Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Blushing Brawler

March 24, 2013


Watching the weather radar on my computer and tracking the nasty weather we're supposed to get. I'm thinking Mother Nature didn't get the memo that spring started what? A few days ago? LOL

Anyway…tonight's post is from The Blushing Brawler, another manuscript still in its planning stages. As mentioned over on Skylin's blog, sometimes scenes just won't leave me alone until I write them. LOL

Here's the tagline:

Yardley Holmes grew up in the fighting circuit, coaching and training alongside her dad. She likes nothing more than having a new brawler to use as a target. When Cale Scarsdale, a green recruit from Ruralsville, walks into the cage, Yardley goes after him with biting sarcasm and razor sharp innuendo to test his mettle. Cale takes it all in stride until she goes one step too far and Yardley remembers lesson number one from her dad: watch out for the quiet ones.

And here's the preview snippet…

Someday, she'd push him a little too far.
Yardley called out. "God, you're weak. And honestly, so lame. Why didn't you crack the wall like the rest?"
He didn't lack strength. He didn't add a crack to the concrete barrier because he didn't choose to do so. Not because he couldn't. Any asshole with a little power behind his fist could split a solid object.
Yardley wouldn't let it rest. "Everyone knows it's a tradition. Oh wait. You're from Bum Fuck Ruralsville. You probably aren't up on big city trends."
He'd had just about enough of her nonstop praise singing about the city. And her constant bullshit harping about where he grew up. He figured it high time to school Ms Yardley Holmes in how not to push things too far.
Cale stopped and turned around. Slowly and with great purpose. Yardley had her mouth open to say more, but wisely snapped it shut when she caught the look on his face.
Her eyes narrowed then widened when he dropped his duffel bag and silently stalked toward her with measured steps. Good. She should be afraid of what he'd do next.
Reaching out with one hand, he grabbed her loosely by the throat and with very focused and controlled precision, shoved her against the wall. She sucked in a harsh breath and swallowed convulsively. A tremor of fear ticked along her jawline.
Again. Good.
Getting up in her face, he laid down the law. "You need to understand something, Yardley." His fingers flexed, but didn't squeeze. "I'm not weak. I could crush your throat with this hand, but you'll notice I'm barely putting pressure on you. Do you have any idea how much control that takes?"
She nodded, a barely perceptible movement.
He leaned in, nuzzling her face, inhaling deeply. "Do not ever mistake a quiet man for a weak one."
She sucked in another breath and her stomach contracted when a shudder rippled through her. His head lifted and he met her gaze. Her eyes darkened and her arousal couldn't be mistaken.
Good. Cale had her exactly where he wanted her. Now he could play the game her way.
Leaning back in, his lips ghosted along her cheek, stopping just below her ear. "Think twice before you tease and tempt again, Yardley." His mouth skimmed back and hovered over hers. "And be very, very certain of what you want." His lips barely brushed over hers. "Because you won't always get your way."
He loosened his grip, letting her gently get her feet back under her. She tilted her head sideways, considering his words. The silence stretched out and he grew uncomfortable, unused to absolutely nothing coming from her mouth.
He stepped back. "What? No witty backslap? I find it hard to believe you've got nothing to say."
Yardley huffed out a breath and shuddered again. "You just made me so hot, my brain won't function. All I can think about getting naked and having sex." She grabbed his shirt and hauled him close. "Like right now." Her mouth claimed his with an almost vicious intensity. "Tell me you want this, too. If you just got me hot and bothered to prove a point, I may have to kill you."
Cale wouldn't fight what she did to his senses, or his body. He grabbed her ass and lifted her, smiling when she wrapped her legs around his waist, grinding against his erection. He honestly couldn't wait to be buried to hilt inside her.
But not here. "Yardley, I wouldn't dream of leaving you hanging. This, whatever it is between us, is going to happen. But do you really wanna have sex in a training room? Not that I'm against public displays, but honestly? I don't really wanna share with anyone else at the moment."
She made a low, growling sound in her throat. "Dammit." She flicked her wrist toward the door on the far wall behind him then followed up the direction of the second exit. "There. No interruptions."
He blinked, a little stunned. "Did you just use magic to lock us in here?"
Her hips bucked, the sensation hot against his hard length.
She nodded, emphatically. "Damn right I did." She wriggled out of his grasp, sliding down to her knees. "I don't play by the rules, remember?" Her hands tugged his shorts down and his cock sprang free. "Got a problem with that?" Her fingers wrapped around his girth, squeezing seductively.
Cale blew out a hard breath. "Um, no. No I don't."

Cale's not stupid. He's wanted Yardley from the day they met…one of the few things I do know about this story. LOL

That's it for this week.



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