Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Physical Therapy

October 16, 2016

Whew. Crazy busy weekend with my daughter's first high school homecoming. Very glad to have a day to recover. LOL

In television this week, Gotham keeps pulling out the stops and taking twists I'm not expecting. I like that. Keep bringing the crazy, please.

Caught up on Agents of SHIELD. The season feels a little choppy so far, but I'll keep watching to see if the flow smooths out a little. I'll honestly say I'm slightly tired of the whole constantly being betrayed by someone on the inside scenarios. Here's hoping that isn't what's going on.

The Flash is doing a pretty decent job of explaining the reset of the timeline and how it's bled over into the other verses. A little tripped up over the gender swap on Arrow. I'll say nothing else in case folks are behind.

I kind of like Oliver having to train a new team on Arrow. Really not sure about the whole Felicity thing. Reserving judgment until more of the season plays out. Diggle's in dire straits again, which, eh, could get old fast.

Legends of Tomorrow rocked!! I rather miss Snart not being with the team and Rip is hopefully not completely lost. Mick is a total riot and I'm kind of liking how he's meshing with the team.

MacGyver had another good episode. It's a fun Friday night show and the cast works well together. A little disappointed with the Penny character, but it's her introduction so we'll see how things play out there.

Van Helsing still isn't quite doing anything for me. Maybe this is a show I need to binge watch to really sink into the storyline. We'll see what happens.

The Walking Dead returns next week. I'm still "meh" about the premiere. That could change in a week. LOL

And that's it for TV this week. Tonight's post is from Physical Therapy, a novella that started with the prompt—a sport's player meets their physical therapist… sparks fly.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Flint Hollywell, a talented physical therapist, loves nothing more than watching arena ball player Tappen Bligh work her magic on the playing field. But when a career ending injury sidelines Tappen, Flint is determined to get her back on the grass where she thrives on the action.

And a preview snippet…

"Ladies and gentlemen! The queen of the field… Tappen Bligh!"
The roar of the crowd fueled Tappen's adrenaline and she burst through the stadium doors and hit the arena at a dead run before launching into a levitation maneuver—her signature move—bringing the spectators to their feet.
She spun in the air and landed midcenter in the middle of her teammates. She'd perfected her slick entry over the five years she'd played for the Screaming Banshees. Her crew surrounded her in a circle and closed ranks.
Tappen dropped to her knees. "Okay, banshees, let's dazzle the crowd, put on a kick ass show, and win this match. The Demon Dogs don't stand a chance against us."
Tappen's favorite part of the pregame ritual came next. All hands came in and she placed her palms on top of the pile. The whole group did a series of banshee screams, which filled the stadium with an eerie sound—especially when the viewing crowd did their own versions of the battle cry.
Arms went high and all players spun out to their positions to the wild applause of the spectators. The key official levitated up from midcenter and dropped the ball. Tappen made a grab, caught the edge, then tucked the sphere under her arm where the guard quickly snagged it to keep the game in play.
The score went back and forth, the teams evenly matched. But Tappen refused to lose to the Dogs. Her arch rival, Gilda Radfly, played for the opposing side and rarely missed a chance to give Tappen grief. Just because she'd won the coveted title of most valuable player for three years straight.
Despite the hard knocks and flying elbows coming from Gilda, Tappen wouldn't change a thing.
She absolutely loved what she did for a living.

I'm having so much fun with this one. I love arch rivalries!

That's it for this week.



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