Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Order in the Court


I hope everyone who celebrates the 4th had a safe and happy one filled with lots of fireworks!

Some great TV even with the holiday week. Defiance keeps getting better… and darker, which I love bunches. Dominion also keeps me coming back. I'm not quite sure I have everything down but I like to be kept guessing. Forgot to mention The Last Ship… loving it. I have a thing for shows with ships and combine it with a mutated virus, I'm totally there.

Tonight's post is from, Order in the Court, a short sexy romp about a day in the Fae Court.

Here's the tagline:

Mace Ormondson, a fae prince, presides over the daily court grievances and disputes. When a new advocate, Nessa Goff, is appointed it turns Mace's world upside down and sideways, because Nessa happens to be the bane of his existence and a huge pain in his ass.

And a preview snippet…

Mace sighed heavily. "Is there anyone who can speak for the opposing side?" He hoped not.
He wanted to end the session and get on with his day.
Nessa strode into Mace's chambers and moved to stand directly in front of his podium. "Nessa Goff, advocating for the Banshee Prime."
Mace barely held back a groan. The band of his very existence would speak for the Katya Korsh. He braced for a long, long day.
Settling back and trying to get comfortable, he nodded. "Advocate Goff. Whenever you're ready."
Nessa smirked. "I'm always ready, Prince Regent." She turned and shrugged out of her jacket, draping it over chair. "The Banshee Prime seeks recompense for the loss of three novices." She faced Mace again. "And I won't be leaving until you make that happen."
Mace's mouth thinned. "You'll leave when I end the session, Advocate Goff. If you have a specific request, state it now. Save the showboating for your stage act."
A collective gasp echoed throughout his chambers. Nessa narrowed her eyes, but withheld her venomous tongue. Good. Mace didn't plan to give her the upper hand. She'd have to play by his rules—not make up her own. Not this time. And definitely not here.
Nessa inclined her head. "What I do with my time each night has no place here. You want specifics, here they are." She paced back and forth with a slow gait. "The Druid Master, Optan Banz, will deed the cavern temple to the Banshee Order, or forfeit three of his adept minors into their service." She paused and glanced toward Mace. "Ball's in your court, Prince Regent."
Mace cocked his head to one side, studying Nessa for several long moments. "Optan will provide an open ended lease to the cavern temple and allow one adept minor to serve the Order for a period of one year." Mace straightened and addressed the entire room. "The blood feud between the banshees and the druids has gone on too long. The two sides will have to work together to end it." He turned towards Optan's advocate, Martice. "Make sure Optan chooses his adept wisely, for he'll be making weekly reports to the Druid Master and my aide administrator."
Martice frowned, but agreed. "Yes, Prince Regent."
A slow smile curved Nessa's lips upward and she pivoted around, grabbed her jacket from the back of the chair and slung it over her shoulder. She didn't say a word when she quietly walked out of Mace's chambers, the only sound coming from the click of her heels on the stone-tiled floor.
Mace raised the gavel and clamped it down, dismissing the session. The occupants spilled out of his chambers, noisily discussing the day's events.
He leaned back in his seat, a hand rising to rub along his temple. "That damned woman might just be the death of me."
Nessa might have had the upper hand here, but just wait until Mace catches up with her later. J

That's it for this week.



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