Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Same Time Next Year

And we had about two inches of snow this week. Mother Nature is laughing her ass off right now.

The Walking Dead had another great episode. I always love Carol and I enjoyed Morgan's journey. The Talking Dead follow up made me happy, too.

The Flash took a turn I didn't expect and I like it. Looking forward to seeing what else the speed force comes up with to throw at Barry.

Legends of Tomorrow going to the moon proved a fun ride. Personally, I want a lot more Mick and Martin scenes. Their timing is so terrific. I'm also loving the Sarah / Rip dynamic. Love this show.

Arrow upped the tension by a zillion. His past keeps coming back to haunt him in huge ways. While I love how Adrian has everything twisted in his direction, I'll enjoy seeing him go down. At least I hope he goes down. Hard. And doesn't get back up. I'm also waiting for Felicity to land on the hot seat. Something tells me she's going to get into a mess she can't get out of.

Riverdale had a bye week, which makes me sad. No new episode this week either. Grr.

I finished up the first season of City Homicide and started Luke Cage. So far, I'm enjoying the Harlem vibe and look forward to seeing how Luke comes into his hero status.

Still need to catch up on Murdoch Mysteries and X Company. Possibly this week.

And that's it for television. This week's post is from Same Time Next Year, a novella where my main characters start out commiserating with each other and end up finding something awesome together.

Here's the mini-blurb:

After commiserating over failed hook-ups, Tessa Gem and Hart Cantley make a date for the following year at the same time, but they have no idea their fae collective will be at war when they meet again.

And a preview snippet…

Tessa Gem threw her head back and gasped out a harsh breath. "Oh, yeah, hot stuff, you'll do." She gave him a shove and followed him onto the bed.
A nameless guy with a hard body and long dick, she'd chosen the primo specimen from a random group hanging around outside of her favorite liquor store. I sure can pick 'em. Her instincts rarely steered her wrong. The guy had game—a skilled mouth, callused hands, and rapid response time. And, right now, she needed mind-numbing sex chased with a bottle of bourbon to work off some job-related stress. Rough hands grabbed her waist and lifted her up to straddle his thighs then yanked her forward, dragging her clit along his rigid shaft until the flared tip of his cock nudged her core.
He let out a grunt. "Damn. I love a woman who's wet and ready for me." His palms skimmed along her ribcage to grasp her breasts.
She smirked, raised her hips, and sank over his entire length. "And I love a guy who can give me what I want." Pitching forward, she caught his mouth in a hard kiss, nipping his lower lip.
He hissed out a breath. "What do you want, sweetness?" He rolled his hips, going deep.
She straightened and planted her hands on his chest. "A hard pounding until one of us begs for mercy."
He sat up, wrapping his arms around her. "Always willing to oblige a hot piece of ass." He maneuvered them to the edge of the mattress and stood up, his fingers digging into her thighs.
She grabbed hold of his shoulders and flicked her tongue along his jawline. "Don't keep me waiting."
He didn't. He backed her up against the wall and pistoned in and out of her pussy. She clung to him, eyes closed, swirling images filling her head. The spray of blood when she took out the shifter. Rabid and mad, the human behind the animal mostly gone, the death would haunt her. Because he hadn't been evil, only suffering from an ailment he couldn't avoid or control. Not by the time she got to him.
Hot lips scorched along her throat, heating her blood with delicious tingles. The long, thick shaft thrusting deep inside her drove the carnage from her mind, replacing the gore with pictures of writhing bodies in the throes of orgasm. Tessa slapped one palm against the wall and braced her shoulders. Her other hand dug into his shoulder. His head bent and his teeth grazed her nipple. She gasped and pushed her chest out, aching for more. His lips clamped around the taut peak and she came apart, shuddering through a fast climax.
A sly grin twisted his lips and, still seated deep inside her, he toppled them onto the bed and brought her to another toe-curling release before she really focused—her demons pushed back—and gave as good as she got. When he finally came, with a growling shout, both wore each other's marks. He collapsed beside her, panting for breath and dripping with sweat. Flipping over onto his back, he fisted his hand in her hair and hauled her close.
She left the bed after he fell asleep, spread-eagled with his limp but still impressive dick curled over his upper thigh. Moving with slow purpose, her body aching in all the right spots, she grabbed the bottle of bourbon and poured a shot with a shaky hand. She downed it then drank straight from the bottle. Settling down on the lone chair in the room, she charted the moon's movement through the sky while slowly draining the alcohol. She didn't have as much luck making her mind go blank.
She jerked out of a fitful sleep when her hard-bodied distraction dragged her back to bed for a scorching pre-dawn fuck. His stamina got her off two more times and she rode a wave of bliss while he showered. She almost hated to see him step into his battered jeans when the first streaks of light filtered into the room rented for three days.
He shrugged his shirt over his head. "If you ever want more, look me up." Pulling the door open, he glanced back over his shoulder. "I'm usually around."
She gave him a satisfied smile. "Yeah, I'll find you." Right. Not.
He'd served his purpose, letting her gain some much needed distance from her job. She lay awake until the full morning sun streamed through the window. Unable to stand the cotton mouth from drinking all night, she got up and brushed her teeth. Her phone buzzed with a new text just as she stepped into the shower. She quickly glanced at the message and heaved a sigh. A call out for another job. Vampire uprising in Detroit. A car would pick her up at Dina's Diner in an hour.
Stepping under the hot spray, she braced for another shitty assignment. "Yippee-fucking-ki-ay."

Tessa is weary of what's she's called on to do. But things will look up when she gets to the diner for her ride to Detroit.

That's it for this week.



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