirl shot him a mock glare. "Always gotta make things difficult, don't you?" Her lips curved in a grin. "But you're so handsome I can't say no." She winked at Gina. "Let me know when you get tired of him, honey." Tucking her order pad into her apron pocket, she sashayed to the counter and called out their request.
Gina laughed. "Coming here was a good idea. A little slice of normal to ground us in reality." She fiddled with the placemat, going silent.
Tuck covered her fingers with his. "We'll figure out what happened, Gina." His thumb stroked her skin.
Her head snapped up, determination in her gaze. "Damned right we will."

I had no idea what I'd end up with based on the prompt, but I'm having great fun writing this story.

That's it for this week.



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