Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Still of the Night

Well, a crazy month begins for me this week. For whatever reason, May is always insane. Awards ceremonies, musical concerts, and, this year, a graduation. I'm just now starting to feel the feels about my middle kidlet ending his high school journey and getting ready to embark on his trip through adulthood. I should be more in the camp of two down, one to go and I'll get there… probably the day after we get the party out of the way. LOL

Television this week ended up being terrific. Gotham had a great episode with a few twists I didn't foresee. I'm still on the fence with the whole owl society thing, but I'm leaning toward liking where things are going.

The Flash ended up surprising me with the reveal of Savitar. I thought maybe Ronnie or Jay would end up being behind the suit, or possibly Thawne in some roundabout way. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the episodes play out.

Arrow's episode reminded me again why I love this show so much. It's been a little uneven this season but the show always pulls everything together in ways I don't expect. I can't wait for Wednesday to get here for the next installment!

Riverdale's reveals paid off in a big way. At least for me. I have several items on my wish list for the finale and some saved back for the next season. I'm excited for the possibilities with Cheryl and where she'll go, seeing how the dynamic plays out in the Cooper household, and what happens with everyone caught in the potential crossfire. What I'm not overly excited about? Hiram Lodge. Seriously. I kind of don't care a fig about that dude, especially if he's all oily and smarmy and goes out of his way to be a dick. We'll see. I'm watching closely, CW. Don't muck this up.

My summer shows should be returning soon and I'm looking forward to watching my favorites. Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up on some of the mainstream fare I missed also.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Still of the Night, a novella that got a beginning with the two-word prompt "you first". I got an immediate flash of one character handing the other something to drink and saying the words. The rest flowed from there.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Salem Rhys has the perfect recipe for brewing dark lager, a potent alcohol that will go over huge at the mage academy… but doesn’t have the know-how or equipment to create the concoction. Jared Meyer, a tech genius, can definitely help her out. Salem falls hard for her business partner, but considers him out of her league until Jared proposes more than a money-making venture.

And a preview snippet…

Salem Rhys entered the common area of the brownstone hall that acted as student housing for the Academy of Light—the premier school for gifted mages, witches, and wizards. Normally, she loved this space. Turn of the century architecture modernized by generations of brilliant minds making it their own. The eclectic d├ęcor usually acted as a balm, a welcoming home away from home.
But not today.
Today, Salem didn't see the cozy seating areas when she passed them, heading for the small, corner nook by the large windows. Numb and chilled to the bone—despite the warm afternoon, she sank down onto her favorite sectional and curled up to stare out over the campus pentagon. The loss of her mom didn't really hit until an hour ago, right after Salem left the solicitor's office.
Someone dropped down beside her and Salem turned, thinking to ask for some space to ponder her problems. But instead, stunned, her eyes went wide. Jared Meyer's family had prominent standing with the academy board, several relatives were members, and they pretty much provided most of the community with opportunities for employment. Why he chose to park his butt next to her, she had no clue. But… after the day she'd had so far, a hot and handsome guy sharing a seat with her rated as the best thing to happen.
Jared kicked his feet up onto the ottoman and his head dropped back to the overstuffed cushion. He heaved a sigh then straightened and angled his head toward her.
He gave her a slow once-over. "You look how I feel." Shifting his position, he turned a little to face her then winced. "Shit. Sorry. Of course you do. You just lost your mom."
Surprised he knew anything about her, she nodded. "There's that… and the fact the only things she specifically left me are her books of magick." None of which would pay for her tuition or her living expenses.
Jared's mouth dropped open. "But you were her only heir. Isn't that right?" He quirked an eyebrow.
How did he know that? They had a few classes together but didn't mix much socially. Bumping into each other on pub crawl night didn't count, right?
His brow arched higher. He waited on an answer.
She shrugged. "Yeah, but her estate has to go through probate before I have access to anything the creditors don't take." The process would take months and Salem didn't have that long.
Not to mention her mom's long illness meant the medical and healer expenses wouldn't leave much left over. But Salem could stretch out a budget with the best.
Jared laid a hand on her shoulder. "I'd offer to help but I'm the same boat." He rolled his eyes. "I'm being cut off. To teach me a lesson." He made a hand-wave motion.
Salem blinked and shook her head. Did he really think they were in the same boat? Being cut off from family money and having next to nothing didn't compare. He didn't have to worry about being kicked out of school. The possibility loomed in a very real way for her.
She folded her arms over her chest. "What? Did you overdraw the trust fund?" Yikes, she sounded bitchy, didn't she? "Look, I'm sorry, but you really can't compare our circumstances."
Jared had the grace to flush. "You're right. I just meant I'd help if I could." He got up. "I am sorry about your mom, Salem." He turned to walk away. "I'll see you in class."
She stared at his retreating back. Stupid to be snarky with him. Her problems weren't his responsibility. He'd made a nice gesture with the offer of condolence and commiseration and she'd thrown it in his face.
"Way to go, Salem. The hot and handsome guy now thinks you're a raging bitch."
Then again, the hot and handsome guy would never be in her league, cut off or not.

Gotta say, this one is a treat. The back and forth between Salem and Jared is funny and snappy. Can't wait to see how it finishes up.

That's it for this week.



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