Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Snippet: This is Your Life

Whew. Last week's Walking Dead broke my heart. And if anyone caught The Talking Dead afterward, oh… tears were shed during that, too. Trying really hard not to spoil anything for anybody who hasn't seen the episode yet. Gotta give Chris Hardwick so many props though. The guy does much to restore my calm. LOL

Let's see… The Flash / Arrow crossover turned out to be EXCELLENT!! So much fun! Sleepy Hollow's fall finale ended up being better than I expected. Not so thrilled with one of my faves not making it, but I like it when shows don't always go where I want them to.

Which brings me to Sons of Anarchy. Oh… wow. I have a pretty solid idea of how things will shake out in the last episode, but Kurt Sutter has ways of pulling off some serious surprises, so I kind of hope I’m wrong. All in all, I'm actually pretty thrilled with the ones who are no longer around.

Enough TV talk… tonight's post is from This is Your Life, a sexy short that might end up as a novella.

Here's the tagline:

After a harrowing month of captivity in a rival faction's territory, Welch Harrinson can't seem to find his will to keep living. Rina Lewes devises a perfect way to remind Welch why life can be good.

And a preview snippet…

Rina couldn't take it anymore. Welch's distance created a chasm in her heart and soul. She had to find a way to reach him, remind him of their love and passion. Hell, he needed to remember his identity.
She paced back and forth, turning ideas over in her head. The Shringla clan worked some serious hex magic, turning Welch into a shell of his former self. She couldn't counter without knowing the exact incantations their rivals had used, but she might be able to work around the potential traps by nudging Welch down memory lane, rebuilding his knowledge of self and hopefully renewing their bond.
She crossed the floor and picked up the phone, dialing the one person who wanted Welch back as badly as her. His father. For his son, he'd put aside his petty judgments of Rina's lack of bloodline.
She hoped.
He finally picked up on the third ring. "Harrinson's Holistic Health."
She took a deep breath. "Wiggam? It's Rina. Can we meet at the coffee shop?"
Wiggam responded. "Is this about Welch?" He thanked a customer and the bell chimed over the door.
Rina answered simply. "Yes." She wouldn't waste more words.
Wiggam paused a moment. "Give me fifteen minutes to have Shirley come in. I'll be there."
The line disconnected and Rina snorted. "Don't bother asking if I can be there in fifteen." She shook her head. "Someday that man will get a piece of my mind." Grabbing her bag, she shoved the phone inside and exited the cottage.
She'd play very nicely with the elder Harrinson… for now.
I kind of like how this one is coming together. At first Rina and Wiggam were pretty close and friendly, but Rina decided she wanted a little more conflict. LOL

That's it for this week.



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