Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Shit Happens

Ugh. This has been a rough week. A nasty stomach virus worked its way through the entire family. So glad we're all back to being semi-normal.

Looking forward to catching Talking with Chris Hardwick tonight. I'm excited to see what he brings to the screen each week.

Legends of Tomorrow had a solid finale. I look forward to seeing how the team deals with the time quakes. Awesome to see Mick pretty much choose his side.

Riverdale keeps getting better and better. I love this show. Watching Archie screw things up makes me happy. It's nice to have a character who gets to grow and change… as long as he actually gets to do both.

Finished up season three of City Homicide and got a start on season four. I'd forgotten how much I didn't like Rhys. Can't remember if he ended up growing on me or not. Took a small break to rewatch Pitch Perfect and do my happy chair dance while viewing.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Shit Happens, a working title based on the two-word prompt that started the story, a sexy short.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Nyla White, an up and coming cage fighter, has buttloads of potential but her 'Sh*t happens' attitude prevents her from attaining the top spot. Erik Stevens, her trainer, pushes her to use her emotions to own her talent, which Nyla is hesitant to do—because she's got strong feelings for Erik.

And a preview snippet…

"Come on, Nyla. Focus. End this."
Nyla White pranced around the ring surrounded by domed magic. A cage match usually had her amped up to win, but Erik's commentary kept throwing her off. She hadn't expected him for the preliminary bout.
Her gaze skate in his direction and, as usual, she choked on the air she breathed. The man had no idea how much she wanted him. And he never would.
But having him at the match sucked balls. She could beat her opponent. No question there. Rahma Dar fought by rote and habit, never veering from her tried and true methodology of wielding her power.
And Erik helped Nyla pick out those weaknesses on her very first day of training with him.
So why am I blowing this now?
Because I'm going through the motions, just like Rahma. I'm holding back because of Erik.
Nyla needed to tap into her emotions if she wanted to defeat Rahma. Her base of power increased when she homed in on specific feelings. But Nyla couldn't risk digging deep. Staying detached made her sloppy, but she could control her force. She could.
Summoning a line of blue light, she directed the arc toward her opponent. Rahma deflected with a shield then followed through with a yellow streak of flame.
"Nyla! Use your skill. You're better than this."
Erik's admonishment grated. Nyla blew out a harsh breath then dragged in a calming one. She would not lose control. She couldn't risk exposing her feelings to Erik.
She needed him in her corner. If she didn't land a spot on the circuit, her world might crash in on her. Food and shelter rated high on her list of necessities.
So, why did you fall for him? When you know what happened with his last fighter.
Honest answer? Nyla couldn't stop her reaction any more than she could quit breathing. He got her on a level no one else had ever tried.
Not even her family, when she'd had one.
Hoping to put an end to the match and walk away the victor, Nyla pulled a double arc of red light to her fingers, letting the energy build and the tension draw. Rahma narrowed her eyes, waiting to counter whatever Nyla sent forward. Erik paced back and forth, his gaze darting between Rahma and Nyla. His focus zeroed in on Nyla and she faltered, losing the edge she'd sought by bringing her emotion to the forefront. She tamped all feeling down and let the bolts fly, flinging them away with no control.
Erik shouted. "Nyla, no!"
Too late, she couldn't call the energy back and Rahma dodged, but not fast enough. The taser-like bursts caught her in their grip before she could prepare a defensive move. Nyla fought a wave of nausea, her gaze flying to Erik. His mouth open to speak but nothing came out. Instead he blinked, tilting his head to one side. Dammit, what did he see? She quickly schooled her features, standing with her arms to her sides, her head down. An injury stopped the bout and a forfeit would be called.
She'd lost.
Erik strode over and leaned in close. "Showers. Now. I'll deal with Dar's coach and the board."
Nyla gave a terse nod and turned to exit the ring.
"Do not leave the facility, Nyla."
She paused mid-stride, ready to argue. The look on Erik's face stopped her. Disappointment mixed with something intangible. Her shoulders slumped and she started for the showers again.
Worst. Night. Ever.

I'll come up with a better title, but the sages enjoy the tongue in cheek working one.

That's it for this week.



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