Monday, January 12, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Uncommonly Good

So… the new season of Banshee started and blew my mind with the first episode. I have no idea why I'm so drawn to the show, but it never fails to push just a little further than I think it will. The opening scene equaled sheer perfection.

The Librarians is still making me smile and I’m getting ready to start Miss Fisher's Mysteries on Netflix this week. I've heard super awesome things about the series and can't wait to get into a new to me show.

OH! The CW also renewed ALL their fall dramas and I read the showrunners for The Flash and Arrow plan a once a year crossover for the two shows. WOOHOO!! Seriously happy for that news.

Bitten starts next month on Space and my unblocker app and Chromecast is going to be busy each week while I stream the episodes multiple times from the website. (Then watch again when Syfy airs them. :D)

And that's enough about TV, right?

Tonight's post is from Uncommonly Good, a novella where my main characters are on opposite sides and figure out a way to not be.

Here's the tagline:

Shelby Fewes and Creed Campanalla have a very friendly rivalry vying for top name in their respective dark and light organizations. When Creed is ordered to eliminate Shelby for retaliation, he makes a different call and the duo have an uncommonly good time proving the two sides can live and love together.

And a preview snippet…

Creed met Shelby at the entrance to the showers. "Ladies first." He waved her forward with a flourish.
She quipped. "I'm not a lady, but yeah, whatever." She entered the locker room and started stripping off her clothes.
The protective harness landed first, followed by her t-shirt. Next came her shoes, which landed on opposite ends of the room when she kicked them away from her feet. Her fingers slipped under the waistband of her shorts and pushed the fabric past her hips. She wiggled her butt and walked out of the garment.
Standing in her sports bra and hipster undies, she turned and winked. "Like what you see so far?" Her arms crisscrossed and she jerked her bra up and off.
She gave it a toss in in his direction. Creed gaped a little. Her breasts were gorgeous and would perfectly fit in the palms of his hands. His fingers itched to find out. But, no, his orders were to not engage.
She cleared her throat. "Hey, Master of Light, pay attention or you'll miss the best part." She hooked her thumbs under her panties and slowly slid them over her hips and down her thighs.
She lifted a leg, removing the limb from the leg opening, but left the cotton knit dangling from her other foot. Her knee bent and she kicked out, sending the undergarment sailing outward to land at his feet.
Standing nude, and perfectly bare everywhere, she quirked an eyebrow. "Chivalry earned you the free show. Now be more of a nice guy and give me the room to wash the sweat and grit from the cage away." She didn't wait for a response, striding into the shower stall and turning on the water.
Creed granted her request, taking a post outside the door. Nobody else would be treated to her brand of showmanship… unless they could get past him. And he planned to fight to the death if necessary. Shelby Fewes made his blood hum a finely crafted tune.
Her zest for life and her honorable show in the ring notched his respect up a couple of levels. She'd gone toe to toe with him, physically and otherworldly, and when the outcome proved a draw, she acknowledged their evenly matched skills instead of pulling a sleight of hand. Not many of the darkside fae played by the rules, but Shelby did—at least while in the cage.
His heart heavy, he weighed his options. Follow his directive or take a chance on walking a different path. He needed to make a choice. The exchange with Shelby, sexual tension and all, gave him a jolt of much needed reflection. Did he blindly accept his orders, or go with his gut and let Shelby live?
I love the vibe these characters have. Can't wait to get back to work on this one.

That's it for the week.



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