If only I could wave a magic wand or conjure up a spell...

And have all the stories in my head appear in an instant. Who wouldn't love that? Sadly, the wand is probably buried under the mountain of laundry waiting to be done and the spells are all mumbo jumbo, so I'm left with scribbling, typing, and sometimes verbalizing dialog out loud like a mad woman to keep the sages happy.

Listed below are a few of the currently in progress manuscripts I hope to get finished in the near future. Writing as Skye Ritchey, they feature magic and fantasy for the most part. I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment if anything grabs you. The sages can always use a good boost every once in a while.

All Day Sucker
Archer and Bree, Cupids of the First Order, have an eternity together, which means they like to keep things interesting. Archer plans a dinner party as a surprise for Bree but she ends up blowing his mind instead.

1025 / 3000 words. 34% done!

Beast in the Belfry
A curse leaves artist Vittoria Blahm disfigured and marred for life. But Cal Gilligan sees the true woman under the scars and he falls hard for her when she saves him from plunging to his death. Vittoria can't quite believe anyone wants her and fears risking her heart to the possibility.

2215 / 10000 words. 22% done!

Beastly Shadows (A Lantern Jack Tale)
Lantern Jack is back and ready to right another wrong. To end a centuries' old feud between werewolves and their hunters, Jack sets out to bring childhood friends Bebe Beasley and Mannix Mortimer together on Halloween night. But to do so he has to put Mannix in the path of a bullet.

289 / 9500 words. 3% done!

Behind the Line (A Blackwatch Banner Novella - Book Three)
Emory Cavendish is trapped behind enemy lines and Verity Jones mounts a rescue mission, thinking she'll won't get much help. Surprise doesn't express her emotion when every other pilot jockeys for a spot on the team to save Emory. Their hard-won acceptance fills Verity with confidence and gratitude. She'll need their full support to bring Emory home.

251 / 12500 words. 2% done!

Shaelyn Hardwick is a talented mage, but lacks control. When she inadvertently causes another's death, she flees under the cover of darkness. Innis Talmadge goes to the mat for Shaelyn and gets dismissed for his efforts. He tracks her down and a battle ensues. Shaelyn doesn't trust her ability, but she trusts Innis and he has to show her how to believe in herself again.

2609 / 10000 words. 26% done!

Blending In
Wren and Ethan go undercover in the seedy District. Ethan's by the book style clashes with Wren's off the cuff attitude, but when a powerful Mage makes a threat, they'll have to forge an unbreakable bond or go down in flames.

1985 / 15000 words. 13% done!

Blondie and the Three Wizards
Xandra Blue, a mage adept, has to pick a new mentor from three extremely sexy wizards. All three have the skills and could make great partners, but the guys don't make it easy for her to choose.

1262 / 9500 words. 13% done!

Blurred Lines
Becca and York. Finding their way back to each other is the ultimate achievement. Working out how they'll function together is the challenge. The lines are all blurry because they've crossed back and forth so many times.

7474 / 15000 words. 50% done!

Blushing Brawler
Yardley Holmes grew up in the fighting circuit, coaching and training alongside her dad. She likes nothing more than having a new brawler to use as a target. When Cale Scarsdale, a green recruit from Ruralsville, walks into the cage, Yardley goes after him with biting sarcasm and razor sharp innuendo to test his mettle. Cale takes it all in stride until she goes one step too far and Yardley remembers lesson number one from her dad: watch out for the quiet ones.

2052 / 9500 words. 22% done!

A Bright Burning Yule - A Holiday Spirit Short
Stella Silverbell, a holiday spirit, is tasked with bringing Nyssa Nameth, the ultra female werewolf, together with the Braddox Bennington, the prime hunter of all wolf shifters, during the Yule season. Their joining can end centuries of misconception but they have to get over their preconceived notions first.

878 / 9500 words. 9% done!

Broken Arrow
Cailin Berg is a broken arrow, a mage suffering from a crippling experience who can no longer use their skills, and she wants to find a way back to her practice. Phelps Morlach can't give her any answers, but he will offer whatever assistance he can provide… especially since he holds some of the responsibility for Cailin's predicament.

1501 / 10000 words. 15% done!

Broken Down and Maxed Out
When Dallas Kirk and Rafe Quinoza, two top agents in the Ministry of Magic, are broken down and maxed out they turn to each other to regroup and recharge. But when they reach their saturation point at the same time, they struggle to keep their connection strong which is difficult when they blame themselves for a mission gone wrong.

1977 / 15000 words. 13% done!

Calamity of Chaos
Esme and Ashton embark on a trip to America, on the trail of their nemesis's partner. Calamity ensues when they stumble upon a dastardly plot to keep them from returning home.

Book Two of the Chaos Series

1551 / 12500 words. 12% done!

A Capsized Buccaneer
Kallen Bond, a star athlete certain to lead her team to a championship win, takes a much needed two day excursion aboard a Bertelli luxury yacht before the big game. The Bertelli's sabotage their ship to eliminate Kallen from the competition, but she's saved by Zeb, the family black sheep, and they end up stranded on a remote island with no way home.

2423 / 15000 words. 16% done!

Casting Spells (A Lantern Jack Tale)
The Lantern Jack is back to right another wrong. Celia Carmichael is overwhelmed by her new role as coven head and she's determined to learn all she can about the familiar who chose her, the cat named Haven. Nyx Nolan is on a mission to discover where the remains of his ancestor, the warden of warlocks is burined. The man disappeared over a century ago and left a signet ring for Nyx as the only clue to his whereabouts. Celia and Nyx discover their histories are entwined and they have the power lay the animosity between the witches and the warlocks to rest.

517 / 9500 words. 5% done!

Castle Christmas Carol
Ebony Schrool, the daughter of a toy magnate, is summoned to a meeting at Halliday Castle in the first week of December. She's surprised to find three men—each representing her past, present, and future—all bearing news she doesn't want to hear. Ebony is used to doing things her way, even when her decisions wreak havoc on SchroolRules Toys employee morale. Foley Norton, Patton Gates, and Pearson Beatty have to show Ebony the error of her ways before the holiday season is beyond saving and they're not above using seduction to make their case.

584 / 15000 words. 4% done!

Choice to Make
Hallen and Will never get the timing right until the Fates step in and give them a chance. But each has a choice to make and cosmic irony may rear its ugly head… again.

10526 / 17000 words. 62% done!

Consortium of Chaos
A missing brother, a sinister plot to create a perfect world, and a connection so strong it saves a life hundreds of miles away. Esme Von Staunton and Ashton Sylvester never have a dull moment.

Book One of the Chaos Series

16422 / 25000 words. 66% done!

Crystal Shard Brotherhood
I have no idea if this will go where I want, but I'm giving my all. Planned series of twelve novella length stories. Pretty much still in world building stage but having tons of fun with it so far.

Chosen at birth. Raised with a legacy. Twelve men keep and secure the secrets of the Crystal Shard. But change is coming and each Brethren have to find a way to stay on the path. And choose who will walk the way with them.

Lost in Translation
A body dumped outside a fortress. A scroll located in twelve different locations. A trap sprung. But the Brethren are too smart to take the bait. Jackson Alexander and Jacey Durham have to turn the tables on the nemesis trying to dismantle the Crystal Shard Brotherhood.

10232 / 15000 words. 68% done!

Dangerous Elements
Lantern Jack is back to right another wrong. The long-standing animosity between shifters and the human council comes to a dangerous head. Dahlia Derringer is next in line to rule the council and she's stepping into the role because a shifter took her father's life. Otto Orpheus leads the shifters and he's furious a rogue fox acted against his orders. Samhain is nigh and the shifters need to replenish their aura… if Otto can get Dahlia's permission to do so.

589 / 9500 words. 6% done!

Dawn of the Son
Apollo and Aurora aren't supposed to get together but the universe has other ideas. When everything starts to go sideways, two mortals personify the ancient deities and balance is restored.

1427 / 12000 words. 12% done!

Elemental Healing
Lantern Jack is back to right another wrong. Erica Ellis is a fire demon whose powers are going out of control. She needs intervention and an ancient ritual could save her from harming others. Perth Pettigrew is a shaman knight and knows the old rites. Too bad he's no longer using his gift. It's up to Lantern Jack to bring the two together for some elemental healing.

1452 / 9500 words. 15% done!

An Enticing Yule
A shifter and a watcher have to find their Yule cheer… with a little help from holiday spirit, Cinnamon Mistleberry. She's got her work cut out for her. Pandora Prewitt is a multi-shifter struggling to find her true form or risk banishment from her tribe. Dexter Diamond is a watcher, the group of preternatural humans who document the shifter chronicles, questioning his life's work. Cinnamon brings the duo together at Yule to show them the enticing value of love.

864 / 9500 words. 9% done!

An Eternal Yule
Tortured vampire Haddon Hobbs can't seem to fight his bloodlust anymore and it's going to be the end of him if he can't. Psychic Tabitha Tarheel is tired of seeing the worst the world has to offer in her visions. Holiday spirit Joy Garland brings the two together over the Yule season to help them find renewed hope for the future.

1000 / 9500 words. 11% done!

Events in Motion
Fate has a plan for Drury, one she's not all that certain she wants to follow. Porter doesn't believe in destiny, but when Drury sets a chain of events in motion, he has to change his perspective or risk losing her to chance.

1760 / 10000 words. 18% done!

Fan the Flames
A modern day cupid discovers a couple with matching auras and thinks he'll have an easy time matching them up. Right... not so much. While Jamie and Alix definitely have the hots for each other, one big obstacle stands in their way: Jamie's job.

10974 / 12500 words. 88% done!

Fancy Meeting You Here
Jonni Mars and Val Janison are enforcers for two opposing mage families and have a friendly rivalry. When Val, a member of the ruling house, shows up a Jonni's favorite underground dive, she infuriated and intrigued, and more than a little surprised to meet him under almost normal circumstances.

2796 / 12000 words. 23% done!

Feeding the Fury
Larue and Wade displease the Fury and she orders them to battle each other in the pyre. But the two top mages decide they won't kill each other for her pleasure. Instead, they'll invoke the Rite of Passage, and if they survive, they Fury will have to abdicate her throne.

1990 / 10000 words. 20% done!

A Fiery Yule
A holiday spirit, Spruce Lightfir, gives Enzo Escada, a fire demon, the perfect place to lay low over the Yule holiday. Enzo craves some time alone, away from the demanding overseer of Enzo's peerage. When Quinne Quailer, a shaman, arrives for a sabbatical from the human world, Enzo is cranky about the intrusion… until Quinne's presence calms his fiery inner soul. Maybe the miracle of Yule can free Enzo from his life of servitude.

855 / 9500 words. 9% done!

First Breed Nation
Freaks, Geeks and Normals. The First Breeds are definitely not regular joes and someone finally creates a sanctuary for them.

Belle of the Underground
Raven Malone doesn't have an easy job, but she's a mix of freak and geek so both groups are willing to work with her. She meets her match when regular guy, Gio Roberts, starts poking around in her cover up of an unexplained murder. Sparks fly, especially when she lets him in on the underground community she's established. They forge a bond and work side by side, trying to keep everything together.

11338 / 25000 words. 45% done!

Fistful of Sorry
Orly Manx and Cal Luminity always approach situations from opposite angles, but usually end up on the same side. When Orly pushes a cadet too far during training, she apologizes for not following Cal's advice. But he isn't interested in listening or being forgiving, which drives a wedge between them. Clearly in the wrong, Orly can't take back her actions and making amends is all she has left.

2523 / 12500 words. 20% done!

Fundamental Basics (A Lantern Jack Tale)
Lantern Jack is back to right another wrong. A sprite, Farin Frazier, is a social outcast who comes together with Qeb Quince, a spawn who is questioning his undead existence. The two shouldn't be attracted to each other, they're mortal enemies, but they find some common ground on All Hallows, when magick is at its strongest.

578 / 9500 words. 6% done!

Ghoulish Games (A Lantern Jack Tale)
Lantern Jack is back to right another wrong. When Glenna Greer finds a man on her doorstep she faces a dilemma. Use her powers to save—which she is forbidden to do—or let him possibly die. The urge to heal is strong in the wood nymph and she risks banishment going against her clan's directive. When she discovers Radbourne Renner is a hellhound, she's really in a quandary.

732 / 9500 words. 8% done!

Gotta Make a Living
Niles finds Claire standing over a dead body and can't decide if he should call the cops or haul her into his arms. Claire makes the choice easy by asking if he sees any smoking guns. They decide they better work together to find the killer before Claire is framed for a murder she didn't commit.

2191 / 10000 words. 22% done!

Halloween Haunt (A Lantern Jack Tale)
Lantern Jack is back to right another wrong. Hadria Hardcastle is a clairvoyant medium who runs an investigation agency—she solves the unsolvable. Safford Sturgeon is a six-hundred-year-old vampire tired of his undead existence. When a trail of dead bodies leads Hadria to Safford's front door, she has to decide if he's guilty or being framed. Safford won't make her job easy, but meeting Hadria shakes him out of his lethargy and promises to make his life worth living.

665 / 9500 words. 7% done!

A Haunting Yule (A Holiday Spirit Short)
Holiday spirit Thom Tinsel brings an unlikely duo together for Yule. Urika Uhl is a banshee holding on to a past she needs to let go. Ingo Ingalls is a goblin searching for his place in the netherworld. Thom's magick shows the couple their differences can help them build a strong future together.

871 / 9500 words. 9% done!

Hell is in the Details
Macyn has a one night stand with an immortal creature and suffers the consequences when he traps her in a maze of deception. Once free, she withdraws from her clan and it's up to Vin to bring her back from the brink of madness.

2626 / 10000 words. 26% done!

Hold to Let Go
Banner Nix and Quade Newelson go way back and have a lot of baggage to show for it. When an opportunity to save their people presents itself, they put their crap aside and work together to make it happen, even though their plan is in direct opposition to their leaders'.

2593 / 9500 words. 27% done!

Hot as Hades
Roxie St. Clair, an up and coming artist, wants to live and work on her own terms. But when the god of the underworld informs her of the underhanded tactics of her former employer, she decides to turn the tables and fight back.

9907 / 12500 words. 79% done!

Hot Target
Yates and Baylor work undercover for the fae council. They make a great team, but rarely see eye to eye. When their magical brethren start dropping like flies, one of them has to become a hot target. Yates decides he'll do it... Baylor's a better shot.

1578 / 10000 words. 16% done!

Kia Blue and Chip Strachey have a powerful connection and finally give in to their attraction. When Chip's former flame hexes the couple, they have to learn to communicate without words.

2401 / 10000 words. 24% done!

Ill-Timed Case
Rex VanAdder, private investigator, has more cases than he can handle. Enter Gracie Lee, along with a dead body, and Rex scrambles to keep his head above water, especially since he knows Gracie is involved, but he can't figure out how.

1759 / 10000 words. 18% done!

The Illustrious Curse (A Lantern Jack Tale)
Lantern Jack is back to right his final wrong. Inara Ives is a distant descendant of Jack's wife, the former banshee queen. Her royal blood is diluted, but still strong. Taben Tarrah can trace his ancestry back to the cursed goblin king, Lantrien Jacquard, but his noble blood is tainted by the lineage. Jack brings the two together to finally put his past to rest and join his deceased bride in the afterlife. The duo won't make it easy… but Jack's success over the years means he won't be thwarted.

539 / 9500 words. 6% done!

In Enemy Hands (A Blackhawk Banner Novella-Book Two)
Verity Jones and Emory Cavendish welcome a new CO under the Blackhawk banner. Lawrence Worthington hits the ground running and gets up to speed quickly. He has to—the mission rate doubles when a group of resistence teams get ambushed simultaneously. He needs every member—including Verity—at the top of their game and he has to find out how the enemy got their hands on the base locations.

681 / 12500 words. 5% done!

It's Academic
Chaos and control don't mix, but Kari Pride and Thorn Summers must find a way to balance the two, or drive each other mad, when they become roommates. By the end of the semester, Thorn tempers Kari's sloppy habits and she makes him yield his ruthless organization for some much needed spontaneity. When their relationship gets personal, they have to figure out how to navigate new territory.

3060 / 12000 words. 26% done!

It's Always the Same Show
Lanie Beck and Titus Berkley are tasked with whipping a new class of cadet mages into shape for the Academy of Light. The biggest problem they face is never agreeing on how to make it happen. The cadets quickly learn to tune in and enjoy the show.

1953 / 12000 words. 16% done!

It's Not What They Think
Meaghan Wrath goes on the warpath, setting up fellow clan members for ridiculous pranks. She's setting a crappy example, but her husband, Vinnie Grayson walks a fine line by not reprimanding her. Her need to let off steam and be rebellious never lasts long, and a demand to stop will only land her on the hot seat--almost literally.

2152 / 10000 words. 22% done!

The Jade Claw
Skyrah Yule is caught in the middle of a paranormal mafia grab for power when several artifacts are stolen from the museum she works for. The agent investigating the break-in intrigues her until she discovers he's got close familial ties with the suspected culprits.

12203 / 20000 words. 61% done!

Judge a Book by Its Cover
Zeth Herrickson has to catch the culprits of a cheating scandal at the academy. Coorah Blair normally sits at the top of his list when things aren't right--except she's the one who brings the matter to his attention. They work together to track down the participants and go after the ringleader, who is much closer to both than they'd believe.

1601 / 10000 words. 16% done!

Electra Cage and Nix Naught should be together. She's firmly on the side of law and order and he's on whatever side pays the most. They justify their liaison when they discover a common enemy—one they'll need their unique skill sets to destroy.

1624 / 15000 words. 11% done!

Just One Moment
A life-threatening situation. A couple in love. Just one moment for Sygin and Boyd to say everything that needs to be said.

A free read for all three of my pseudonyms.

277 / 3000 words. 9% done!

Juvenile Behavior
Freddie and Owen, top Adepts putting cadets through their paces at the Mage Academy, are very much in love, but refuse to act on their attraction. But when the Mage Principal has enough of their antics, he strips them of their rank and tenure and pushes them to act like grown-ups instead of juvenile delinquents.

1409 / 10000 words. 14% done!

Jaina Wraith discovers Seb Morrison is a member of the nobility and she kidnaps him, fully intent on having him executed. When Seb reminds her how many times he's come to her aid, she has to decide whether to help him escape or leave him to a tragic fate.

1582 / 10000 words. 16% done!

Kill Switch
Karsen Hill and Theo Gordon live in a modern world full of magic and mayhem. Torn apart by circumstances, they still share a powerful attraction and it will take a kill switch to keep their feelings at bay. When a bar of the same name opens, the duo can't resist meeting to explore their options.

1941 / 15000 words. 13% done!

Kindred Spirits
Merrit Rhodes accepts a teaching position at the Athena Academy of Magic and Semblance to earn her rites. Vaughn Gregorvich and Kirby Selwig are best friends and fellow instructors who fall hard for the newest addition to the campus. Sparks literally fly when the trio decides to test the power of three after a night of drinking a powerfully potent new cocktail called Elixir.

1768 / 15000 words. 12% done!

Kings of Chaos
Ainsley and Witt are stranded during a charity ride for their local children's orphanage. Foul play is involved and they have to determine which rival club has the most to gain, or if someone closet to home is the culprit.

1514 / 10000 words. 15% done!

Led Astray
Gia Schmidt is tasked with bringing Orrick Triolo around to her clan's way of thinking, but he proves a hard case to crack, even with her considerable skills. Orrick's got something she wants, but if Gia isn't careful, he'll lead her astray instead of the other way around.

788 / 15000 words. 5% done!

Left Unsaid
Haven and Pryce are involved in a covert war between humanity and the fae. When a battle takes a nasty turn for the worse and their lives are in danger multiple times, the couple realizes it's sometimes better to communicate without words.

1663 / 15000 words. 11% done!

Lie to Me
Jana Ricks has a target on her back and she wants Rhys McPherson to help her get rid of it. Rhys loves Jana, but he can't protect her, not if they want to stay alive, which he's determined to make happen... even if it means giving up the future he wants.

813 / 10000 words. 8% done!

Welsh Hollingsworth is the golden child of Clan Grimstone, but when he's expected to fill the void left when his dies, he doesn't quite know how and he hopes Cagney Gaines can help him find some insight. Cagney can't deal with the loss of her mentor, the one constant in her chaotic world, and she leaves when Welsh needs her the most. Almost a year later, she returns to find a different Welsh, one who doesn't welcome her with open arms.

1583 / 15000 words. 11% done!

Man Up
Hattie Hale and Nero Palmer, instructors at the Academy of Light, are supposed to set the example, but can't quite get past their competitive natures. A drunken game of one-upsmanship goes all the way to the sleeping chamber because neither will admit to being outdone.

1320 / 10000 words. 13% done!

Manifest Legend
Insula Ara is a mystical island offering sanctuary to those in need, but when she reveals herself for the first time, Cedric Edward Teasdale, former crewman of a privateer, almost blows his chance for refuge… and a reunion with his lost love.

1549 / 5000 words. 31% done!

Maybe This Seems Familiar
A tragic death sends Inyx Pic, an Adept Major, into a brittle shell of self-doubt. When Philo Batson, her Adept Master, pushes Inyx to get back to teaching her armor of disillusionment cracks and anger and grief come pouring out, leaving Philo to deal with the fallout.

1110 / 10000 words. 11% done!

Josie Walls and Parson Parrington gain extraordinary skills when they're captured and experimented on in a remote laboratory in an icy tundra. Longing to be free, they put their new-found abilities to the test, escaping their prison and going on the run.

1909 / 15000 words. 13% done!

Kelby Svet and Reave Systevich work for Mendacium, a covert organization that monitors magical ability among the human population. When powers go out of control or get abused, Kelby and Reave deal with the fallout--until a betrayal puts them on opposite sides.

1160 / 15000 words. 8% done!

Mind the Shadows (Warlock's Curse Book Two)
Nadia Iris discovers the terrible truth about her lineage and confronts the man responsible. Her father's dark plan for the future isn't high on her list of things to get done… but reuniting with Falk Ridenour is. Too bad her dad has other plans for Nadia.

533 / 12500 words. 4% done!

Mirror of the Mist
An urban riff on Snow White, Cecelia Dumond, a black arts priestess, tasks Dys Hunter to assassinate her counterpart, a mystic oracle named Lyric Song. Dys goes undercover in a fight club to gain access to the powerful beauty. Little does he know, she's the flame to lead him home, back to his rightful place as heir to his father's empire.

1863 / 10000 words. 19% done!

Mister Mysterious
Marlow Spence loses her sister to a sinister spellbinder who believes the siblings have the power to control dreams. When Tharn Oliver shows up on her doorstep, there can only be one reason--Leo Tolstoy is back and he wants Marlow.

1528 / 15000 words. 10% done!

Mocking With a Side of Sarcasm
Bentley Briggs is snarky on a good day, but when becomes mocking and throws in a side of sarcasm, Vasek Barrett wants to know why. He discovers a secret Bentley doesn't want him to know and she'll elevate her vitriol to an art form, but it won't keep Vasek from lending a hand.

1202 / 12500 words. 10% done!

Mr. and Mrs. Black
Ember and Winter Smoak, assassins for opposing fae factions, are ordered by their respective employers to kill each other, which would be so much easier if they weren't happily married, but hiding some big secrets--like their occupations--from each other.

1572 / 15000 words. 10% done!

Muddy Up the Waters
Fiona and Warrick can't quite get their timing together long enough to be on the same page when it comes to making a commitment. Instead, they expend their energy on playing a game of who can hurt who the most... until one of them decides enough is enough.

987 / 10000 words. 10% done!

Nature Calls
Kacee Biehl follows Russ Romanova through crazy adventures for their webcast series about urban legends. She's got it bad for the handsome host and on the last day of their shoot, she makes a move, thinking she has Russ right where she wants him. But Russ has other ideas and turns the tables on Kacee--giving her exactly what she needs.

1941 / 9500 words. 20% done!

Not Again
Drue Braddock and Xeno Howlett have a rocky relationship, but when Drue goes off on one of her many soul searching quests, Xeno decides he's had enough. When Drue returns, she finally knows what she wants--Xeno--but she may not get her chance because he's got someone new in his life.

921 / 15000 words. 6% done!

Not Enough Hope
Early Gibbons walks away from her position in the fae court--and Salem Powell--to forge her own path in the human realm. When she discovers a vengeance hound on her trail, she returns to the land of fae to find out who unleashed the beast, which may be tricky because Salem is the leader and she can't discount him as the culprit.

2038 / 22000 words. 9% done!

Not Gonna Happen
Gina Ames and Tuck Danvers sign up for a weekend of hunting for an urban legend. When their other team members start dropping, one by one, they take off for the safety of the city. Too bad the concrete and steel can't protect either from what follows them home.

1051 / 15000 words. 7% done!

Not on the Same Page
Irini Domaine love Nathair Sofen but marries another to fulfill a familial obligation. When she suggests carrying on the relationship with Nathair, he coldly refuses, which makes Irini vow to slowly but surely convince him otherwise.

1851 / 12500 words. 15% done!

Nothing But the Truth
Lexa Chan and Quint Maximoff work the seedy underworld of supernatural bounty hunting. Lexa's got a tough as nails reputation and she competes with Quints larger than life persona. The Halfway, a bar catering to supernatural and mortal beings, is neutral ground where Lexa and Quint form an interesting relationship.

1717 / 10000 words. 17% done!

Nothing Special
Masha Tuck and Ryce Reynoldson work tirelessly around the winter solstice to help provide a meaningful celebration to their fae and non-fae neighbors. Masha uncovers the perfect gift for Ryce--just a book, nothing special--but if she gives it to him, it'll add depth to their weird relationship and she's not sure she's ready for them to be a 'thing'.

1064 / 7500 words. 14% done!

Nowhere Good
After wiping out an enemy encampment, Adria Stock plants a hot kiss on Shaun Henrickton, a fellow pilot, and their world tilts sideways. They've got rank, protocol, and baggage between them and if they cave to their baser feelings, the outcome can't go anywhere good.

1467 / 10000 words. 15% done!

Cyan Fitch and Theron Dibney have a great relationship--hot sex, rock solid friendship, and mutual respect. When a mostly lethal virus tears through their community, the couple works side by side to help as many as possible, but it takes a toll. They can't quite get comfortably numb while they face the devastating losses, and neither is willing to bend for fear they'll break.

1133 / 15000 words. 8% done!

Old Wounds
When Abbot Isley's father lies near death, Nixie Grimm is willing to open up old wounds to help him cope. Taking a trip down memory lane is not her favorite thing, but Abbot's steadfast support triggers a healing process she didn't know she needed, and lets her move forward--with Abbot.

1589 / 10000 words. 16% done!

On Ice
A battle is brewing between two opposing magical factions. Paley Knoff and Birk Southampton are charged with readying their troops. Paley thinks Birk is taking the threat too seriously and when he ignores her in favor of adding more training, she pushes him a little too far, leaving him no choice but to put her on ice until she remembers who's in charge.

1632 / 15000 words. 11% done!

On the Circuit
The popularity of breaking dragons on the rodeo trail leads Reggie Pitch to test her mettle as a bullfighter. She works her way from green recruit and tries out for the big show with Dwight Merlyn as her trainer, which proves intimidating because not only is he attractive as hell, but he's a third generation handler and his family breeds the rankest, meanest beasts on the circuit.

1779 / 10000 words. 18% done!

One of These Things
Tannis Watts comes of age in the human world but discovers she has fae abilities. When she's caught between warring factions, she falls in with the wrong side and barely escapes with her life. Seeking sanctuary, she lands on Falco Corsair's doorstep and runs headfirst into her destiny.

1214 / 15000 words. 8% done!

Only When They Blink
Hale Easterson has fae blood running through his veins, but he won't follow the family old school traditions and mate by the designated age. He escapes to his private lake house to find an unconscious Winter Sorn, a beautiful woman, sprawled on his doorstep and he realizes he may not be able to avoid what destiny has in store.

1714 / 12500 words. 14% done!

Oracle's Prayer
Nason Forn, the daughter of an oracle, goes undercover to trap a wicked mage preying on young apprentices and thinks she's found her man when she discovers Lane Garganess standing over the body of the latest victim. But Lane has a covert identity, too, which puts him in a bad spot and on the wrong end of Nason's wrath.

897 / 15000 words. 6% done!

Order in the Court
Mace Ormondson, a fae prince, presides over the daily court grievances and disputes. When new advocate, Nessa Goff, is appointed, it turns Mace's world upside down and sideways, because Nessa happens to be the bane of his existence and a huge pain in his ass.

1806 / 7500 words. 24% done!

Order of Aggression
When Ames Braddock is ordered to take out a civilian outpost, he calls on Parker Hart to be his second, but she balks at the idea. Ames isn't thrilled with the mission, but he needs Parker and he's not above using aggression to bring her in line, which gets the job done, but it also backfires when she demands satisfaction.

1313 / 12500 words. 11% done!

Passion's Gate
Kirby Selwig meets Passion Gates and she rocks his world. She's a force to be reckoned with and a little out of control. Kirby is tasked with tempering her wild spirit—something she has no interest in taming. Too bad she doesn't know Kirby never fails to get results.

80 / 12500 words. 1% done!

Physical Therapy
Flint Hollywell, a talented physical therapist, loves nothing more than watching arena ball player, Tappen Bligh, work her magic on the playing field. But when a career ending injury sidelines Tappen, Flint is determined to get her back on the grass where she thrives on the action.

1774 / 10000 words. 18% done!

Picture Perfect
Faeryn Carnes, a fire elemental, crossed through the Shroud, leaving the mortal plane. But when she returned, an unheard of occurrence, Seth Jacobson, an air elemental, is the only person she can count on, which seems impossible because Faeryn believes air and fire can't mix.

3061 / 10000 words. 31% done!

The Pit and the Pyre
Virgo Sohn walks through five years of hellfire to get back to Gunn Gladstone, but she finds him married to Glynne Allmore. Accepting the hand dealt, Virgo refuses to explain the circumstances of her return until Glynne succumbs to a raging virus and Gunn thinks he should join her on the pyre.

1382 / 12500 words. 11% done!

Place of Honor
A band of bounty hunters goes after urban legends--bagging, tagging, and removing the threat from cities, towns, villages, and sprawling rural landscapes. Wiley Star has a score to settle and Hex Harrington can't deny her quest for vengeance--but when Wiley lands on the wrong side of a double cross, it's up to Hex to track her whereabouts and save the day, which proves difficult because his personal feelings keep getting in the way.

1839 / 15000 words. 12% done!

Prank Police
The Mage Academy is rife with pranksters and Zenna Doyle and Kyrk Rydercroft must corral the new recruits when they all test their new found powers. And to top it off, the couple pulls duty at the worst time--the night of the blue moon when magic is at its strongest.

1181 / 10000 words. 12% done!

Price Paid
Reva Bane's actions lead Mitch Vanderman to a lot of harm, but seeking atonement shouldn't cause so much pain. Then again, betrayal sometimes demands a price paid in blood, and Reva is willing to shed some if he'll finally forgive her.

1232 / 10000 words. 12% done!

Protect the Target
Noya Vix is a walking target with a lot of magical factions coming after her, the most persistent being Lenj Gottman, who wants to exploit her precognitive ability. Booth Wanderlux is her number one protector, but he's got issue with keeping Noya out of harm's way because she refuses to lay low until Lenj is caught.

991 / 10000 words. 10% done!

Quell the Boom
Quinna Joltz and Efran Pendragon, experts in diffusing magical bombs, tend to let their rivalry take center stage, but when an unbalanced wizard plants devices that can bring down their entire city, they agree to work together. The adrenaline filled race finally gives them some perspective and a little common ground to share.

1276 / 10000 words. 13% done!

Quelling Hunger
When a storm destroys the food warehouses in the city, Rita Steed and Fletch Lancaster are tasked with keeping the peace while half-rations are necessary until the rooftop gardens can produce more crops. Heading up the sector patrol, neither is certain they can maintain the status quo when quelling hunger seems to be impossible.

1131 / 10000 words. 11% done!

Quest for the Kingfish
Stevie Peel is a little backwards and standoffish, but she loves a good mystery. Griff Lannsiter takes an immediate liking to Stevie and when she finds an ancient scroll tucked into the dusty stacks of the research library, he offers his help on her quest to find the elusive Kingfish.

671 / 15000 words. 4% done!

Question Everything
When Temple Sparrow discovers her family is part of an underground society of beings and creatures who secretly control the city, she eschews their traditions and finds her true vocation--seeking answers. Hung Gambit doesn't trust anyone, least of all Temple, but playing by the rules isn't an option and he'll use her knowledge to get what he needs and teach her to question everything.

1038 / 15000 words. 7% done!

Quicksilver Flash
Winsome Crown, a scientist's daughter, searches for her lost father in the wilds of the mountains. Lynx Hadrington lives alone and away from society--by choice. When Winsome stumbles onto his little piece of sanctuary, he can't deny her plea for help, but he fears the worst for her dad. Only one other person has ever survived a brush with Quicksilver Flash--him.

1108 / 15000 words. 7% done!

A Quiet Hell
Mattox Lang lives in a quiet hell, seeing and sensing paranormal activity. Bruce Wendelson has haunting dreams that linger, but he can never recall the details. Mattox understands Bruce's torment and hopes to ease her own by helping him deal with his nightmares.

1463 / 12500 words. 12% done!

Quilt of Fate
Nadie Fall and Cable Reilly are transported to an alternate reality by the Moerae. Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos have plans for the fated couple who couldn't save their original universe but can alter the future for their new one.

985 / 10000 words. 10% done!

Quiver Full of Arrows
Frey Witter, codename Crossfire, is sent to bring in mercenary for hire, Solaris Polanski, aka Moon Shadow, for a covert mission. He's got one little problem. Solaris answers to no one--and she used to work for the other side.

1362 / 12500 words. 11% done!

Rack and Ruin
Vespa Thorn, a maintenance tech for the United Prime, is an addictive gambler--whenever, wherever, she'll go all in. Hale Walterson, a UP special forces soldier, has a problem with sex--he can't get enough of it. Vespa wants Hale, but he's the one thing she won't bet on until he challenges her to keep up with him.

1345 / 12500 words. 11% done!

Ramona for the Win
Ramona and Melick finally have their personal relationship on solid ground, but the timing couldn't be worse. The academy is under attack and it falls to Ramona to save the day by infiltrating the rival's headquarters by using the downed dragon. She's confident she can get inside and stop the assaults—if Melick will get out of her way.

183 / 12500 words. 1% done!

Rapier's Edge
Wren Buxton, an undercover fae agent, finds Jacob Franklin standing over a dead body. He resists her siren call and refuses to answer questions during her interrogation. Wren has a sneaking suspicion all isn't what it seems with the covert mercenary.

1261 / 12500 words. 10% done!

Red Cap
Magan Drone, a red-capped tree nymph, is tasked with protecting Cass Warrison, an earth sprite, from a wolf-shifter clan. Magan isn't thrilled with the duty--she and Cass share a complicated past--but her handy skill with a crossbow can stop an evil prophecy from coming to light. She'll do her job and save the day, but no way will she let Cass back into her life.

1278 / 9500 words. 13% done!

Red-Eyed Monster
Psyche Hood and Errol Winkham are best friends, growing up together in the enchanted realm. A sinister darkness and red-eyed metal monster is moving in and Psyche drags Errol out to pick up the trail, little knowing she's playing right into an evil wizard's plan. He wants the red-eyed beast to rain fire down on Errol so Psyche will be alone and his for the taking.

1261 / 12500 words. 10% done!

Reflection of a Kiss
Pryce Baker and Fisk Darrison, two pilots in the middle of a war, have many different types of kisses. It's not easy maintaining a relationship in the midst of enemy territory, but they take time to reflect on what they have and make it work.

1192 / 7500 words. 16% done!

The ornate mirror in her grandmother's house creeps Everley Bonice out. When she arrives to settle her grandmother's estate, the mirror depicts erotic images of Everley with a man who seems familiar but one Everley can't place. When Vannes Sullivan shows up to deliver groceries to the house, Everley decides to discover the secrets of the reflections she keeps seeing, because Vannes is the man in the reflection.

741 / 10000 words. 7% done!

Ringside Seats
An unclaimed attraction leads to some aggressive flirting in the apprentice's ring when Vita Morj and Keb Pennyson are challenged to see who would win in a magical bout. It may end up a draw because neither opponent plans to give quarter.

1130 / 10000 words. 11% done!

Rite of Passage (Warlock's Curse Book Three)
Nadia Iris and Falk Ridenour have one goal—to thwart her father's nefarious power grab. Even though they're on the same page, Nadia struggles for balance and Falk has to make some hard choices about their future.

77 / 12500 words. 1% done!

Rockin' Yule (A Holiday Spirit Short)
Saffron Sapienza is in trouble with her hellhound pack for being wild and overindulgent. She's looking for an escape in the hopes of letting her latest scandal die down. Gabriel Gabor has a big decision to make—become nobleman of the nymphs or give the job to his arch rival, a man who tries to take everything Gabriel has. A holiday spirit, Jolly Jingleman, brings the duo together at a secluded bed and breakfast over Yule and works his magick to help the couple find their holiday cheer along with some direction for their future.

121 / 9500 words. 1% done!

Rumpled and Worn
Lindie Linds strikes a deal with the Rumpleman--keep her crazy stalker at bay and she'll hand over the first man she falls for. But when she finally finds a lasting love with Cole Darrington, she's not willing to give him up and together they outsmart the Rumpleman.

1382 / 7500 words. 18% done!

Same Time Next Year
After commiserating over failed hook-ups, Tessa Gem and Hart Cantley make a date for the following year, but they have no idea their solar system will be at war when they meet again.

2127 / 10000 words. 21% done!

Seeing Red
Vesta Crock can't stand tension and a major meta-human uprising has everyone on edge. Jones Blaylock becomes her target for a series of supposedly fun pranks, but when a member of their team gets injured, Jones sees red and that's not good for the firestarter.

1281 / 10000 words. 13% done!

Shine One On
Against state regulations, Maxine Wynne braves the revenuer to provide speakeasy owner, Drake Kestleman, with enough moonshine to keep his customers happy. When Maxine is caught, Drake launches Operation Shine One On to get her out of danger and back in business.

1308 / 10500 words. 12% done!

Shit Happens
Nyla White, an up and coming cage fighter, has buttloads of potential but her 'shit happens' attitude prevents her from attaining the top spot. Erik Stevens, her trainer, pushes her to use her emotions to own her talent, which Nyla is hesitant to do--because she has strong feelings for Erik.

1052 / 9500 words. 11% done!

Six Degrees of Separation
Melick Traynor and Ramona Peartry, two Academy of Light magicians, have a single passionate encounter after Ramona nearly loses her life to a dragon. But when they navigate their new relationship status, Melick has to step down as Ramona's precept, but neglects to tell her why.

5913 / 12500 words. 47% done!

Slip of the Tongue
Sylvie Brown and Holden Baker are word alchemists, creating the strongest, most intricate spells in their realm. One slip of the tongue can bring catastrophic destruction... or it can garner surprising results. Sylvie learns two little words can hold a wealth of meaning.

863 / 10500 words. 8% done!

The Souvenir
Melick Traynor and Ramona Peartry, childhood friends and top students in the Academy of Light, compete for prominence in their respective classes. But when Melick throws out a challenge, Ramona takes an insane risk to prove him wrong and winds up tangling with the dragon plaguing campus grounds.

6038 / 12500 words. 48% done!

Spellbound Yule (Holiday Spirit Short)
Holiday spirit, Bertram Goldwreath, has to bring Oakley Oliver, a witch and Calder Conrad, a warlock together over the Yule holiday so they can settle a territorial dispute. Oakley is looking forward to a quiet getaway at a bed and breakfast… until Calder invades her interlude and sparks fly.

70 / 9500 words. 1% done!

Stay the Course (Warlock's Curse)
Nadia Iris is at a crossroads and has to choose whether to find her path to fulfillment as an adept or stay stagnant in her current position. She decides to go on a journey quest, but has to leave Falk Ridenour behind. Falk isn't happy, but supports her choice, even knowing the hardship she'll face.

821 / 12500 words. 7% done!

Still of the Night
Salem Rhys has the perfect recipe for brewing dark lager, a potent alcohol that will go over huge at the flight academy... but doesn't have the know-how or equipment to create the concoction. Jared Meyer, a tech genius, can definitely help her out. Salem falls hard for her business partner, but considers him out of her league until Jared proposes more than a money making venture.

1349 / 10000 words. 13% done!

Storm Down the Drain
On a dark and stormy night, Brooks Algonquin knocks on Velvet Strong's door and asks her to help him find the Burmesian Raven, an antiquity with magical qualities. Velvet takes his case, but quickly learns Brooks has ulterior motives for acquiring the artifact stolen from his family.

1346 / 15000 words. 9% done!

Tangled Web
Ruby Ire is bad for men--every time she falls for one he ends up dead, so she doesn't get tangled up with them anymore. But a series of near miss accidents makes her think she's become a target and she hires Jordan Riceman to track down her attacker. She won't let Jordan get too close, no matter how damned attractive he is.

1853 / 10000 words. 19% done!

A Tantalizing Yule
During the Yule season, Ginger Radiance, a holiday spirit, has to get Regina Royal, a sexy sprite, under the same roof with Fakhir Frenum, a studly spawn. The two have a clash of wills, creating a massive snowstorm that leaves them stranded… plenty of time to let the holiday work its magick on the wary enemies.

80 / 9500 words. 1% done!

Technorati: Shaken Alliances
Janna Allgood, a corporal in the Alliance, is the best at what she does, bringing Technorati deceivers to justice. But when she's assigned the task of tracking down the notorious leader of the rogue technomancers, she discovers a new calling, one that puts her life in danger because it may bring down the Alliance she works for.

3566 / 15000 words. 24% done!

That Explains Everything
Tasha Yale wants Brax Vermillion but can't seem to break her connection to Staz Yarrow--until she's take by Lanai Conns. Finally aware of the nefarious machinations, Tasha fights to get back to her clan and Brax... before it's too late.

1239 / 15000 words. 8% done!

Think Twice
When Judd Millian asks Pru Watson to work with him to take out the evil invading their city, she doesn't hesitate to say yes. But when he wants something more, she hesitates, unable to commit to an answer. The indecision drives a wedge between them, but Pru won't let Judd get sucked into the worst part of her past.

1055 / 15000 words. 7% done!

This is Your Life
After a harrowing month of captivity in a rival faction's territory, Welch Harrinson can't seem to find his will to keep living. Rina Lewes devises a perfect way to remind Welch why life can be good.

1193 / 9500 words. 13% done!

A Thousand Reasons
Dix Benson wants life to finally settle down after he passes the advocacy exam. But when Willow Gold decides to accept a job flying missions in a very hot zone, he can think of at least a thousand reasons it's a very bad idea. Convincing Willow will be the challenge.

2728 / 6500 words. 42% done!

Timely Distraction
Donahue Stuart, prince and heir to his father's throne, longs for grand adventures, but danger lurks from raiders and marauders out for royal blood. Enter Lady Vivian, daughter of the king's oldest friend and a kindred spirit who shows Donahue he can have all the magnificent escapades he wants, right in his own realm.

2141 / 15000 words. 14% done!

Trip the Light Fantastic
Esme Von Staunton and Ashton Sylvester think they might be going insane. Ashton's weird attunement with Esme draws her into his bizarre nightmare of hallucinations of doing things neither remember. Esme's brother, Eric, stumbles onto a plot by Baron Morbride and races to save his source and his favorite couple, but Mobride has other schemes and doesn't plan to let Eric thwart him.

1263 / 10000 words. 13% done!

Truth Hurts
Mardi Darr discovers her current lover is an enemy agent with an enchanted chip in his head. She gives the okay for a risky surgery and it lands him in a submersion chamber with no brain activity. Heth Santiago is responsible for Mardi being with Staz and he needs to help Mardi accept the truth... even though it hurts like a bitch.

1919 / 10000 words. 19% done!

Turning the Tide (A Blackhawk Banner Novella - Book Four)
Verity and Emory have to balance the personal with the professional when they're back at Blackhawk command. They're tasked with taking out a crucial enemy stronghold by exploiting a vulnerable weakness. The removal of the base will give the allied forces a way into the heart of enemy territory. Just when they think they're ready to go, Verity's ace fighter pilot dad shows up to see his daughter… and meet the man who wants her—Emory Cavendish.

322 / 12500 words. 3% done!

Twilight Kingdom
Jess Gillian heads to the outer rim planets to get away from his overbearing parents--the royal consorts of their home planet. When the heir is away, the evil Magnifica will play, luring Nareen Rhom, a palace ward, into a relationship so he can get close to the rulers. When Nareen gets wise, Magnifica casts a spell, holding the entire kingdom in his thrall--until Jess returns and sets things straight.

1222 / 12500 words. 10% done!

Uncommonly Good
Shelby Fewes and Creed Campanalla have a very friendly rivalry vying for top name in their respective dark and light organizations. When Creed is ordered to eliminate Shelby for retaliation, he makes a different call and the duo have an uncommonly good time proving the two sides can live and love together.

1160 / 12500 words. 9% done!

Under the Blackhawk Banner
In a battle torn land, the saving grace is the Blackhawk Banner. Any who fly the flag are protected by the elite group of pilots and their crew, who pull off amazing feats of victory. Verity Jones, the lone female in the group, is about to become their secret weapon, and Emory Cavendish will make it happen, over the protests of damned near everyone.

1915 / 12500 words. 15% done!

Jarrod Steele is a private investigator who deals with the weird and the unknown and can find anything his clients want. His super-efficient assistant, Maylin Rose, along with her unique skill set, makes sure of it.

1415 / 12500 words. 11% done!

Unforeseen Consequences
In the School for Extraordinarily Gifted, Stella Stubbs and Dak Satterfield hold the record for most bets won. As instructors, they no longer participate in on the fun, but both enjoy watching their students try to break their top scores--until a dangerous element is introduced and they discover their last wager won has unforeseen consequences.

1304 / 10000 words. 13% done!

Urban Grit
Keeley Fitz and Holt Matterworth produce and star in the reality docu-style web drama, Urban Grit. They shamelessly drag their friends along on their adventures where they try to bust and debunk urban myths... except they quickly learn most legends have a basis in truth.

1772 / 15000 words. 12% done!

Utter Not a Word
Maren Roth is reeling over the loss of her oldest friend after a skirmish with an opposing faction goes horribly wrong. Wayne Edelman, a superior adept with the responsibility of their sect resting in his hands, offers comfort and support in a very unexpected way and Maren realizes the man has become an expert on reading her moods. With a huge battle brewing, she takes solace in the concept that together with Wayne, they might have a fighting chance at winning.

1374 / 10000 words. 13% done!

A Valentine Caper
A cupid, Lorna Heartshorn, is a workaholic who wants to spend Valentine's Day—the one day her magic doesn't work—with a mortal man who needs a hot woman. When Gus Shepler pops up on her radar, she thinks she's found the perfect guy and sets out to seduce him. No easy feat, since he's sworn off women after a string of bad luck and nasty break-ups.

2580 / 10000 words. 26% done!

Variations on Violence
Nichol Gothe and Brewster Walters, two detectives in the major crimes unit, go undercover to bust up a rebel alliance in the under city. But when Nichol has to use her meta-human ability, Brewster can't decide whether to she's working for justice or turn her over to the task force commander. Nichol sends him reeling when she reveals how deeply the secret society of freaks and geeks has infiltrated the regular human world.

1570 / 12500 words. 13% done!

Various Reasons
Paloma and Cedric keep putting off thinking or talking about the future--they've got a fae war on their hands--but after a particularly ugly skirmish, Paloma decides it's to open up the topic for conversation. Cedric is so shocked he's not quite sure he believes her, but once Paloma gets through the list of various reasons, he's close to getting on board.

1479 / 12500 words. 12% done!

Veering Off Course
Raine Shippley tends to go her own way, always veering off course. When her true path is revealed, Dalton Tucker thinks they'll finally have a chance, but Raine disappears and he's left to follow the trail alone... or so he thinks.

1016 / 12500 words. 8% done!

Tess Truvient, Gentry Malloway, and Hunter Keepman use their meta-human abilities for the cause of justice by working for a covert organization with a global reach. Tess and Hunter have a volatile relationship, on one day and off the next. Enter new recruit, Gentry, and Tess finds a much needed distraction—if only for a few months—except something about Gentry draws her in and she's caught off guard when it's time for him to ship out to his permanent post.

1167 / 15000 words. 8% done!

Whatever It Takes
Lysanor Bela runs the gauntlet and while she survives the experience, it messes with her mind. She has a vision of killing Baron Saltman—and gauntlet revelations are never wrong. Lys will do whatever it takes to keep Baron alive as long as possible—even if it means walking away from their relationship.

919 / 12500 words. 7% done!

Whipped Cream and Chocolate Dreams
Nita, Deacon, and Callen fall victim to Morpho, the Dream Tender, who plants vivid imagery in their minds while they slumber. When the trio wakes up primed and ready for action, they try to fight the erotic pull, but fail.

1416 / 10000 words. 14% done!

X Plus Y
Vail Gault and Wolf Vermassey have a wicked, powerful attraction for each other. Too bad their clans are brutal rivals in the underground world of meta-human politics. Pitted against each other, they can never be more than opponents in a cage match who happen to have sex that makes their sparring matches look like cake walks.

1480 / 25000 words. 6% done!

Xtreme Attraction (Book One of Xtreme Justice series)
The double X gene found in junk DNA makes life very interesting for a group of humans. Nyx Boit reshapes matter with her force of will. Cythe Baldetto literally has blades of steel at his fingertips. When Cythe is sent to recruit Nyx, she wants no part of his offer. To make her point, she converts his arrows, darts, and knives into liquid pools at his feet. Finally meeting his match, Cythe figures recruiting Nyx is out, but wooing her is most definitely in.

1613 / 15000 words. 11% done!

Xtremely Personal (Book Two of Xtreme Justice series)
A blast from Cythe's past comes blowing in at the worst possible time. Nyx struggles to adjust being part of a team and half of a couple and dealing with Cythe's ex isn't high on her list of things she wants to accomplish. The duo has to thwart the ex-girlfriend's troublemaking and both have to brace for a showdown of epic proportions.

269 / 15000 words. 2% done!

Xtreme Vibrations (Book Three of Xtreme Justice series)
Cythe and Nyx have one solid ally in their life—Stanja Davidich. When a former mentor kidnaps Stanja to use her vibrating power to wreak havoc on the high seas, Cythe and Nyx go against orders to rescue Stanja. But during the attempt, Nyx falls into a trap and Cythe races the clock to get the women in his life back before he dies from being separated from Nyx.

303 / 15000 words. 2% done!

Your Call
After an epic battle with a spell weaver, Norje Blayheart and Barrick Nembly—adept mages—aren't sure they can stay together as a couple. Their love can be used against them and neither can risk being pawns in the looming war between the weavers and the mages.

929 / 22000 words. 4% done!

Zeitgeist Hall
Morley Graham and Watson Kinkead are off on a weekend adventure when they have serious car trouble and end up stranded at Zeitgeist Hall, a castle looming on the edge of a cliff. The creepy caretaker offers refuge, but Morley and Graham begin to suspect he's behind their stay when they discover a body in the tower.

1082 / 22000 words. 5% done!

Zip Cuffs
Thrayce Stratton finally has the man she wants, Dino Singer, but when all evidence points to him as the culprit behind several gruesome fae murders, she'll absolutely do her job as an enforcer—including using zip cuffs to get what she needs from Dino.

1278 / 10000 words. 13% done!

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