Monday, January 14, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Consortium of Chaos

YAY!! So far two posts in a row. Of course it's easy to start off strong with a goal…the trick is to keep the momentum going. :D

But hey, I'm motivated at the moment, so I'll just enjoy for now.

Tonight's Sunday Snippet—I can't really call it Six Sentence Sunday because I'm so terribly bad at limiting the number of sentences—is from a manuscript a little over halfway completed. The sages are evil trolls and gave me the broad strokes of the entire story, but like to dole out the important details a little at a time. Cheeky buggars.

This one has a bit of a steampunk flavor, but I can't really call it a full blown genre member. I do hope it's an enjoyable read though. :D

Let's start with a tag line:

A missing brother, a madman's sinister plot to make a perfect world, and a connection so strong it saves a life hundreds of miles away. Ashton Sylvester and Esme Von Staunton never have a dull moment.

And now for preview snippet…

Ashton Sylvester, Earl of Cranford, watched his counterpart, Esme Von Staunton, smoothly glide down onto the landing patch. The zeppelin touched ground with barely a bump. He'd been fortunate indeed when he'd fallen for the best airship pilot around, not to mention a beautiful one.
She had her cloak thrown back over her shoulders, the purple lining shimmering while she worked the controls to shut the blimp down. Ash thought the color suited her. It complemented her gray eyes, which would be very tired looking right about now.
They'd left at dawn to attend a meeting with the Consortium of Mining & Minerals. The talks went on and on. And on. And on. Hence the reason for their near midnight landing.
Esme killed the power and turned off the valve that ran the boiler. She turned and strode toward him, cloak flying out behind her.
"We're home." She wrapped an arm around his waist. "Bit late for that dinner you promised me now."
Ash sighed. "I'm sorry for it. We'll grab something light from the larder then head for our bed." She didn't need his assistance, but accepted his arm as they disembarked from the zeppelin. "You have to be as wiped out as I am."
Esme yawned. "How'd you guess?"
"I didn't have to. I can feel your fatigue. And your day started an hour earlier than mine."
A stickler for pre-flight checks, Esme rolled out of bed long before he had. If she piloted the ship, she ran the list herself.
Her head dropped to his shoulder. "Sometimes that ability of yours irritates me. I can't hide anything from you."
His lips quirked. There were also times she loved his attunement skills…usually when he made her scream in bed.
He cast a speculative glance in her direction. "And why would you want to?"
She laughed. "It's not so much that I want to…but since I can't, I feel like I'm missing something."

See…I can never keep it at six sentences. LOL

Here's a bit of what I used for inspiration for the ship…



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