Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Tangled Web

May 21, 2017

Wow. Next week my second kidlet graduates from high school. I'm excited for him, yet I'm also wistful for the toddler with an overly large head—it's a family thing and he completely grew into the large noggin—that used to lob blocks and legos across the kiddie gate to get my attention. Next week's post might be an emotional one.

Anyway… on to the week's TV fare. Gotham kept things nice and interesting. I love the twisty-twist with Selena and Bruce. I'm also enjoying Ivy with Oswald. She's a nice foil to his manic craziness, maybe even better than Ngyma. I do have to wonder if Jim or someone else will ever find the knife Mario tried to kill Leigh with. Honestly, her anger with him is the only thing that kind of pulls me out of the show, even though it's justified and makes complete sense.

The Flash needs a rewatch. I didn't catch all of the episode and came in late. I'm looking forward to the resolution and hope things pay off in a big way.

Arrow delivered, as usual. Even with the over the top and almost unbelievable things Chase seems to manipulate, I have no doubt the showdown on Lian Yu will be worth it. Have to admit seeing Merlyn kind of surprised me, only a little because his name was mentioned. LOL I'm really not sure how I feel about Arrow's move to Thursdays next season. I'll hold off judgment for now. But it's one more day I have to wait for new episodes and that doesn't make me happy.

Not excited about waiting until fall for new episodes of The Last Ship. It's my summer must watch show and now it's not going to be on in the summer. Bleh.

Still looking forward to the Friday night block on Syfy at the end of June. If this gets changed, be prepared for an epic rant. With Orphan Black airing its final season in June also, the month looks to be terrific.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Tangled Web, a novella that got a start with a writing community prompt of "believe me". I got a great image for that quote and the rest is coming together nicely.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Ruby Ire is bad for men—every time she falls for one he ends up dead, so she doesn't get tangled up with them anymore. But a series of near miss accidents makes her think she's become a target and she hires Jordan Riceman to track down her attacker. She won't let Jordan get too close, no matter how damned attractive he is.

And a preview snippet…

Ruby Ire let out a harsh gasp. "Thelma! Did you see today's paper?"
The owner of Curl-a-Whirl, Thelma Trusdale poked her head in the back room. "Only the personals, Rube. You know I always check for responses first thing every Tuesday." She waved to her newly permed customer when they left the shop before coming to stand by the small café table. "What's going on?"
Ruby tapped the headline. "Hal Marks died in a hit and run accident." She met Thelma's gaze. "Late last night." Not more than thirty minutes after he'd dropped Ruby off at her place.
Thelma dragged an empty chair around and dropped down beside Ruby. "Oh, sweetie. That's terrible." She stopped a moment. "Wait, did you two—"
Ruby shook her head. "No, we didn't get back together." She and Hal had ended their affair a week prior. "He gave me a ride home from the Brennan's cocktail hour. Didn't even try to kiss me at the door." A sick feeling settled in the pit of Ruby's stomach. "Which doesn't really matter because Hal's the third man I've gone out with who's met an untimely end." The terrible dread blossomed and spread outward. "Please tell me I'm being paranoid, Thelma."
Thelma's lips compressed into a thin line. "Rube, normally I would. I thought maybe Dan and Boyd were a bad coincidence, you know. But I really don't think the rule of three applies here." She lifted a shoulder. "I'm not gonna tell you you're being paranoid because maybe you're not."
Ruby slumped forward. "That's it then. I'm swearing off relationships. I can't have men dropping like flies around me." Just last night, Agnes Brennan commented about how two of Ruby's former beaus were no longer among the living.
With Hal's demise, the gossip mill would be working overtime.
Thelma tsked. "No, you can't. But people like Agnes and her biddies will talk no matter what happens. It's not your fault Dan didn't make sure he had the main power cut when he was switching out that light fixture. And there's no way Boyd's accident could've been your fault."
Boyd had fallen to his death when he got stuck in a faulty elevator. Ruby hadn't been anywhere near the building when it happened. Didn't make her feel less responsible. Especially now.
Ruby folded the paper and turned the headline away. "Three guys, Thelma. Dead." The queasy roil invaded again and took up residence. "I can't help but think it's because of me."
Thelma met Ruby's gaze head-on. "What are you gonna do?"
Ruby lifted a shoulder. "Not go out on dates with anyone ever again, for starters."

Thoroughly enjoying how this one is coming together. Ruby is a great character.

That's it for this week.



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