Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Zeitgeist Hall

Holy crap. The ending for Bitten's latest episode is going to make waiting for the new one very difficult. I'm dying to see the last three episodes.

The Flash and Arrow also have me on the hot seat, impatiently awaiting the next showing. The Flash kind of messed with my mind and I really hope there's not a huge misstep coming up that's going to disappoint me. Arrow, on the other hand, can usually do no wrong, so the whole deal with Palmer and his meddling has me a little less concerned. I am a little twisted up over Lance falling back into Camp Opposition, but I have a feeling that's not going to last long. *fingers crossed*. I'm also wary over the fate of one of my faves. It's a gut thing and I hope I'm wrong… we'll see.

The Walking Dead season is almost over and I gotta say, this has been one of my favorites. It's so different from what we've had and I love it. Very sad about the loss of one of the new characters, but loved to see Eugene step up in a big way. Very curious about Gabriel and what's going on with him.

Enough television. Tonight's post is from Zeitgeist Hall, a novella full of humorous and sexy fun involving a curse and a creepy caretaker.

Here's the tagline:

Morley Graham and Watson Kinkead are off on a weekend adventure when they have serious car trouble and end up stranded at Zeitgeist Hall, a castle looming on the edge of a cliff. The creepy caretaker offers refuge, but Morley and Graham begin to suspect he's behind their stay when they discover a body in the tower.

And a preview snippet…

Morley Graham rolled away from Watson Kinkead, spent and sated. "God, I needed that." Watson's brand of sex always knocked her socks off.
He propped his head on his hand and gave her a sly smile. "I aim to please." His free hand skimmed along her side.
Goose bumps prickled along her still sensitive flesh. "Stop it. Or we'll end up back in the throes of passion, which would be kick ass awesome, but I really want to get started on our road trip." She sat up, stretching her arms over her head. "Having the next five days free isn't something I want to waste sitting around here." She leaned over and dropped a kiss on his lips. "Not that you'd bore me."
Watson smirked then reached under the pillow, dragging out a map of the city. "Yeah, yeah, that's the great sex talking." He sat up and rested his shoulders against the headboard. "But you get to do the honors." Spreading the unfolded map across their laps, he nodded. "Close your eyes and pick a spot."
She laughed. "Are you serious?" Her head angled toward his. "Just like that?"
He quirked a brow. "I filled up the car last night. We have a full tank of gas and five days of nothing to do. Choose our adventure." He wiggled the map back and forth.
Grinning, she shut her eyes and swirled her hand in the air before dropping her index finger on a spot. Her eyes popped open to see where they'd be headed.
Watson leaned in, studying the location. "Hmmm. Tiny little berg along the coast of Lake Juniper." He glanced up. "Should be fun, yeah?"
Morley smiled. "Absolutely. Anywhere that's not here is going to be a great time." She slid from under the tangled sheets. "Race you to the shower…"
Taking off at a run, she watched with glee when Watson mumbled a curse and got caught up in the sheets, almost losing his balance. She dashed through the doorway and just got the hot water turned on when he burst through after her.
She'd never consider life with Watson boring.

This one is such a treat to write. The sages are throwing lots of crazy ideas my way, most of which probably won't end up in the book, but who knows? LOL

That's it for this week.



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