Friday, February 6, 2015

Smokin' Hot—Hot and Swoon-Worthy: Cupid's Curse (A Meddlesome Gods novella)

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After a forced hiatus where I descended into deadline hell, I finally get to rejoin my fellow authors with a new Hot for Friday blog post. YAY!

This week we're tasked with posting a piece of dialog where our hero gets to take center stage and deliver a swoon-worthy line to the heroine. I can't wait to read some smooth moves from our heroes.

For my feature, I'm posting one of my favorite exchanges from my current Ellipses Press release, Cupid's Curse, a Meddlesome Gods novella.

For a little background, here are the series and book taglines:

When gods and mortals play together… the result is often unexpected.

Cursed by the god of love, Archer Stewart, a Cupid of the First Order, knows exactly who to blame—his fellow cupid, Bree Daniels.

And the swoon-worthy dialog…(from Arch's point of view)

Bree rolled her eyes. "I don't flit." She backed away from the console. "I make an entrance." He snorted rudely, but she ignored it. "Look, I'm not chained to this location the way you are." She glanced back at the pool. "I get bored and need to go explore." She shot him a wry look. "You should try it sometime. Oh… wait. That's what landed you here on a permanent basis." Her bubbly giggles made his head throb harder. "Can I help it if I enjoy having fun?"
Arch steamed. "Apparently not." He almost shook with the pain. "Are you going to help me out here or not, Bree?" His glance dropped down, the rigid hardness unmistakable.


Trust me when I say these are words Bree has been waiting to hear. :D

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Series Blurb: Welcome to a world where gods and goddesses of various pantheons mix and mingle with mere earthly mortals—often with unexpected results. Deities can't seem to help themselves and have to meddle with their human counterparts. Sometimes the godly being offers much needed assistance, but occasionally they lash out and cause harm.

But mostly, the amalgamation of deified power and human nature combines to be highly entertaining.

Book Blurb: Archer Stewart, a Cupid of the First Order, suffers the wrath of Eros when he nips the wrong woman with an arrow. Cursed by the god of love, Arch spends his days making perfect matches or he had to deal with some unpleasant consequences.

Bree Daniels is indirectly responsible for Arch's predicament and seeks advice from Aphrodite, hoping to find a way to make amends. After almost two years apart, Bree finally realizes Arch is the man she wants and she's willing to risk her immortality to set him free.


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