Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Twilight Kingdom

Ugh, the rain continues and it's making the outdoors feel like a sauna. I'm not against saunas but, ugh, I'd rather not have one 24 / 7. Besides… you can't run around outside with only a towel on. Okay, I guess it's not impossible, but I won't be doing it anytime soon. LOL

I had a friend recommend Will for my viewing pleasure. I haven't started it yet, but I'll give it a go. She's in love with everything about the show.

Have to play catch up again on my Syfy Friday night shows. I hate being behind and it sucks that on Demand and the Syfy app won't show the latest episode immediately. I have a lot of growly, snarly words about that topic.

Great news! Wynonna Earp is renewed for season three. I'm soooo happy we'll have more demon-killing gun action in the town of Purgatory. Woo!

Lots of terrific trailer action coming from SDCC. I'm looking forward to The Defenders if only for the awesome snark potential.

The Last Ship's new trailer is making me very impatient for the season to start already. Less than a month away, but still feels way too long.

Also… the final episodes of Teen Wolf start next week and I'm excited to see how the series ends.

One final note… I'm actually excited for Doctor Who again! Nothing against Moffat, he's written a few of my very favorite episodes but, ugh, he almost ruined the series for me. The entire last season just rubbed me wrong. I wish him nothing but the best with whatever he's involved in from here on out.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Twilight Kingdom, a novella based on the prompt of writing a spin on Sleeping Beauty.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Jess Gillian heads to the outer rim planets to get away from his overbearing parents—the royal consorts of their home planet. When the heir is away, the evil Maniforti will play, luring Nareen Rhom, a palace ward, into a relationship so he can get close to the rulers. When Nareen gets wise, Maniforti casts a spell holding the entire kingdom in his thrall—until Jess returns and sets things straight.

And a preview snippet…

Eric Maniforti paced his war room. "By the twilight, I will get those mineral rights." His assembled staff bobbed their heads up and down.
Their action—more like inaction—pissed him off.
He slammed a hand on the long table. "Do any of you moronic imbeciles have ideas?"
One of his more cutthroat directors sneered. "Take the consort out and you'll get whatever you want."
Eric considered but discarded the idea. "I want the Scandavar mineral rights not a full-scale scramble for power. Eliminate Jantzen and the vacuum created would suck every noble on every planet in the system into a mad gambol for the ruling spot." Something he wanted, but why fight a war when he could topple the consort by underhanded tactics?
A skittish cabinet member raised a hand. "It's rumored the consort is very attached to the queen and heir. You could use one to make Gillian back off."
Eric tilted his head to one side, pondering the suggestion. "Not bad." A quick succession of ways to implement the nefarious plan.
One stood out.
Maniforti snapped his fingers. "Poison. At the annual court dinner. I'll remove the heir and usurp the ruling position." A sneering smile twisted his lips.
Toppling the House of Gillian would be an accomplishment, open doors for Maniforti, and establish him as a true master of the political machine. He could unleash the old ways once again and no longer have to hide his true nature. Removing Jess Gillian from the mortal coil only added a layer of satisfaction for Eric. His animosity and rivalry with the other man carried through from their childhood years spent in scholar's chambers. Jess could do no wrong and Eric hated being second best.
Landau, the skittish member, cleared his throat. "You're going for the son instead of the wife?"
Eric pinned him with a glare. "Did I not just say that? The reigning queen can no longer bear children. Take the heir out and the line ends with Jantzen." A fitting end for the overbearing ruler.
Kirkus, the cutthroat director, smirked. "Motion for this meeting to be adjourned so our esteemed leader can finalize his plan." A round of seconds filtered through the room.
Eric rapped his fist on the table. "So be it."
Once the members filed out of the area, he settled down at the table and drew the needed materials to the spot directly in front of him. While he mixed the fatal concoction, he whispered words in an ancient language, weaving a spell around the ingredients. If caught, he'd suffer a torturous end. Consort Gillian had harsh laws against the use of magick, especially the old rituals. When Maniforti gained control of the courts, he'd bring back the glorious rites and watch Jantzen burn.
Soon. Very soon.

So far, I'm loving the ideas for putting my mark on the classic fairy tale.

That's it for this week.



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