Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Snippet: One of These Things

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers and father figures out there!

So… Orphan Black is almost over for this season and *eep* I still have way more questions than answers. That said, I don't care. I love everything about this season. Although, I guess I should ask if it's really wrong I pretty much cheered on Helena throughout last night's entire episode? No? Good. And Donnie and Alison. Twisted and creepy, but holy shit, I laughed, even though I shouldn't have. :D

Tonight's post is from One of These Things, a novella where my main character learns she's very different from the people who raised her.

Here's the tagline:

Tanis Watts comes of age in the human world, but discovers she has fae abilities. When she's caught between warring factions, she falls in with the wrong side and barely escapes with her life. Seeking sanctuary, she lands on Falco Corsair's doorstep and runs headfirst into her destiny.

And a preview snippet…

"If you're going to become a full member of the Black, you must sacrifice this life."
Tanis Watts met the gaze of the Dark Priest, but held silent. She understood her next move would seal her fate and indecision waged an internal battle in her mind. Tanis didn't have the driving need for bloodlust her fellow Black brethren did, even though the desire for acceptance weighed heavily in her heart. The Guard had taken her in, given her a place to live, but after some serious soul searching, she couldn't bring herself to kill for the sake of killing. She didn't believe a sacrifice should cost anyone their life.
Glancing downward, she spoke with conviction. "The Guard has been good to me, like family, and I appreciate it." She paused a moment. "But I won't take his life."
The Dark Priest frowned. "You know what this means, Tanis. Are you certain?"
She gave a jerky nod. "I am."
The priest raised an arm and three acolytes seized her, not that she put up a struggle. Why fight? She couldn't escape, had nowhere to run if she did. Her gaze met the Dark Priest's again and he stared, unflinchingly, before casually drawing his blade and slicing the throat of her intended sacrifice.
Bile rose in her esophagus, but she showed no outward sign. The priest's minions changed the death song and bowed their heads. Once complete, they hustled Tanis toward the exit.
The Dark Priest called out. "Your life is forfeit Tanis Watts. In three days, on the high moon, you will cease to live."
Tanis closed her eyes, letting the acolytes lead her through the maze of tunnels under the estate house, back up to the surface of the main grounds. The image of the poor victim sharpened into focus in her mind. Three days, and then she'd be cast in the same role.
I had a dream about this scene. Doesn't happen very often, but it's nice when it does, even when it's kind of dark like this. J

That's it for this week.



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