Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Rapier's Edge

Hello February! Where the weather in Ohio is like a frigid tundra one day and a balmy spring on the next. Ha! Sometimes we get both in the same day. Yeesh.

Well… Riverdale kept my attention and fulfilled my wishes in its second episode. I don't have shows reach and grab me like they used to so this is terrific! I'm completely interested in what happens next.

Gotham just keeps getting better and better. I'm dying to find out what happens to Penguin and can't wait to see the Riddler come into emergence. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow had great episodes. Even the Legion of Doom didn't suck. Looking forward to seeing new episodes this week.

Arrow also had a great episode. I like where they're going with the new Black Canary. I'm also kind of holding my breath to see whether the DA is going to end up being a good guy or a bad guy. I'm also waiting for the other shoe to drop with a seed planted quite a while ago with Oliver being in Russia.

Got all caught up on Teen Wolf and enjoyed the midseason finale. Not sure where they can go with the final ten episodes, but I'll be there to see them.

Started the new season of X Company and it's terrific. I really love this show and the cast. I have three more episodes on tap and can't wait to watch.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Rapier's Edge, a novella that started with a writing community prompt of thriller with a bloody knife.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Wren Buxton, an undercover fae agent, finds Jacob Franklin standing over a dead body. He resists her siren call and refuses to answer questions during her interrogation. Wren has a sneaking suspicion all isn't what it seems with the covert mercenary.

And a preview snippet…

Consciousness returned to Jacob by degrees. First, his eyelids and extremities twitched, regaining use. Then his brain slowly lost the gray haze clouding his senses. His shifter genes kicked in and he almost changed form. He fought the transition and got it stopped before more than his hands and feet sprouted claws.
His mind cleared and he remembered what happened. Damn. Been a long time I've been caught in a siren call. A juvenile mistake on his part, especially since her learned the strains of the ancient melodies at his grandmother's knee.
Good, I can resist the next time she tries to put me under.
The woman had tremendous pull. If he hadn't been distracted by the loss of Havish, she wouldn't have been able to shock and awe him into submission. A sharp pain lanced through his chest. His oldest friend on the planet.
I should have returned sooner. When Havish originally contacted Jacob.
But he'd been too close to the shifters to lose the trail. And he'd been paid in advance to handle the quiet takedown of the gang. Hyenas always got into trouble when they banded together.
A lyrical tune drifted into Jacob's consciousness. Serenity ballad. Smart move.
His captor wouldn't be happy when she discovered his ability to remain unaffected. Too damned bad. Jacob didn't like the type that disabled first and asked questions later. Or one who trussed him up like a fresh kill in her SUV.
For all he knew, she had offed Havish. Maybe she returned to the scene to get rid of the body. Whatever her reason for being there, Jacob raged at the fact she didn't give him the chance to explain how he'd come to see his friend and found him dead instead.
He needed to find Havish's killer and bring them to justice.
Even if he had to go through the woman to do it.
Especially if she committed the crime.

I love writing a little suspense. Looking forward to seeing how things go with Wren and Jacob.

That's it for this week.



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