Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Oracle's Prayer

New television started for me this week. Gotham kicked off with a pretty solid premiere. I like Gordon playing bounty hunter. He's definitely got enough escapees to keep him busy. Really interested in where things go with Bruce and OtherBruce (aka Dude Who Looks Like Bruce).

Missed the premiere of Agents of SHIELD, but I'll catch up before the second episode. Looking forward to seeing how the team moves ahead.

Caught the second half of Van Helsing and I'm in for now. My fear is this show will be similar to Hunters where the first few episodes were good but things unraveled from there.

MacGyver ended up being better than I expected. As one of my favorite early adult shows, the original will be hard to beat. Then again, if the updated vibe continues and darker themes are explored, I could get behind the new reboot. Fingers crossed.

Needed some lighter fare, so started Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries again. I'll get back to Strike Back soon. Can't leave Stonebridge and Scott hanging for too long. LOL

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Oracle's Prayer, a novella that started with the two-word prompt "Bless you". I liked the idea of having a spiritual element in the story.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Nason Forn, the daughter of an oracle, goes undercover to trap a wicked mage preying on young apprentices and thinks she's found her man when she discovers Lane Garganess standing over the body of the latest victim. But Lane has a covert identity, too, which puts him in a bad spot and on the wrong end of Nason's wrath.

And a preview snippet…

Lane paced the length of his grandfather's study. "You can't let this slide, Geppa. We have to find out who's behind the killings." Geppa Leon had to get out in front of the oracle slayings.
Leon frowned. "Exactly how do you propose I do so? You said yourself we can't trust the enforcement ranks. If I can't use them, I have no one else." His mouth thinned to a slash across his face.
The stubborn, old goat. Couldn't see what stood directly in front of him.
Lane growled. "Yes, you do, old man. You have me." He stopped and faced his grandfather. "Unless you don't trust me, either."
Leon snorted. "You're about the only one I do trust." Meaning Lane's dad hadn't made the list.
The old man's disappointment remained unspoken. Lawrence Garganess should be above reproach, but his thirst for debauchery and depravity made him a possible suspect in the murders. Lane didn't think his dad would cross the line into territory that might see him banished—the man relied on his connection to Leon too much to fuck it up entirely. The financial wherewithal that came with being related to the premier of the ruling house usually kept Lawrence in check, either by the threat of losing his considerable wealth or by freezing his accounts so he had to make an appearance to regain access.
Leon heaved a sigh. "You think your dad might be involved, don't you?"
Lane pinned his geppa with a hard stare. "I can't discount the possibility." He moved to crouch in front of Leon. "And neither can you. Let me do some digging, make inquiries." If nothing else, eliminating his dad would help point in the right direction.
Leon went quiet, gazing into the fire. No doubt he sought wisdom in the flames. Lane stayed put, unwilling to leave in case Geppa slid into a trance. The preternatural ability of divination often took a lot out of the old man.
A moment later, Leon blinked, coming back into himself. He met Lane's gaze and held it for a long second.
Lane broke the silence. "What did you see, Geppa?" He held breath, not sure he wanted to know.
Leon's mouth curved in a half smile. "Not what you're thinking, Lane. I didn't look to see if Lawrence had anything to hide." He paused, reaching for his glass of scotch before taking a sip.
Lane exhaled slowly. "Then why divine the flames?"
Leon placed the tumbler on the table again. "To make sure you'd be safe, Lane. My son can't rule, I won't allow him to." Disappointment filled his tone. "You're my heir. I have to think of the future."
Lane rose and moved to stand before the fire. "Meaning what, Geppa?" If the old man wouldn't cave, Lane would defy him.
Leon came to his feet, made his way to Lane's side, and laid a hand on his shoulder. "See what you can find out, Lane. I don't like the way the flames are dancing right now."
Lane gave a quick nod. "I'll see myself out, Good night, Geppa." Without waiting for a response, Lane exited the room and left the manor house.
Letting the cool air fill his lungs, Lane squared his shoulders. He had a new mission and planned to start right away.

The spell and spycraft is a lot of fun to write and I can't wait to dig deeper on this and work out all the angles.

That's it for this week.



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