Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Slip of the Tongue

Well, my youngest attended our local prom last night and she looked so beautiful. I'm always amazed I had a hand in creating my kids. They're good people. J

Gotham returns Monday! I'm pretty excited for the final half of this season. Also looking forward to having my CW shows back with new episodes. And the summer TV fare isn't looking too bad either.

My work schedule is jammed and I love it! I like to stay busy, even when it cuts into my writing time. I could live with about four more hours each day, but I'm getting a lot better at managing personal with professional.

Tonight's post is from Slip of the Tongue, a novella that got started with a two-word prompt: love you. I enjoy having something fun to get the creative juices flowing.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Sylvie Brown and Holden Baker are word alchemists, creating the strongest, most intricate spells in their realm. One slip of the tongue can bring catastrophic destruction… or it can garner surprising results. Sylvie learns two little words can hold a wealth of meaning.

And a preview snippet…

Sylvie Brown focused her attention on the intricate protection spell. "The premier elder better appreciate how many layers I have to add." He'd made a lot of enemies and simple ward wouldn't function against the type of magick and spellcraft his foes could conjure.
A knock sounded and Sylvie paused her work, keeping the pattern of words hanging but cloaking them with a quick hex. The precept, Marna Janis, entered Sylvie's chambers with a hot and handsome man following behind. Since Marna's significant other happened to be female, he must be here for Sylvie.
Sylvie quirked an eyebrow. "Is this my reward for a job well done? Because I haven't finished the protective order yet." She didn't elaborate too much; didn't know the primo specimen of male glory, after all.
Marna clicked her tongue. "Sylvie, behave." She nodded toward the gorgeous man. "You'll send Mr. Baker running in the opposite direction. And we need him."
Sylvie straightened. "Does this mean we're finally going to fortify the estate? Please tell me we are." She sent a glance toward Marna's Mr. Baker, taking in the almost militaristic appearance—with the exception of the longish hair.
Marna inclined her chin. "We are. Holden, this is Sylvia Brown, our word alchemist."
Sylvie rolled her eyes. "It's Sylvie." She moved forward and stretched out her hand. "I'm thrilled to meet you, Holden… even if you aren't my reward." She got a jolt of electric awareness when he clasped her palm.
Marna shook her head. "I'll let you two get acquainted. Sylvie, Holden has the layout of the estate. I expect you to follow his lead on where to begin. His experience, in this case, trumps your need to run everything." She gave Sylvie a pointed look before heading to the door and closing it quietly behind her.
Holden stroked his thumb over the back of Sylvie's hand. "I wouldn't mind, you know." His voice had a sexy rumble to it.
Sylvie blinked, at a sudden loss for words—a rare occurrence. "Um… mind what?" Her skin tingled under his touch.
Holden gave her a wolfish smile. "Being your reward."

Sylvie may have finally met her match. Holden has several tricks up his sleeve to help bring Sylvie out of her shell.

That's it for this week.



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