Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Nowhere Good

Well… a lonely week without an episode of The Last Ship, but the previous episode gave me lots of fodder to make theories about. LOL. I seriously think Blonde Ambition has an agenda we have yet to see. A friend suggested Allison is in cahoots with Jacob the asshat reporter and I love the idea. On the Asian front, Chandler has his hands full. The green mist stuff may make me find a new favorite color. LOL

Killjoys keeps getting better and better. Truly love how lots of threads are working their way together and twisting around each other. This show continues to amaze. And guess what? It's got green plasma goo stuff, so, yeah, maybe orange is going to be my new favorite color. LOL

Dark Matter finally dropped some details about Nyx, one of the new crew members. Looking forward to seeing how the interaction with Four changes when she finds out what he suggested for her brother.

Babylon 5 rewatch continues and I'm almost at the end of season two. I'm looking forward to diving into three because the groundwork from the first two seasons starts building one of my favorite characters arcs of all time.

I viewed more Strike Back and remembered how much I loved all the mistakes they let Stonebridge and Scott make in season two. Seriously, the duo messed up on a pretty big scale… several times. LOL I think that's why it became one of my favorite shows.

And that's it for television. Tonight's post is from Nowhere Good, a novella based on the prompt of characters having a celebratory kiss.

Here's the mini-blurb:

After wiping out a rival fae faction, Adria Stock plants a hot kiss on Shaun Henrickton, a fellow enforcer, and their world tilts sideways. They've got custom and ritual, protocol, and baggage between them and if they cave to their baser feelings, the outcome can't go anywhere good.

And a preview snippet…

Shaun waited for Adria's contrary response. The woman threw up more roadblocks than a construction crew. When she remained still and quiet, he blinked. She didn't make a move to shove him aside or duck away.
Wonders would never cease.
Her possible capitulation filled him with a kernel of hope. But he needed to hear her say she agreed. Wanted to see her determination to fight for them. Craved her willingness to step outside their predetermined roles and create a path only for them.
Resting his forehead against hers, he pushed for answers. "What's going on in that head of yours?" He braced for her response.
Adria lifted her chin. "A battle between the rational side of my brain and the wish fulfillment part." She stepped away and started pacing.
A good sign in his book. She worked better when on the move. If he could keep his mouth shut and let her wrap her hear around the concept of "them", they had a shot at something great.
Adria stopped and faced him. "Okay. Screw 'em all." Her fierce features softened. "If you make the declaration, I'll accept your suit." A husky tone crept into her voice. "And we'll face whatever obstacles come our way together." She moved closer, grasping his hips with her hands.
Shaun wrapped his arms around her. "Starting with our families. Deal with them, half the battle is done." And it would be a fight on both fronts.
Adria buried her head in his shoulder. "Ugh. But you're right." She lifted her chin and met his gaze. "We'll hit mine first, right after you make your intention known." Her hands skimmed along his sides then smoothed down his back.
Shaun nodded. He agreed, starting with her relatives would be the best route. But he'd rather focus on sealing their fates first.

I love writing battling families. It's such a fun source of conflict.

That's it for this week.



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