Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Seeing Red

Some nice weather, not too hot or cold. No snow, which is always a bonus. Fingers crossed it stays mild. Of course, everyone knows not to hold their breath. It's still March.

Didn't pay much attention to The Walking Dead, but did catch The Talking Dead. Definitely going to have to check out Hardwick's The Talking because it should be loads of fun.

How much longer is the hiatus for Gotham? I'm missing the dark, crazy ride.

The Flash had another crossover with Supergirl and, I have to admit, the mash-up ended up being fun and worth the watch.

Arrow… wow. I guess I'm going to assume Oliver's last buried deep secret is finally out there for, well, the viewers at least. Kudos to that walk down memory lane. That said, I've got a crap-ton of questions and need to watch again with zero, I mean absolutely no interruptions or distractions. I do have a hope some of the bad guys are now going to ripple out from Oliver's past transgressions, especially Talia. I would love to see an Oliver / Nyssa / Talia meet up. That would be worth an entire episode, right?

Looking forward to a new episode of Riverdale. I've missed seeing my new favorite group of actors.

Finally finished Luke Cage and thoroughly enjoyed the first season. I'll admit I'm not thrilled with how it ended but I'm assuming all will be addressed soon. Continued the City Homicide rewatch and have most of season two out of the way.

Still need to catch up on a few other shows and might get to those this week.

That's it for television. Tonight's post is from Seeing Red, a novella that got a start with a writing community prompt of "seeing red". I loved that as a title and decided to use it.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Vesta Crock can't stand tension and a major meta-human uprising puts everyone on edge. Jones Blaylock becomes her target for a series of supposedly fun pranks, but when a fellow member of their team gets injured, Jones sees red and that's not a good thing for the firestarter.

And a preview snippet…

"So we'll be on lockdown until a new base of operations can be set up."
Vesta Crock fought the urge to go deep inside their leader's mind and use ability to fry his brain. No one would keep her imprisoned again. Not even the esteemed Tyrian Lancaster. Lazer vision and the ability to fly didn't mean he should have the final say.
Unofficially being elected, however, did.
She changed a playing card into a thin metal sheet. "How long do you expect to keep us confined?" Interruptions pissed Tyrian off, but Vesta needed an answer.
He shot her an aggravated glance, but didn't respond to the question. Nope. He droned on about team building skills, contingency plans, and getting battle ready. Oh… and watch shifts. Couldn't leave those out.
Vesta threw out another query. "How many rotations are the teams responsible for?" She altered another card, making this one into thin parchment she could crumple and toss in Tyrian's direction, if necessary.
He flicked an irritated look in her direction, but didn't veer from his information dump. Vesta growled and balled up the paper. A heavy hand on her forearm stopped her from lobbing it. Jones Blaylock, her primary team captain, shook his head.
Vesta grumbled but subsided, sinking lower in her chair. She hated being imprisoned but not knowing how long chapped her ass worse than anything. Short periods she could manage. Lancaster's lack of a timeframe sent alarm bells ringing in her mind.
After another ten minutes of circular repetition, Vesta lost patience. "How long is this lockdown going to last, exactly?" She didn't dare nudge the answer from Tyrian, but the need for one almost compelled her to do so.
Lancaster paused, his frustration evident by the way he adjusted his goggles. "Blaylock, did you forget to properly inform your team member how our briefings work?" He slid his gaze toward Vesta. "Questions can be asked when it's completed." He bit the last words out.
Jones shot Vesta a scathing look and she slumped further down in her seat, accepting defeat. The deck of cards melded together into a solid mass complete with her handprint. She kept her mouth shut for the remainder of the briefing, silently fuming at Jones for not having her back.
She focused on the block of cards. "Might be time to examine why I threw in with this group of metahumans."

I'm having fun building the world and characters with this story. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

That's it for this week.



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