Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Hush

December 22, 2013

Happy Almost Holidays!

The family and I are thisclose to being ready for the merry season. We always wait and decorate the tree a day or two before December 25 so the lights are strung, but nothing else until tomorrow. :D

I'm watching holiday episodes of my favorite TV shows. Warehouse 13, Eureka, Doctor Who, and last year's Arrow episode, Year's End. Up next is Leverage with the Ho, Ho, Ho Job. :D

Tonight's post is from Hush, a magical erotic fantasy where the main characters gets hexed by a former flame.

Here's the tagline:

Kia Bleu and Chip Strachey have a powerful connection and finally give in to their attraction. When Chip's former flame hexes the couple, they have to learn to communicate without words.

And the preview snippet…

Chip followed Kia into the bathroom.
She whirled around. "What in the flaming hell do you think you're doing?" She paced back and forth, fighting the urge to punch him.
Which in and of itself had her questioning her sanity. Thirty seconds ago, they'd been ready to tear out of the lounge and find the nearest dark corner to make out.
Chip grasped her arm and swung her around. "I'm trying to figure out what the fuck went wrong?"
She jerked free, the touch of his hand sending nervous jolts along her skin. Which, again, did not make sense. She wanted the guy… like right now, get naked so they could set the building on fire, craved him.
He huffed out a breath. "Seriously, Kia. What happened? One moment your tongue's down my throat… I open my mouth to suggest we head someplace more private… and you tell me to fuck off and shut up?" He shook his head. "I know you're not a cock tease, so please, explain this shit to me."
Kia closed her eyes for a five count, and then spun back to face him. "I can't!"
The door burst open and she snarled the same time Chip barked.
"Get out!"
The poor, petite red-head, wearing wobbly heels, turned and nearly twisted her ankle trying to flee. Kia glanced up, catching sight of Sadie hovering close to the exit across the bar. A light bulb went off and Kia wanted to kick herself for being so stupid.
Chip's former flame had hexed them. A curse could be the only explanation for the bizarre reactions they were having to each other.
Chip waited for the door to close then blasted her again. "Can't or won't, Kia? You're so damned stubb—"
Kia clamped her hand over his mouth and pushed him back against the wall by the sinks. An angry glare filled his gaze and she quickly held up one finger, indicating he needed to wait and shut the hell up.
Lifting a brow, she silently asked him to give her a chance by jerking her head towards the door. He inclined his head and she lowered her hand, reaching down to grasp his fingers. No itchy or nervous feeling. As long as they didn't speak… the crawly, scratchy feeling didn't seem to exist.
What a marvelously devious hex.
Kia tugged Chip away from the wall and led him to the door. She made sure he stuck close behind her then cracked the heavy steel open less than an inch. With a quick, stabbing motion she pointed straight ahead. Sadie lingered by the exit, chatting quietly with the bartender.
Chip tensed. His body coiled tightly, ready to spring forward. Kia pushed back, letting the door snick shut. Chip tried to sidestep around her, but she blocked his path, giving her head a violent shake.
Sadie didn't need to know anything just yet. If the woman wanted to play hard ball, Kia would give the evil wench one hell of a game. But she had to have Chip on board.
The big problem? How to pull everything together without uttering a word.
Chip solved the dilemma. He dragged his phone from his back pocket and handed it to her. A slow smile curved her lips and she typed her number into his contact list. She grabbed her cell and held it out. Chip keyed his information, saved it, and returned the device.
Kia quickly tapped out a message. [Operation Hush is now under way. Are you in?] She pressed send.
Chip scanned the note, nodded, and replied. [Tell me to fuck off, storm out of here, then meet me at The Cave. Basement. #2.]
Kia quirked a brow, but lifted her chin in agreement. Another message pinged directly after.
[Give me twenty minutes. Sadie has to think she's winning.]
Kia didn't like it, but couldn't argue the logic. She gave a thumbs up and turned towards the door. She stepped forward then angled back around, grabbing hold of Chip's shirt to haul him close before planting a hot kiss on his lips.
He deepened the embrace and grasped her hips, his hands sliding around to cup her ass. Her brain spun a little out of control and his mouth made her breathless, but no twitchy feeling. Easing back, Kia grinned when she caught the raw desire on Chip's face. She cupped his cheek then trailed her fingers suggestively along his jawline, hoping he'd get the hint of a promise for later she wanted to convey.
He shot her a wink and grabbed her fingers, giving them a squeeze.
Satisfied, Kia blew out a hard breath, then let the small ball of fury catch hold and radiate outward. The crackle of energy had Chip stepping backwards, but not too far.
Kia whirled around and yanked the door open. "Fuck off, Chip. Stay the hell away from me." She stalked across the bar floor and hit the exit, pretending not to notice Sadie's big, fat smirk. Once outside, she allowed the cool, crisp air calm the churning anger burning in her gut and leaned against the rough surface of the brick storefront. Letting her rage spark sometimes caused unforeseen consequences and she didn't want anything getting in the way of her later rendezvous with Chip.
Expelling a heavy, cleansing sigh, she muttered, "This damn plan better work."
Pushing away from the wall, she walked up the block, and made the turn towards The Cave.

So far, this has been tons of fun to write. It's a challenge, but an exciting one.

That's it for this week.



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