Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Price Paid

November 20, 2016

Ugh. It's been a long week with terrific and terrible happenings. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, I'm choosing to focus on the terrific. I'm the proud owner of a new to me car! Very excited to have an extra vehicle. Yay!

Television didn't disappoint again this week. I only half-watched The Walking Dead, mainly because I had several deadlines I needed to meet. I'll be front and center tonight for The Librarians, one of my favorite escapist shows.

Gotham upped the stakes again and I'm truly interested in where things go from here. I love the interaction between Cobblepot and Nygma. Seriously, I would probably watch a spin-off show of just them. LOL

The Flash laid some groundwork for the showdown with the Alchemist. Looking forward to the crossover episodes starting on Monday.

Arrow had a great episode. Loved the gestures of friendship and the twisty betrayal at the end. Kind of leaning toward knowing who the vigilante is, but excited for the reveal… eventually.

Legends of Tomorrow is doing an awesome job of making the hiccups and ripples count. I like not really knowing for sure how much they're affecting their futures by messing about in the past. Fun times.

I got a late start to MacGyver's episode and need to catch up on the beginning, but another enjoyable way to spend the thirty minutes I did get to see.

Still need to watch this week's episode of Murdoch Mysteries, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching the previous week's offering. It's nice to know more about Miss James.

Putting together my holiday show binge watch list. Starting Friday, the holiday tunes and television screen will be filled with merry making fare. LOL

Tonight's post is from Price Paid, a novella that got its start with a prompt to write a story about forgiveness.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Reva Bane's actions lead Mitch Vanderman to a lot of harm, but seeking atonement shouldn't cause so much pain. Then again, betrayal sometimes demands a price paid in blood, and Reva is willing to shed some if he'll finally forgive her.

And a preview snippet…

Reva turned and punched the wall. "Son of a bitch. How?" Moving to her dresser, she dragged out a pair of jeans and rifled around for a tank top.
Shoving her feet inside the denim legs, she jerked the pants past her hips, leaving them unzipped and unbuttoned for now. Tugging the shirt over her head, she wrapped her arms around her waist and blew out a long breath. Anger simmered at a low boil but she couldn't rage at Alonzo. First, he wouldn't give two shits about stepping all over something precious to Reva. Second, her right to a private life—if she had one—came a distant second to her role in the league.
Meeting Alonzo's gaze, she held it. "Never mind the how. I didn't realize you had runners tracking my ass." No other explanation came to mind.
Alonzo snarled. "I don't. The intel didn't come from them." He reached out, grabbing her biceps. "Barax announced the liaison during the council meeting." His fingers dug into her skin and he gave her a shake.
Shit. How the fuck did Barax find out? He wanted Reva and she didn't return the sentiment. Hell, no.
Alonzo let go but stayed right up in Reva's face. "You know Barax has his own personal rat patrol. I wouldn't be surprised if he's not watching video of your hot session with Vanderman as we speak." He made a wanking motion with his hand.
Reva swallowed down the bile threatening to leave her throat. If Barax had a direct video feed hidden in her townhouse, she'd cut his balls off. There were lines that didn't get crossed and invading a hunter's personal space topped the list.
She narrowed her eyes. "You know what I'll do if I find evidence. Regardless of whom I choose to fuck, good choice or bad, no one has the right to tread upon my sanctuary." Her voice lowered. "Not even the preening cock that calls himself our sitting leader." She crossed her arms over her chest, daring Alonzo to counter.
He didn't. Instead he grabbed her shoulder and nudged her out of the room. Once clear, he nodded toward the stairs and she heaved a sigh but trudged down and crossed into her living room.
Alonzo followed hot on her heels. "Look, Reva. You're in shit stew here. If I could do damage control, I would, but—"
She cut him off. "You can't. I get it, Alonzo. Doesn't mean I won't be searching this place from top to bottom to ferret out that bastard's spy gear." Flopping down on the sofa, she kicked her feet up onto the ottoman.
Alonzo shook his head. "Won't matter, Reva. You've been outed and owe recompense."
Reva saw red. "Excuse me? You implied that asshole is beating his meat while watching me have sex and I'm the one who's gotta pay?" She wanted to shoot something, anything, and Alonzo started looking like a damned good target.
He dropped down into the chair next to the couch. "First, you have zero proof and even if you did, who the hell cares? Barax didn't lure you into taking a tumble with our biggest rival." He pinned her with his gaze. "You did that all by yourself and gave Barax what he needed to capitalize on your fuck up."
A sickening dread filled Reva. "How, exactly?" Barax didn't do anything by half-measures.
Alonzo glanced away. "The council decided to give you two options. And I gotta tell you, you're not gonna like either one." His quiet tone screamed red alert.
Dread turned to anxiety with a side of trepidation, but Reva jumped in with both feet. "What are the options?"
Alonzo gave it to her straight. "You can kill Vanderman or put him in the path of vengeance demons."
Reva's head dropped back, smacking against the wall. "Fuck me sideways."

This one is coming together piece by piece. Reva has a very strong voice and talks a lot, but Mitch is waiting to tell me how he feels. I like it when characters know their minds better than I do.

That's it for this week.



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