Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Kindred Spirits

February 2, 2014


Remember when I mentioned being in for Bitten last week? Well, I'm a little more than in… I've become quite obsessed. Like scary obsessed. Haven't done that since Arrow last year, when I rewatched every episode like three times in a row before it would leave my brain. Yeah, that's what Bitten has been doing to me. And I've got books I can read and devour, too. Oddly, I've had them on my Kindle for ages and ages, but haven't been in the mood to really dive into a full series read. I am now. LOL

Walking Dead returns next Sunday. YAY! My middle kidlet and I always enjoy being completely grossed out before bedtime. J Helix has filled that slot a little, but it's not quite as compelling as TWD, in my opinion. Good show, but I haven't found anyone I want to root for yet. Actually, I take that back. I did… but the character is now dead. Dammit.

Oh, and, Captain America: Winter Soldier? April needs to get here right now. My soft spot for Cap is getting bigger and bigger. :D

Tonight's post is from the novella, Kindred Spirits where my characters discover a wicked awesome side effect to a new liquid beverage that affects people with magical ability.

Here's the tagline:

Merrit Rhodes accepts a teaching position at the Athena Academy of Magic and Semblance to earn her rites. Vaughn Gregorvich and Kirby Selwig are best friends and fellow instructors who fall hard for the newest addition to the campus. Sparks literally fly when the trio decides to test the power of three after a night of drinking a powerfully potent new cocktail called Elixir.

And a preview snippet…

Merrit downed the shot. The liquid burned the back of her throat and blazed a fiery trail down her esophagus before hitting her stomach like molten lava.
She blinked and blew out a harsh breath. "Whoa. What the hell is this stuff called, again?" She actually wondered if her next exhale would have flames or puffs of smoke, at the very least.
Kirby laughed, patting her on the back. "Elixir, the preferred liquor for discerning tastes." He chugged his first round down.
Merrit shook her head. "Geez, I didn't know I had discerning taste." A burst of warmth spread from her gut outward, heating up her limbs and face.
Good Grand Master Wizard, the alcohol packed a potent punch.
Vaughn's lips curved in a sly smile. "You don't. You're hooked up with him."
Kirby flipped his best friend off and nudged a shot glass in Vaughn's direction. "Drink up, buddy."
Vaughn lifted the tumbler and Merrit exchanged a brief look with Kirby. His head jerked slightly back and forth. Okay, Kirby hadn't mentioned their decision to not be an 'item'. Fine, she could deal. Vaughn would find out soon enough.
Vaughn knocked the drink back and winced, blowing out hard breath. "Damn. What a burn." His eyes met Merrit's. "Can you feel the heat?"
She chuckled. "Wait for it."
He flexed his fingers. "Son of a bitch. My fingers are tingling." He leaned in closer. "It's like the first time I conjured something from nothing."
Kirby grinned. "Yeah. Yeah. That's exactly what it feels like." His smile slowly faded. "Whose idea was this again? I mean, damn, I feel drunk already."
Merrit nodded. "And hot, right? That hasn't gone away." She fanned her face. "If anything, it's increasing." She squirmed a little, moisture pooling between her legs.
Her attraction for Kirby and Vaughn caught flame and flared bright and unchecked.
Vaughn cocked his head. "You don't suppose there's more than just liquor in this stuff, do you?" He shifted on his chair.
Kirby's eyes narrowed. "Like what? A drug or something?"
Vaughn shrugged. "I don't know, maybe. Not to be crude, but if my jeans get any tighter, I'm not gonna be able to walk."
Merrit squirmed. She understood the feeling. The idea Vaughn had a physical reaction close to hers only increased the steady thrum of desire coursing through her veins.
She swung her gaze toward Kirby. "What about you? Are you having the same dilemma?"
He glanced around then leaned in. "Um, yeah, and it's getting damned uncomfortable." His hand dropped below the table and he made a quick adjustment.
His motion kicked up the needy sensation and Merrit fought the urge to rush to the ladies room to relieve the throb between her legs. Her gut feeling? Wouldn't help. She needed something long and hard to quench the flames fanning out of control. The pinch of frustration clamped hard and she shuddered, willing it to subside.
No such luck.
Vaughn and Kirby appeared to have the same problem. Merrit shoved rational thought out of the way and made a snap decision.
She placed her hands on the table, barely keeping them from slapping the surface. "Guys. I can't stand it." She slid her gaze between the two. "We gotta get out of here. Now."
Vaughn picked up on her urgency. "Where?" He started to rise, ready to go.
Kirby snapped his fingers. "I know a place. Two blocks down. Private, quiet, and not usually patrolled." He slid his chair back, wincing when he stood up.
Merrit pushed backward and sucked in a harsh breath. The movement had enough friction she wondered if she'd make it the few blocks.
Vaughn held out a hand. She accepted the silent invitation and let him lead her through the throng of patrons, following Kirby out the main entrance. Once outside, the cool night air provided a small measure of relief. She heaved a relieved sigh and Vaughn made a movement to step away when Kirby wrapped an arm around her waist.
Merrit laced her fingers with Vaughn's and tightly clasped his palm. "You're not going anywhere. I want you right here."

Needless to say, my trio is going to want to experiment several times with this new alcohol—all in the name of research, of course. J

That's it for this week.



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