Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday Standard: Meet Heath Graystone

To celebrate my Halloween-centric novella, A Magical Affair, I wanted to do something a little fun.

My new blog feature called the Saturday Standard is what I've come up with. Each week one of my pseudonyms will conduct an interview with one of the characters of a featured story.

This week… Heath Graystone will be answering questions about spending the weekend with Romy Bludd and Stacie Williams.

Let's get to it…


Skye Ritchey: Hello, Heath. Thank you for agreeing to answer some questions.
Heath Graystone: Hello. I'm happy to participate.
Skye: First up, I'll start with the same question I asked Stacie last week. What do you do for a living?
Heath: I'm a director for a local television production company. I mainly do commercials, public service announcements, and sometimes special edition programming for the holidays.
SR: Sounds like a busy job?
HG: It can be. I put in some long days.
SR: What do you do during your downtime?
HG: Spend time with Romy. Hang out with my friends. I also read a lot. I have a favorite author whose spy thrillers, I enjoy.
SR: Oh! Fun. And hearing that brings me to my next question. What did you think when you found out what Romy had planned for your weekend getaway? At a magical mansion?
HG: [laughs] That all my fantasies had just come true? Seriously, though, after discovering her plans, I figured I'm definitely with the right woman. And the fact she invited Stacie, who I love to death, only reinforces my feeling.
SR: Stacie is a sweetheart. She and Romy have been friends for a long time, right?
HG: Oh, yeah. They've been close forever. I honestly can't think of anyone else Romy would trust as completely. Romy loves to push the envelope and I tend to go along for the ride. But if she'd chosen anyone else, I don't think the weekend would have gone as well as it did.
SR: Because Romy has a hard time relinquishing control, right?
HG: You could say that. But Stacie worked some magic and, well, Romy surprised me.
SR: Sounds like she caught you off guard in a great way.
HG: I could tell you...

But he doesn't have to… read all about how Romy surprised Heath with one of his most cherished desires in A Magical Affair.

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I hope you enjoyed the latest edition of the Saturday Standard. Stay tuned for more next week with Romy.

Thanks for reading!



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