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Sunday Snippet: On Ice

July 28, 2013


It's been a great writing week…for organizational stuff. LOL I've spent almost every day working on taglines, plotting story ideas, adding to characterization charts, and fixing small details in several thisclosetobeing finished manuscripts.

I feel so productive!!

Tonight's post (a little later than usual) is from the short story On Ice. I've got this one pretty much plotted out and partially written, but this is one of my favorite scenes. J

Here's the tagline:

A battle is brewing between opposing magical factions and Paley Knoff and Birk Southampton are charged with readying their troops. Paley thinks Birk is taking the threat too seriously and when he ignores her in favor of adding more classes, she pushes him a little too far, leaving him no choice but to put her on ice until she remembers who's in charge.

And a preview snippet…

Paley paced back and forth. If Birk didn't let her out of the stupid cell within the next twenty-four hours she'd go mad. Mid-turn she finally heard the jangle of keys and a low incantation. Thank fuck.
Whirling around, she found Birk with his hand on the door, but he didn't move to open it. She tilted her head sideways. Surely he didn't plan to tease her and not let her out.
Birk quirked a brow. "Thought it time to check on you and see if you're truly back on track."
More like pissed beyond all belief, but she'd let him have his moment.
He smirked. "Feels good, doesn't it? That rush of anger burning through your veins."
Well, shit. She'd been had. Birk figured it out, why she'd been such a bitch and kept pushing at him non-stop. She smiled sheepishly.
His head bobbed up and down. "Wondered when it would hit you. I assumed it would take a week, but you proved me wrong." He swung the door open and stepped inside the cell. "Henner said another day would send you over the edge."
Paley shot her warden a sideways glance. The man shrugged and crossed his arms over his chest. Maybe he'd secretly had her back the whole time?
Birk quirked a brow. "So…Paley…wanna get out?"
She heaved a sigh of relief. "I thought you'd never ask. Hell, yes, I want out of here." She started forward, but Birk's hand shot out, grabbing her arm.
Moving around, he blocked her path. "Good, but let's get a few things straight. Who's the Master Sage?"
Grr. Figured Birk would be an ass about letting her out. "You're the Master Sage, Evan." She'd play the good soldier and follow along.
Birk's lips twitched. "Good, and who's the higher ranked adept?"
Paley rolled her eyes. "That would be you, Birk."
He smiled. "Good, good. And what does that mean, Paley?"
She huffed out a breath. No way could she get around it. The man had her over a fire. But she had to try. "Come on, Birk. We each know the answer."
He frowned. "No, Paley, I don't think we do. You're gonna have to convince me otherwise."
Dammit. She'd said everything else he wanted. Why wouldn't he cut her slack here?
She couldn't quite admit what he wanted to hear. "Shit, Birk. Come on." She tried moving past him.
He didn't budge.
She didn't either.
Birk held her gaze for several moments then turned to leave, nodding at Henner. The big man's shoulders slumped, but he rose, ready to lock her back in.
Paley growled. "Fine. You're in charge, Birk. Happy now?"
A broad smile crossed Birk's face and he jerked his head toward the stairs leading up to the bar, dismissing Henner.
Tugging her forward, Birk rested his hands on her hips. "Not quite yet." Leaning in, he pressed his lips close to her ear. "Who's the best man for you, Paley?"
A shudder chased down her spine and she didn't hesitate to answer. "Birk Southampton." She nudged his face and leaned back. "Never any doubt about that one."
Birk caught her lips in a hard kiss. "It's a good thing, because you and I are gonna be here a little while longer." His hands slid down to cup her ass. "Wanna do the honors, or shall I?"
Paley chuckled. "Please, allow me."
She flicked her wrist and the door clanged shut, a dark shadowveil enveloping the cell. Lifting her chin, she meshed her mouth with his and moved them toward the cot in the corner. By the time she came up for air, the small berth had transformed into a full sized bed and she laughed, falling backwards, dragging Birk down with her.
Scooting back, she made some room. "Have I said how much I love you, lately?"
Birk yanked his shirt over his head and crawled toward her. "No, but you've sort of been on ice, so we'll let it slide for now."
Paley barked out a laugh and decided her time in lock up well worth the headache.
Seriously, it's not quite fleshed out completely, but oh…such a joy to write!!

That's it for this week.



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