Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Calamity of Chaos


Well, my week in television ended up being pretty damned awesome. Seriously, the Walking Dead kind of caught me off guard, but gotta give it to Rick. When he steps up, he sorta goes full tilt and gets it done. Not sure how I feel about the parting of ways, but I'm leaning towards it being a good thing.

Thoroughly enjoyed Castle, which is a nice change since I've been kind of 'meh' about this season. I love getting to see Rick and Kate together—that kind of never happens and it pisses me off—but the storylines either underwhelmed or made me scratch my head. Sons of Anarchy continues to rip the scabs off old wounds. I love having my smart Jax back. He's always at his best when he's not reacting to and working through shit like watching his best friend die. Very interested to see what side Tara's actions have him landing on. My hope is he'll stay smart, get the Irish out of the way, deal with the DA, and then let the emotional fallout hit. And good Christ, stay away from Gemma so she can't throw gasoline on the fire. *shakes head*

Arrow and The Tomorrow People just make my Wednesday the best day of the week. I can't say enough about Arrow at the moment, and anything I would say would contain spoilers, so *zips lips*. Haven twisted everything sideways again, but hit on a theory I had from the first episode. I kind of can't wait to see how the new wrinkle plays into the mythology. I have more thinky thoughts, but again… spoilers. LOL

So, that's my week in TV. Maybe I should get to the actual post, right? Tonight's snippet is from Calamity of Chaos, a follow up to Consortium of Chaos. The story is set in the United States and has Esme and Ash on the trail of Baron Morbid's partner. So far, it's been loads of fun to write.

Here's the tagline:

Esme and Ashton embark on a trip to America, on the trail of their nemesis's partner. Calamity ensues when they stumble upon a dastardly plot to keep them from returning home.

And a preview snippet…

Esme turned the controls of the Lady Victorious over to Del. "Keep her steady and for pity's sake call me if you run into any sky traffic." She stepped away from the helm. "I do not want to get stranded in the states with no way home except by sea."
Del snorted. "Esme, you've taught me everything I know about captaining this big ship. Since when do you lack confidence in my ability?" He lifted a brow.
Smithers nosed into the conversation. "Since you are not her, sir." He sent a smirk in Esme's direction.
She sneered. "Stow it, Smithers. I'm perfectly confident Del can handle things." She started toward the aisle leading to the staterooms. "It's the crazy Americans I worry about." Her lips curved when Smithers went pale and pasty.
She enjoyed getting him all wound up. And Del would have to deal with the hovering valet, leaving her plenty of time to cajole Ash into bed for a nice, long romp.
Ash got too caught up in Mobride's business sometimes and Esme wanted to remind him to take a little time to wind down and rejuvenate. Too much time spent around Baron Morbid's affairs would eventually have a negative effect. Esme wanted to get the guy's partner as much, maybe more, than Ash, but she wouldn't lose the man she loved to the nefarious viciousness Mobride seemed able to generate even beyond the grave.
She paused outside the door of their cabin and loosened the buttons of her bodice then gave her camisole a yank for good measure. Twisting the knob of the door, she entered quarters and found Ash poring over several sets of ledgers. The man didn't even look up when she strode across the floor to stop in front of the desk. Esme frowned. Desperate times called for desperate actions. Tugging her shirttails free, she undid the rest of the buttons and shrugged the garment off to toss it on the surface in front on Ash. Startled, he glanced up, his eyes going wide then darkening with desire. Esme slowly made her way around the edge, stopping just shy of Ash's chair. The scrape of wood on the deck became a welcome sound when Ash angled the seat so she could drop down atop his lap. Esme wrapped an arm around his shoulders, putting her breasts on display when the camisole inched its way down. Ash's tongue flicked out, wetting his lower lip and her nipples puckered in response.
She met his gaze. "It's past time for a distraction, my love." She wriggled her butt around and grinned when she got the response she wanted.
The rapid hardening of Ash's cock.
He gave her a wolfish smile then grasped the hem of her camisole, lifting upward. "You know, Es, I think you're right." He tugged the garment over her head then leaned down to draw a pebbled tip between his lips.
Esme gasped, loving the way his teeth grazed over the sensitive peak.
And yes, I'm gonna leave the rest to your imagination. :D

That's it for this week.



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