Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Snippet: The Jade Claw

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, if celebrated. For my family, it's the official beginning to the holiday season and we come up with a new theme for our tree. My middle kidlet is choosing this year and he's decided to go with a sports-related color scheme. Should be interesting because we're mixing scarlet and gray; green, blue, and white; and brown and orange. I have a general idea of how to make it work, but we'll see what the final result is.

A lot of years, we've waited until December 24 to do the actual decorating, but I think we'll be getting it done earlier this season. We also have a big puppy in the house for the first time and I can't wait to see what she does around the tree. LOL

Not much on the TV front this week, but The Flash turned in a great episode. Gotham and Sleepy Hollow were pretty good, too. I'm very much looking forward to the fall finale of Walking Dead tonight. I have a feeling someone's not going to make it… but we'll see. Thankfully, I'll have Chris Hardwick's Talking Dead to soothe whatever gaping wounds I might have. J

Tonight's post is from The Jade Claw, a novella that might be the first of a series, depending on where the story takes me.

Here's the tagline:

Skyrah Yule is caught in the middle of a paranormal mafia grab for power when several artifacts are stolen from the museum she works for. The agent investigating the break-in, Clay Wellstone, intrigues her, especially when she discovers he's got close familial ties with the suspected culprits.

And a preview snippet…

Capricorn Defense Agent Clay Wellstone surveyed the wrecked and damaged area of the Tauric Antiquities room with a critically discerning eye. He noted the presence of the curator, an Art History professor at Capricorn University. Her agitated state suggested impatience to restore order. Not that he blamed her. Whoever pulled off the heist of the museum did so with precision, leaving a path of destruction behind to muddy the waters and slow things down.
"Excuse me, Ms. Rule." Clay pulled the curator of the Museum of Cantor History off to the side of the crime scene. "Can you give me basics of what happened here?"
The harassed but seriously beautiful blond stared at the ugly scene before her, broken glass, overturned display cases and empty stands. Her devastated eyes blinked several times, as if that might make the carnage go away. No such luck.
"Ms. Rule?"
She focused her gaze on him. "What? Oh, the basics. Right."
Turning, she scanned the area with different eyes. This time they were keenly intelligent and sharp, and just a little pissed off. Exactly what he’d been going for.
Her lips thinned into a straight line. "I got here late, my class ran over."
Clay had already run a background check, following protocol. "You're a professor at Capricorn U?" He asked the question for confirmation.
A quick nod and she continued. "I entered the back way. I always come in from the employee parking area."
She ran the steps she'd taken, walked him through her discovery, providing a solid amount of detail. His respect level raised another notch. She’d make a good agent if she ever wanted a career change.
He flashed a rueful smile. "I appreciate the information and I'm sorry to ask, but we'll need you to come down and make a full statement when you're up for it."
She looked around the display area again. "Now's good. Everything's fresh in my mind."
Clay smiled. "Great. I can give you a ride and drop you back here after we're through." He admired her tenacity and get it done now attitude.
As if he needed more to add to the list of things he liked about her.
Skyrah nodded. "Yeah, that works." She picked her way toward the door, careful not to disturb anything.
Clay watched closely, as much to figure out the intriguing puzzle she appeared to be as to enjoy the determined set of her shoulders.
He had a feeling Skyrah Rule would be quite a challenge.
Looking forward to diving deeper into this one and I do sort of hope it turns into a series.

That's it for this week.



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