Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday Snippet: On the Circuit

Holy crap! The Last Ship only has two more episodes left and I'm dying to see both yet dreading the long wait for season four. ARGH! We got a favored familiar face last week and lost a new favorite. We also got to see one major enemy get his due. Now we just need to see Blonde Ambition get what's coming to her and hopefully find out if Jacob the Asshat reporter, who turned into a decent dude after all, met a terrible end. A LOT happened last week. Just saying.

The Killjoys finale rocked. We got some answers and spawned new questions. And, of course, one third of the team is separated from the other two. I wouldn't mind that being a thing for each season finale. I'm so interested in seeing how things play out for season three and look forward to the recurring characters maybe getting a little more backstory. And hey, if Rick Howland can start recurring, bonus points for that. Hat's off to Michelle Lovretta and her team for creating such a kick ass show.

Dark Matter is also weaving intriguing ripples. Yeah, ripples can't really be woven together, but this is science fiction so *blows raspberries*. I kind of loved the whole android / hologram dealio. And I'm kind of hoping we get some development / clear answers on the corporation thing. I'm all for murky waters and all, but I wouldn't mind some concrete motives either.

My rewatch of Killjoys season one is inspiring me to maybe do some fun recaps on my sister blog. If nothing else, I'd love to talk the mix of cast / costumes / music, because the first season nailed everything.

And that's it for television. Tonight's post is from On the Circuit, a novella that got its start from a fanfiction community writing challenge. I opted to go original instead of creating an alternate universe for my characters. The prompt stated to write a scene with the main characters as a rodeo clowns. Rodeo clowns are actually called bull fighters and they play a very important role in the events. I also added a fantasy twist instead of staying contemporary.

Here's the mini-blurb:

The popularity of breaking dragons on the rodeo trail lures Reggie Pitch to test her mettle as a bullfighter. She works her way up from green recruit and tries out for the big show with Dwight Merlyn as her trainer, which proves intimidating because not only is he attractive as hell, he's a third generation handler and his family breeds the rankest, meanest beasts on the circuit.

And a preview snippet…

She picked a terrific time to call bullshit.
Dwight cracked a smile. "Most of us do." He settled his ass against her changing station. "The ones who lack confidence tend to make lame references to big beasts." Crossing his arms over his chest, he waited for her reaction.
Reggie smirked. "Size isn't his problem. Knowing what to do with it… well… he could use some pointers there." Heaving a sigh, she paced back and forth.
Dwight needed her to settle down and get her game face on. She'd worked her ass off to make the jump to the main show; she deserved her shot at making the grade to a full-time spot. If for no other reason than to rub his face in her accomplishment.
But she had ten minutes to get rid of the negative vibe left behind by Nordstrom.
If the dragons caught a whiff of the anger and frustration, they'd pursue her relentlessly with the sole intent of tearing her apart. Reggie could guard against some of the internal conflict, but the older beasts would instinctively scent the feeling and react accordingly—putting the rider and bullfighter in danger. She stopped her back and forth walk, facing away from him, and exhaled slowly before drawing in a long, deep breath. Good start, but not enough.
He pushed away from the table and grasped her shoulders. "Pitch, you've got five to get your shit together." Turning her, he slid his hands upward, his thumbs braced under her chin. "Forget Nordstrom. He can't take this away from you unless you let him." He held her gaze. "Don't let him."
Determination filled her eyes. "I won't." Her shoulders relaxed and the last of the tension drained away. "I'm good to go now."
He gave a quick nod. "Yeah, you are. Go show those beasts what you've got." Stepping away, he nudged her toward the door.
She strode forward, confident and capable. Pausing with her hand on the knob, she angled her head around, the visage of greasepaint one of macabre beauty. A wide grin split her face, adding a sinister appeal to the look.
Reggie tilted her head to one side. "Thanks, Dwight." Pushing the door open, she stepped forward. "Buy you drink after the rodeo?"
His gut kicked at the invitation. Probably a bad idea to get involved on a personal level with his star pupil, but what the hell. Her shit day and his questionable choices could battle for supremacy.
He flashed a quick grin. "Sure. I'll meet you here after the show."

Of course things will get very interesting after the main event. Dwight and Reggie take bad idea to a sexy conclusion.

That's it for this week.



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