Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday Snippet: The Pit and the Pyre

October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween Eve! Our small town always has its annual trick or treat several days before the actual holiday. On Thursday, it was brisk and chilly, but we had a whole host of costumed kiddos strolling the streets. So much fun!

On the television front, Gotham had another great episode. I'm happy with how things are going on that show. Here's hoping the consistency holds through the end of the season.

The Flash and Agents of SHIELD pulled out some surprises. The new director guy on AoS is actually kind of fun and hopefully not evil. LOL I'm not gonna hold my breath on that score.

Arrow keeps making me happy. Diggle is out of prison, but who knows what'll happen next with him. The new team suffered some shake-ups. We'll see how that all shakes out.

Legends of Tomorrow delivered again. I like the new guy. And Mick is fast becoming another favorite. Brutal honesty goes a long way with this group and he's definitely not afraid to embrace the truth. LOL

MacGyver's episode might have been the set up for introducing Murdoc. I guess we'll see if the ghost pops back up again.

The Walking Dead… I skipped the premiere and watched The Talking Dead instead. I honestly couldn't see the point in watching when I couldn't bear watching any of my favorites die. I'll be watching tonight's episode… I think. LOL

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from The Pit and the Pyre, a novella that got a start from the prompt—one character confronts the other after a funeral. I liked the entire idea of having to leave a lot unsaid.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Virgo Sohn walks through five years of hellfire to get back to Gunn Gladstone, but she finds him married to Glynne Allmore. Accepting the hand dealt, Virgo refuses to explain the circumstances of her return until Glynne succumbs to a raging virus and Gunn feels he should join her on the pyre.

And a preview snippet…

Well, shit. Virgo had a point. He'd been so out of touch, wrapped up with Glynne, he didn't give any consideration to how Virgo had returned to the fold.
He stared into the fire, caught between saying goodbye and hello, again. He resented Virgo's intrusion but, somehow, her presence also gave him the fortitude to see Glynne off. The mixed emotions battled deep in his gut, chipping away at the carefully constructed armor he'd built to get through the last few months.
Virgo shifted in her seat, placing her palms on her thighs. To anyone else, the gesture would go unnoticed. For Gunn, her movement telegraphed impatience, frustration, and a little discomfort. No doubt she'd unload if he gave the go ahead.
But he couldn't. Not yet.
"Yeah, okay, we're going to have to talk about the five years you were gone. The quorum backed off while Glynne fought her battle, but they'll start back in soon." His shoulders tensed. "I don't want to be in this position."
Virgo rolled her eyes. "The one where the quorum vultures circle your head? Yeah, don't blame you for that." Her gaze drifted back to the fire. "You told them to leave me alone, didn't you." She made her words a statement.
Of course he suggested the group of twelve back the hell off and let Virgo get reacquainted with everyone. He couldn't handle dealing juggling her reappearance and Glynne's bout with the virus.
Gunn shrugged. "I had a lot on my plate at the time." Wrapping his head around having Virgo show up took way more focus than he wanted to give.
Virgo's lips twisted. "And dealing with my shit didn't take priority. I totally get it." Her voice went rough and raspy.
Gunn body responded to the siren call. He loved hearing the jagged lilt again.
He tamped down a lick of anger over his inability to keep his mind on Glynne. "Look, you're right. You weren't at the top of my list. You lost that spot when you walked away." An edge of irritation crept into his tone. "And, honestly, Virgo, it'll be a long, damned time before I let anyone fill that space again." He got up, the rumble in his gut calling him out for a liar.
Virgo snorted. "Never said I wanted to be on a pedestal, Gunn." She rose and put her chair back in its earlier spot. "But I won't lie. I need you in my corner, if only to get through the inquisition from the quorum." She moved to stand behind him. "After that, well, anything else could be moot." She squeezed his shoulder and exited the alcove.
Anything else could be moot.
What the hell did she mean by those cryptic words? Gunn squared his shoulders and moved to set by the pyre again. He refused to think about Virgo's dilemma anymore tonight.
Tomorrow would be soon enough. Glynne deserved his full attention right now.

I'm still brainstorming how to make all the pieces fall into place with this story, but I love how much potential there is for conflict.

That's it for this week.



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