Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Snippet: The Prank Police

I'm always amazed by how fast the last three months of the year fly by. I look at today's date and think, wow, Thanksgiving is in less than two weeks. Which means Christmas is only a month away, then the New Year. It's crazy.

Television didn't disappoint this week, even with election coverage on Tuesday. I did skip The Walking Dead and watched Chris Hardwick for the after show. Sometimes I need some distance from my favorite shows. LOL

Gotham had a good episode. I'm not quite sure if I like not having as much Bruce and Alfred this season. I really like their chemistry and I love the way Alfred interacts with everyone else. Looks like we'll get more of them this week.

Arrow delivered, as usual. I quite love the interaction between Thea and Quentin. With his daughters gone and her parents out of the picture, the surrogate family connection is terrific. I'm very interested in what Miss Ratings-Grabber will do with the information she has on Oliver. Didn't really expect them to address the fact Oliver didn't spend all five years on the island. Glad they've decided to work that angle in.

Legends of Tomorrow had a fun episode. I'm still kind of iffy on the whole Ray thing, but I'm hoping he finds his true footing.

MacGyver's introduction of Murdoc turned out okay. Glad Bozer's in on the whole deal and hopeful they'll start using his skills at some point. Not sure about the Nicki thing, but I'll reserve judgment.

Need to catch up on Murdoch Mysteries and I have a Killjoys season one disc to watch, but that's it for television this week.

Tonight's post is from The Prank Police, a working title for a novella built on the two-word prompt of "Oh, [insert deity here]".

Here's the mini-blurb:

The Mage Academy is rife with pranksters and Zenna Doyle and Kyrk Rydercroft must corral the new recruits when they all test their new found powers. And to top it off, the couple pulls duty at the worst time—the night of the blue moon when magic is at its strongest.

And a preview snippet…

Kyrk stumbled to a stop behind Zenna. "No effing way." He shot her a sideways glance, gauging her reaction to the insane sight greeting them.
Her mouth hung open and she took an angry step forward.
Kyrk grabbed her shoulder. "Uh-uh, Zenn. Take a breath, count to fifty, then move." He gave her less than thirty seconds before she blew up at the group of half-naked recruits, writing on the floor in various states of ecstasy.
She snapped her mouth shut and turned her blistering gaze on him. "This is not what we were called out to. Mage Superior said itching syndrome." She growled low in her throat. "We've got a big ass problem if he can't tell the difference between that and an ecstasy enchantment." Her shoulders tensed. "You don't think they were stupid enough to charm the whole—" A wave of bliss crossed her features. "Shit, they were." Grabbing his hand, she spun around and dragged him from the room.
Kyrk didn't make it out unscathed. His dick swelled and throbbed in his pants. Lust held him in its grip. The recruits launched what equated to a sex bomb and didn't limit the area to a containment circle. The entire room pinged with their combined magick.
Zenna shuddered when another hot flash of charged energy hit her hard. She slammed the door shut, flipping the lock. Whirling, she shoved Kyrk up against the sturdy oak and smashed her mouth against his. He hauled her close, reaching around to cup her ass and grind his rigid cock into the heated juncture of her thighs.
Zenna moaned. "Cloaked veil, Kyrk. Cast it." Her hands popped the button of his jeans and worked his zipper down. "Quickly, okay." She sucked on his neck, ghosting her lips up to his jawline. "We got a fire to quench here." Her palm wrapped around his hard shaft.
Kyrk blew out a harsh breath. "Right. Cloaked veil." He closed his eyes, focused, and whispered the incantation. "Done." They wouldn't be visible to anyone passing by.
Zenna sank to her knees. "Pants. Off. Now." Her mouth closed over the tip of his dick and her tongue swirled around the crown.
Kyrk groaned. "Hell, yes." He shoved his jeans past his hips and hooked his arms under her shoulders, pulling her up so he could step out, letting the denim pool at his feet. "Your turn." His fingers dipped under the waistband of her pants, teasing along the skin.
The urge to rip them from her body warred with his higher brain. The need coursing through him induced by the enchantment, he fought the primal call to take what he wanted, damn the consequences. The academy had rules and protocols for using sex spells for a reason.
Zenna stripped off her clothes. "Stop thinking, Kyrk. Only makes the enchantment stronger." She grabbed the hem of his shirt and pushed it upward.
Kyrk took the hint and yanked the garment over his head. "What the hell were they thinking? Pulling a stupid stunt like this." He followed instinct, lifting Zenna and backing her against the door.
Zenna's lips twisted in a sly smile. "Stupid, no." Her hips rocked, brushing her wet folds along the length of his shaft. "Pretty smart, yes. Blue moon magick, ecstasy enchantment, the whole group in one place…" Her mouth hovered over his. "They're contained in a safe place for the moment, probably having the most intense orgasms they've ever experienced, and we're within earshot." She caught his lips in a hot kiss. "Why are we still talking?" Her hips shifted and she sank over his cock.
Kyrk savored the feel of her hot core surrounding his rigid dick. "Who's talking?" His hands cupped her ass, bringing her flush with his groin.
Zenna flashed a sexy grin. "Exactly. Give me hard and fast, Kyrk. Don't wanna waste the sexual mojo." She braced her shoulders against the door.
She made a great point. He could do hard and fast.
Probably more than once.

Gotta say, it's fun to write magick-inspired sex. LOL

That's it for this week.



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